11 noviembre 2011

Magdala: "PORTAL 11.11.11. ¿? "

Golden Circle of the Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso with Malu Gaxiola.
November 11, 2011

We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service. With Infinite compassion, elegance and grace.

Welcome beloved Family of Magdala… welcome be all to this space of love and grace that we all are creating… welcome to the radiance that you already recognize within you and on the outside of you.

Welcome to the joy that represents for you to be living these outrageous changes and transformations in your life… there in Gaia, pure unconditional love created by you, by those that are with open eyes and that today you are enjoying in such an intense way.

Welcome to the welcoming that you are celebrating in this UNIQUE moment of opening and expansion. Welcome are you all to this space that is really safe and loving. Confident and elegant!

Welcome are you all to my heart, to the sacred chamber of your heart, to the infinite possibility in all dimensions. Welcome be the MAGIC of being ALIVE, choosing, creating, travelling and sharing and gestating.

I welcome all of my Unicorns that over everywhere…

Today we find ourselves to be celebrating your joy… on this side we are dressed with our best elegant clothes, we honor and bless all the changes that you all are experiencing. TODAY, THE OPENING OF A PORTAL…11.11.11… I would rather say, THE 11.11. OF 2011 WHICH TAKES US INTO THE Christ consciousness, to the Sacred 8, to the infinite field of potentials that are completely new and that you have created and that you continue to experiment… You have open that sacred chamber and have accessed to the wisdom that lies within you… today the chalice pours the elixir of the wisdom that lies within you… the chalice pours the elixir of the wisdom that has been transmuted into love… in a new love… into a Magic that is Action.

I invite you to breath that Portal of the Sacred 8 and the 11 that you are, the Christ/Master that has become a human that ASCENDS into the HUMAN that is God/Goddess, into the HUMAN that knows himself as DIVINE, into the HUMAN that enjoys and accepts its own demons and all of its angels and Masters, into the HUMAN that becomes UNIFIED in the one and only portal that remains always open for you, the Portal of your Heart, the Great integrator.

For those who are not listening through, for those that will listen to us later on and to those that will read us later on, I invite you to take a deep and warm breath opening your heart, opening the Portal of Portals, breathe allowing a renovation and re-ordering of all your desires and dreams.

Be conscious Beloved Family, there are no external Portals… Magic does not come from the outside.

You have been opening Small Portals that through all the energetic corridors open greater portals… A Portal lacks significance if you are not awaken… it is like taking a walk through nature, everything filled with beauty and yet forgetting that there is a sun or unaware that the wind blows around you. There are moments in which you place too much your attention and your energy in this idea of… it’s an external Portal that will take you SOMEWHERE or someplace in your journey, or that it will change your life! THE ASCENDED ONE knows that he or she have the power and love and wisdom to change their life if this is their choice. Everyone has reunited in a celebration, and we are with you with great honor. But know deeply within you that this is YOUR CREATION… absolutely your creation. There are no miracle dates, only an Awaken Consciousness that you have allowed yourselves to go beyond the illusion of the little human that is disturbed, sad and depressed…. to the reality of the divine-human that knows himself as FREE and SOVEREING in his choice of life.

YOU ARE EXPERIENCING AND EXPANDING A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS one in which YOU ARE SOVEREING one in which YOU ARE ALSO GOD/GODDESS. And with that consciousness, we invite all of you that are here present; we invite all the Ascended Masters that today are sharing with you all their joy, to go beyond your limitations and doubts… They have served as a support during centuries… Those fears woven so subtly into those old and ancient programs of the mind and the collective consciousness and by the way so masculine and they have served a purpose… You yourself placed them there so they could be part of your experience and would remind you of who your really are.

Yet this is the time to allow you to go forward a step beyond the known, to go forward in an exponential way beyond those limits. You have recognize yourself as the FEMININE-MASCULINE, you have recognize yourself as the GOD/GODDESS, you have integrated all of your humanity with the divine and you have allowed the divine to walk upon Earth with firm steps, there in the Majestic Gaia, in the Mother of all the Earths.

You are there to live an authentic ASCENSION. An Ascension that adores the divine and accepts all its qualities and wisdom. There is wisdom in your humanity, and today, your divine honors and loves your humanness, today your DIVINE displays all the celestial instruments and plays the melody where your humanity dances.

This is your MOMENTUM… your VESSEL changes its coarse to sail into new Christic waters. Into waters of a very mysterious love where it allows itself to BE in all its abundance.

There is nowhere in the Universe having such divine experience as the one you are having on Earth, manifesting an awakening as never before… and actively participating in this.

So we invite you once more to know and feel yourself THIS DIVINE OPENING PORTAL to know yourself as the KINGS AND QUEENS of your life without any doubts, THE ASCENDED SOVERINGS of a New Kingdom… not to conquer… not to compete with other kingdoms but to live the most sovereign and authentic experiences of an ASCENDED ONE: the opening of a HEART and THE FULL EXPERIENCE of the Mysteries of Love.

Fall in love with yourself, fall so in love with yourself so that this Portal may shine and expand still more. Fall in love with your body even if sometimes it looks a bit worn out and painful. Fall in love with your mind even if sometimes it causes some havoc in your own house mixing ideas and hiding the keys. Fall in love with your spirit which is vital force and audacity in action. Fall in love with your soul, that one which has been waiting for you for such a long time, waiting for you to call it in. Your soul does not judge you, does not blame you, does not criticize you… your soul only wants to share with you every step of the way… every adventure of your life.

Don’t “fall in love with no one else” anymore with anybody else. FALL IN LOVE… now the invitation is TO BE LOVE ITSELF all of you. Love is wisdom transcended beyond all of your doubts and limitations.

And the joy in your life, the authentic one, the one that transcends each space of your existence and even surprises you, it is love that expands, and it is your own love that touches all of your Self, Healing, Creating, Manifesting Abundance and allowing the Sweet Magic. BE IN LOVE ALL THE TIME… WITH YOU… don’t forget the love from you to you.

This is the invitation… YOU ARE THE PORTAL that today is filled with joy, love, peace and abundance. And if this is not so… if you do not feel it so… my question to you is, “Why”?

What is keeping you from going beyond your limitations? Are they really yours or have you adopted them for some time? YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER OF YOUR LIMITS; DON’T TAKE OWNERSHIP OF ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT DESIRE. YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE, the one that manifests its own circumstances. No one else is responsible of what you feel and what you are experiencing. ONLY YOU.

THE PORTAL OF A NEW LOVE for you and for the entire Planet is more open. And the feminine, that feminine energy that is yours man, and that is yours woman is opening its way to a new life. Allow the feminine TO BE in you with its entire splendor. Allow the feminine to embrace each space of your vessel of consciousness. Let us allow Gaia to be expressed through us, and BE the Mother that fecundates life.

And I tell you beloved Family of Magdala that the feminine is a power loving force of life. It is the force that knows how to recognize beauty and the greatness of a weakness. It is the force that transcends the illusion of “I did it wrong”, that transcends the illusion of the doubt and disease. That it transcends the illusion of that your joy depends on someone else.

The feminine is the energy that can conceive the transformational potency of a tear. And it is the one that also suffers a metamorphosis, admitting change as life energy.

The feminine is inviting you… to a New Love, to a New Life filled with abundance, sovereignty and freedom. The feminine is inviting you to New Relationships of all kind. Relationships where confidence and compassion are inviting you to a greater compassion with yourself and with the planet. The feminine does not search the revenge… a TRUE LOVE would never do that… it only allows, lets go, flourishes and shines again. And as a mother she erases the hard disk of the past and with an embrace she invites to a constant acceptance of everything that IS. Embrace yourself in this moment with so much compassion and allow your Goddess to surprise you.

So, GO FOR MORE… GO FOR YOUR SOVERIGNTY AND FREEDOM… it does not matter what you are living… GO FOR MORE… because your HUMANITY deserves it, the wisdom that lies in your path will reward you with love transformed into happiness.

GO FOR MORE MASTER, GO for the vital force that is palpitating WITHIN YOU, GO for a NEW JOY AND A NEW LOVE… GO FOR ALL THOSE FEARS… cross the Portal of your fears and discover the mystery that lies there, the exclusive and luxurious wisdom that is there for you.

This is not the time to wait for… this is the time to ASCEND SHINING, TO ASCEND LIVING; it is the time to unlock all the mysteries that you have jealously kept for you. This is the time for a renovation of your body. YOUR BODY IS VERY WISE… And you have been feeling your body so much and feeling your heart… feeling that your head is about to explode, intense pains in all your body, your skin showing you its wisdom, your heart with strong palpitations… LISTEN TO IT MASTER BECAUSE IT IS TIME FOR A NEW RENOVATION OF YOUR BODY.

Your body wants to dance, it wants joy, and it wants passion… Your body wants a good cup of emotion and life… your body is asking for nature and breathing… and it urgently needs more and more a new love, TO BE IN LOVE WITH YOU. This is the time for a wonderful divine shower over all your humanity. APPRECIATE and LOVE YOURSELF as the human that has dared, as the explorer that continues to clear new paths and corridors of consciousness. This is the time of a new transformation… allow yourself to die to the old and be reborn as the Fenix in multiple colors and potentials.

We invite you Masters to transcend all illusion-

We invite you to LOVE YOURSELF with a feminine that embraces a masculine that blows.

We invite you to BE THAT PORTAL. YOU CARRY A NEW ENERGY, YOU ARE A PORTAL THAT OPENS ITSELF AND EXPANDS WHERE EVER YOU GO, to where ever you travel, to each land that you touch… You are an open Portal, a Portal that integrates. You make life grow where ever you pass by. You are that Portal expressing your truth and living it. Everything else is lacking sense in these moments. ONLY YOU AND YOUR PASSION AND YOUR JOY AND YOUR HEART.

BE HUMAN IN YOUR DIVINITY. And when you feel happiness in your life, joy, grace, peace and silence, and the breath… then you will know my dear Master how much you are loving yourself. The Mysteries of love are beginning to reveal themselves. Welcome them and enjoy the discovery!

As so it is… always!

Golden Circle of Magdala’s Alchimists, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy.
Raiza Preziuso e Malu Gaxiola New Energy Teachers

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