15 noviembre 2011


Golden Circle of the Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso with Malu Gaxiola.
November 15, 2011

We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service. This channeling can be heard in Spanish. Click the following link: http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=700

Welcome be all beloved Family of Magdala, welcome be all to this space of Love, of true relationships and Divine Alchemy. Welcome be all to your heart, I welcome you to mine and we welcome this Topic which is so special of Sacred Union. To this topic that has been addressed so much, Relationships in the New Energy. Welcome be all.

My Unicorns are resting. Things happen… Things happen in New Energy

And here I am with all of you celebrating this intervention, celebrating in some way that the call did not go through to celebrate all, let us all celebrate, let us celebrate this space going beyond the mind, going beyond all judgment, going beyond all the problems. Every problem is an opportunity to really generate a creative solution, a new solution.

Welcome be all to this space of Love, of Blessing, of Grace and elegance and attention. Welcome be all.

And I was listening and feeling. Listening and waiting to hear you, co-creating this topic with you, the topic of the New Relationships.

If you so remember, we already have talked about this. The consciousness of what it is to move the stuck energies. Then we talked and referred to the importance of increasing our sensitivity, our sensitivity space which allows us to be more present, that allows us to really be more conscious, more awaken, more aware of ourselves and of everything around you.

And now, in this space, in this show and meeting room, this sensitivity comes to take a most important place because this topic that touches and relates to everyone, the topic of the New Relationships. And speak of new relationships because they are new and because they are unknown. Because when we speak of the new relationships we are getting deeply into a new setting of potentialities and possibilities. We are getting into a setting where you do not have the ingredients and the written procedure. We are getting into a setting where it is you and your sensitivity and your feeling, and your expansion of consciousness that is creating a new standard, in which you are creating a new template and which others are urgently and practically waiting for this.

New relationships. New ways of relating with our partners. New ways of relating with our family, parents, mothers and children. New ways of relating even with ourselves. New ways of relating with the surroundings. New ways to relate with the four elements and with your sacred chalice, and all your vessel of consciousness.

In the last show we talked about the meaning of romanticism. We live the romanticisms as something that has many preconceived concepts. It is very important and through this program I want to share with you all the importance of new relationships and their loving essence. The importance of new relationships which allows that alchemic consciousness that precisely allows transformation from one state of the relationship to another state. In is a state that allows you and your surroundings much more joy, so much more happiness and transformation that radiates from your own transformation.

All the social, political and economical structures are changing in some way. We are participating in this space and the relationships reflect in the now a profound state of crisis and in which in one way or another consciousness of humanity finds itself now.

And of course in the measure that we all have identify ourselves or we identify more and more with the mind the great part of the relationships is not rooted, is not attached really with your vessel of consciousness, with all of your being and as it becomes so mental it becomes the source of pain, a source of drama, of suffering, of frustration and of course, beloved Family, it becomes dominated by problems and conflicts.

In your space, in all of those dimensions which you are creating, but above all in the human dimension there are millions of people that now are living alone or are single mothers, or single fathers; like incapable of establishing a true sacred union, a true intimate relationship and in which they are in a process of repetition, and with a mental imbalance, of drama that comes from the mind from relationships they had on the past or which they are actually living.

Other relationships in your humanity state, in your spaces go from a repetition of a relationship to another one, from one cycle of pleasure and pain to another in search of a goal or a moving target, a target that each day becomes more separated from the realization of bringing into oneness the opposite polarity. Here we are moving a lot of energy, I ask you to please take a deep breath.

Welcome you all who are now connecting in this moment and welcome to all circumstances and to our energies that are moving.

Nevertheless there are others that are also engaging and yet that commitment in spite the fact that the relationships –here I am referring more specific to relationships with a partner- they continue to be together in a dysfunctional relationship in which without doubt the no-scared union is not really prevalent. Negativity is prevalent and in some way for the fact of remaining security schemes, of economical structure or by what you all call the force of habit, the fear of being alone or any other beneficial arrangement. Dear Family and for you most of the time, by that addiction, which is often unconscious and also the excitement of emotional drama and pain.

Nevertheless each crisis, beloved Family, each crisis is not only a danger, a depression, a pain but each crisis that you are experiencing in these such profound times of change it is also means a great opportunity to change the course of your vessel. It means a great opportunity to transform the colors, the forms, the details, the light that your vessel of consciousness has.

If in some way these relationships energize and magnify everything that that the patters of the mind are and that they activate this vessel of pain, as it is happening in these times, why not accept, accept this fact of the crisis that there is and that in some way we can try to see, and be more conscious of what we are experiencing.

Why –in some way- can’t we stop to cooperate with that crisis that in someway it is also an opportunity to avoid or to continue to chase a phantom, an ideal companion as a response to your problems or as a way to feel realized.

It signifies that relationships in the New Energy are requiring from the One a lot of acceptance, a lot of acceptance from this Vessel of Consciousness that you are. We are chasing the ideal companion, we are looking for the perfect mate and we are practically forgetting our Vessel of Consciousness and throwing ourselves into another Vessel hoping that this other Vessel will give us the answers.

Let’s breathe deeply, allowing in all the energies that are accompanying us.

The crisis, the dementia, the pain and suffering that you may be experiencing in any relationship is a great opportunity for a Divine Alchemy if you remain present; if you accept that setting as the alchemist, as the alchemist that open his eyes and allows all of these divine eyes and observes the situation, as the alchemist that observes the situation with getting involved in it. This is divine dear Family because you can participate in a relationship and you can cut the energy of pain, drama and suffering. Allowing each one to reveal its own space, allowing each one to expand its own consciousness and go forward. To continue to enjoy that relationship but with a different way of looking at it. From the space and the divine dimension of your loving Presence.

And here now is the Magician and here you all are and here I am, me Magdala, manifesting our guest, manifesting the loving presence of our guest Doctor Tibaire Gonzalez. She is here with us. Raiza is saying that it seemed like just a minute and that she arrived much too soon. But here she is with us. I am going to continue and step back and allow her to do her introduction.

Welcome, welcome beautiful sister!

Doctor Tibaire Gonzalez: Hello Raiza, hello Malú. A hug from my soul filled with love to all those that are connected in this moment. This was really magical tele- transportation in order to get here so fast. But it was very interesting how to create, in spite of all the technological inconveniences, to be able to share with you all and I feel infinitely happy to be invited to this feast. I really felt outside the short wall screaming: Hey, here I am, can’t you hear me!

To speak about love, now it will be like speaking within a capsule and share with Magdala, Whou this is grand challenge. And I really feel so much in the family. It is a privilege to be able to speak with all of you. I have given lectures, workshops, every day I work with patients but it is not the same, as to be connecting from soul to soul.

What is happening with love? We are so used to talk about the chaos in the world, about the chaos in the economical system and we do not talk about the chaos that couples have. And what makes up this chaos? The chaos is that we are trying to manage with the same old and already broken cup, the wine of the New Energy and this one does not fit. The new love is expansive.

Look at it, the problems that I see every day they almost repeat themselves one after the other. And all of them have to deal with control. We want to control our partner. We want it to represent our dreams, our fantasies, repeated scripts, melodramas appear and we are acting like a GPS. Control for the anguish of possessing the other one, thinking that we will get happiness, Love, and Joy from the other one. This is a tremendous responsibility! I am responsible for being happy, of having my cup filled and fulfilled, to have all that my Vessel needs to navigate. And I sail next to the other one who is simply enjoying, as I, the simple fact of being.

When one talks to couples about love, freedom, autonomy they almost run out of my office. And say,” Hey this is not what we came here for” We want to get along better with the other one, to tie up one to the other; I want him to do what I want, I want her to do what I expect, I want the other to represent my ghosts, my dreams, my fantasies. We rarely want to just be, and that the other one could also just be. To explain the way in which we can do that- when there is not even a simple explanation, or a soul search- it is very difficult.

In the practice what is it that we do when they consult me? First, we try to see which old script we are repeating. And although my orientation is psychoanalytical, it is not about reviewing everything in the past, to go and interpret everything in the past. It is a simple script such as in the fairy tales. Who was the ogre? Who is the little princess, the child in the dungeon, or the tower, the dragon? And to see which one of these characters are repeating themselves. And to know -that it is I who is creating this play and that we are forcing the other one to represent them for me-. And this is the cause of the conflict.

“I want you to represent Hamlet, the prince, the dragon, the persecutor, the ogre and the other one is expecting the same thing from me. And we begin to force each other with old recopies. The old ones with which we have lived: jealousy, limiting the expansion of the other, growth, not allowing the other one’s truth. Truth is one of the most complicated issues in the couples. Everybody wants, “tell me everything”. “I want you to be like an open book.” “If you love me share everything with me”. And this is really terrible.

I cannot know everything about the other one, for the other one does not know it himself and is not obliged to share it all. One can show certain things, share them, discover them and I am doing the same. And this can only be done when there is respect, spontaneity. And how many of us have we really felt that we are completely spontaneous, and free in a relationship?

Then what happens is that the old script is decorated with a lot of control games. We unfold these control games but in spite that I demonstrate them, what can I do with jealousy, what we do with the issue of truth, infidelity and dependency. This is one of the most fun games. I play that I depend on you. I play to make you believe that you are dependant of me and if we are not together, it is like if we are not going forward.

How can I be in love with your freedom and my freedom and to know that we are together because we are choosing it? No matter for how long. This is another pressure, “For the rest of my life” or “I do not know if this relationship is going anywhere” Honestly I do not know to which side does it have to go except for going towards yourself. Relationships are for this, to know myself. So we disassembled all the games but we have to go to this premise.

What I saw in the chat is that all of you are very clear. This is about being in love with myself. This is the first relationship that I have to cultivate. And it is hard! It is hard to be! As I imagine myself talking to you here, many alarms went on: I have to read, do some research and review some notes. Fortunately as I had to rush here, I left all my notes. This is about being myself and to feel ok. To express who I am, what I do, as I see it with confidence. It is about trusting oneself and this is the great work. When I trust myself why should I try to trust the other one for or that the other one should trust me or to watch the other so he or she behaves well? It is his business to well behave.

To handle communication, a respectful communication, how can we do it? I give simple advice because if it is not simple it doesn’t work. Talk in first person and with a gentle tone, “I feel…” It seams to me that...” “I see…” How do you see it? It is a sharing not forcing the other one to… “You have to see it because you have to”… “There is one unique reason, a definitive one”… No. And how interesting, from your Vessel it looks in a certain way and from my Vessel it looks a different way.

And there is something that I did not want to forget when I talk about love. All of us that are connected, lets say that we have been searching for a long time, in personal growth path, finding ourselves. We have to be tolerant. Imagine, me, a psychiatric Shaumbra, supposable an expert on Love, can’t I allow myself a discussion every now and then? Do I allow myself to make a mistake? And what if I make one, and say the wrong thing? Can I love myself? It is easy to love ourselves when we do the right things. So we are in the process of creating a relationship with ourselves. We are going to have slips and if we do we hug ourselves. We are going to have great things to share and we also hug ourselves.

How do we define relationships in the New Energy? These ones do not have a definition. We are just being. The relationships are being created and non-definition means… before we had a manual, it was easy, young pretty boy, man and women unite for the rest of their lives, the house, the children, and that is it. Create things; make money for the children…

And what about now? Now that we have made contact with the eternal, the grand, with the independency from the human laws, how do we define these? Gender does not matter, nor age. What is important now is: “With you I am offering myself an experience.” This is the essence of the new relationships in this New Era.

Before: I am not going to stick them into a square cup with rules, with a manual of how to use a cell phone, with whom can I talk or which person I am not allowed to see, what is our life going to be? How much do you have in the bank account? How do we manage that? NO. Relationships in the new energy are about, I am discovering you and I am discovering myself. This is an adventure, it is a journey and an expansion for what love is? Love is the expansion of what I am, period. And it feels great.

It is great when you are feeling or smelling something like this; “with you I am really who I am” This is really being loving. This was the best definition that I have ever heard from a patient, and to my surprise, from a man. A very educated man, he told me “Doctor, I do not know if this is love but when I am with her I am me” Whou, this is love.

Then when I am with my partner and I can be spontaneous then I can discover sex, I can discover his or her way of understanding what is spiritual, then I can discover how they eat, what do they like and who they are and I also express myself completely.

What other things can we say about love? What questions would you have? I don’t want this only to be a conference; this was more like launching a concentrated pill of Love.

Malu: Love is tenderness. Love allows me to be who I’m really are. I love that Tibaire because so often, well I am a person that loves family and I am a person that loves to travel by myself and in a given moment, I am the kind of person that would climb to the roof at midnight to see the stars and I would love that my partner would not worry about this.

Tibaire: Yes. I explain this with a very practical image. If it is a cat why do you expect it to bark?

Audience: (Everyone laughs) very good.

Tibaire: Everyone is trying to elongate the neck of a zebra to become a giraffe because this is the correct thing to be. Once a patient said to me “If God were to be here he would agree with me” And I, Whou… I don’t know if I would agree with God. Each one of us is as it is. And we are not victims; there is a great addiction to be a victim: “Because he said”… “He offered this to me”… or “she was different”

People change. Life is change. Love is change and we are in a constant evolution and it is like this that at some moment we get along, but in other moments the experience stops making sense. And it is not because we did it wrong. It is not because we didn’t all the right things. It is not because we succeeded for 100 years. It is because the experience, what we really wanted to learn from each other, is exhausted and… What do we do in that moment? To speak about love is lovely but to give it the farewell…??? And this is why there is so much control because we are afraid that it will end someday, we fear the end.

It is only at the end that people begin to make a list of the mistakes, one blames to be able to mentally justify our separation. And love is not volatile. Love is not just: “I just changed my opinion” Usually love is something that is very strong, like a current that unites us, and that it surrounds us, that it keeps us going in the same direction for a long time, if we do not mistreat us. It simply is “I don’t feel it any more” I do not feel like being with you. I honor what we had lived together. I do not regret it. What I am saying now does not mean that it was never true in the past. For it was a marvelous truth, we did live it, we created it, we felt it but I cannot continue to play out the little dependent princess or I cannot continue to ignore that I do not feel the sensuality that there should be in a sensual couple.

When we speak about love, man-woman or woman-woman, man-man there has to be a sensual component, other wise we are just friends. This is a tender love, a platonic love of companionship and people at the end, get tied up, for the fear of ending empty relationships, relationships without tenderness, relationships where there is no spark in the eyes asking where are we?, where are you? Couples that do love each other ask this: “How are you? Who are you today? And laugh and drink and eat and enjoy themselves. Love is simple. We make it much too complicated. We fill ourselves with guilt or we blame in on the other if love comes to an end. And no, love simply gets exhausted and we move on to another direction.

How can we make it last, if we really feel it? Learn to dialogue, to talk. Cultivate the art of sexuality. To say that only tenderness is enough, no is not. It is about a discovery of my own expansion. We read, search, ask, we discover the other one. It is a creative experience. So when we stop to be creative with ourselves, and also when we stop inventing things. If we stop inventing we get board with ourselves and the other one also gets board. Then if the other one gets scared because I want to study a new thing, or when I want to fly kites, what happens? You do something new and your partner gets into tension, sees a danger. “If it is not like it was before she is going to leave me, is there someone else”? It is important to trust.

Malu: Magdala wants to share something with us

Magdala: Sister in the light, thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for this knowledge which is so valuable and which you are sharing with us. The energy that we are feeling is very expansive. It is a Presence that is inviting us to take into consideration, which is inviting us to give ourselves a space for the individuality before we look for the integration of any kind of relationship. And Sister I would like you to answer for me one question and this is, what to do recommend to all who are listening about the relationships which go beyond a relationship with a partner.

Many, not here, have asked me, how can I improve myself and feel more filled with joy and how can I be happier? How can I transform my relationship with my parents? How can I transform my relationship with my work? How can I transform my relationship with my surroundings? In your experience, in your humanity, what can you share with us?

Tibaire: Ok. One of the things that worry me is the fact of transforming. When I want to transform another person it doesn’t work. When I transform myself, what happens? There is a serenity and security. I can then see how the hoses and the plugs of the other one, want to tie me up, but I do not get into an argument: “be aware” “understand” but what I do is I stop playing this game. It is like playing Monopoly. I change the rules. “Mom, from now on I do not want to feel guilty each time I talk with you, and each time that you begin that game I am going to go away.” “I love you very much, I respect you but I will not allow this for me” You see, I do not allow it for me; it is not that I do not allow her to do this… She will do it. 

So I see it, I honor it. It does not mean that it is not going to bother me, but I get out, I do not play the game. Remember that we are also human. I may be really annoyed but I leave, I do not play the game. 

There always seems to be a pattern: “You tell me, I tell you” “You want to control me with this, so I control you with that” with guilt, fear and all sorts of manipulations, even our children do it. But when I centered myself I choose the wisest which is: I take a breath. I love that one… we have heard that before. And here is the magical word: “Give me a moment” It is giving myself a moment, I connect, and do I want? No I do not want, do I receive this little gift? No, I don’t receive it” I can run to the left and say good bye. “When you come up with something else I will talk to you”. But for now I will not play the game and begin to argue with her.

What normally happens with couples is this: “I want to make you better” It is as if… “I want to make a piece of art with you” The other one has its own painting. “I want you to be… faithful, polite, and smiling” We come up to the same. I cannot transform you. I can choose to stay with you. I can choose not to be bothered by how you are, I accept you completely. I can choose to go. But I am conscious that it is I the one that makes the choice. And this is the most difficult thing to do. It is I who is giving me the experience with you and I can choose to withdraw from this game. I do not play Monopoly. Let’s play something different, something nice, and something respectful.

If the other one understands or does not understand the fact is that the one that has to understand is me. We have been so attached to the idea of transforming the world, to improve other people, to improve husbands or wives, the children and the whole world. NO. Each one is as they are, yet I do not have to sit by a cactus. No masochism, no karma, no putting up with, no crosses to carry. By the love of God, NO.

Freedom! You are free to represent what ever you like; I am free to represent what ever I want: my mother, my father, my children. And this normally changes. And again I repeat to you the same: tolerance wins. To accept your neighbor… this is so easy, neighbors are on the other side of the corner of beyond; but with the one that I have to deal and face up to is not so easy. And sometimes to smile when someone threatens me with the fire of hell and they say: you are mean because you are doing this or that, or you should, you should.

Amongst adults there shouldn’t be: “must do” and one should be able to give one’s opinion “it seems to me” “I feel” “I would like” in first person. But the words “you have to” or “you must” should be forbidden in adult relationships. And when a son reaches 18 he is an adult. Of course there are certain rules in my house, my rules. In his house when he can be able to afford one, he will have his rules. But I begin to honor him as an adult. So I say: How do you see it? What do you think about this? What are you feeling?

This is a basic rule: never to use these two words: “have to and must” And learn to let go. The world is ok. The world is like it is, not as it should be. And this applies to humans, to each one. My mother is as she is and was as she was and we have to let go. Otherwise I am going to get stuck waiting for her to have been different. It was as it was and it was perfect. But today I choose how I want to relate with her, with myself.

The message is to try to see each other as adults. Being complete, autonomous, independent and this idea is the most difficult to transmit to someone that comes for partner counseling. The story of my half orange, half thing, and half soul mate… this idea of “half” is still persecuting them. The thing of being happy myself, with or with out you, is a true art, a real art and it is wonderful because it is catching, the other one feels it. I do not have to do anything. And as my communication is quiet, I simply invite to…

And what do we do with passions? Because we also have our “Chucky” our guts move with strong emotions sometimes.

Easy suggestion, breathe but not in the same place as your mate or with the person that is upset. I breathe and go else where. I take my Rottweiler for a walk in the park above all because the adrenaline is consumed. Adrenaline is consumed in 20 minutes and then I can begin to think. Then because what I have to learn is that my “Chucky”, my rage, my pain, my frustration, whatever I am feeling is mine. So I take these for a walk to be able to see them, to have a talk with my jealousies, with my insecurity, with my fears and my ghosts.

We do have ghosts from our past. When we do that little drawing to express how, more or less, our fairy tale from the past was, we find like small pieces of ourselves that got stuck. Those little pieces are the ones we are going to work with: the part of me that likes to be a victim or dependant. I name that part, I see it and I am going to integrate it in the moment I see it and I honor it: That is the work that we do with our “Chuckies” when we take them for a walk.

Magdala: I like the concept of “Chucky” Sister; can you please explain to my beloved family, what does it mean?

Tibaire: (laughing) those little terrifying “monsters” in the movies, when…

Magdala: I haven’t seen the movie.

Tibaire: It is a horrible monster. I call it Alien. The alien is like a melodrama, it is a monster that gets inside and eats everything around us. And he feeds himself from us. Lets say, for example, referring ourselves to jealousy: Who has not felt the bite from jealousy. You can feel it in your guts you do not feel it in your head. Our reunion is spoiled in the moment we feel insecurity, rage, jealousy and we expect that the other one calms it down, the other to give me security. It is like those remote control cars. That little monster is mine; I am the one being jealous. I take charge, the other one does not have to calm down my own feelings, and the other person does not have control over my monsters. So I take my own monsters, my discomfort, my jealousy and I take them for a walk. They are mine. Sometimes our monsters do escape every now and then, yes, and it is then that I have to be gentle with myself, and later on with my partner: “Darling, I am sorry that my brain lid blew up with my alien”. I breathe with my partner and I am taking the responsibility.

The problem begins when I expect change to come from the outside, expecting the other one to tranquilize me, expecting the other one to give me confidence, and expecting the other to accept the jealousy that I have in my fantasy world. And these are the easy concepts that we find amongst Shaumbras. 

But to be in the streets and to talk to people about freedom, individuality, autonomy, asking: Who are you? Talking about your space, your whole being and you do not need another person, you can enjoy it by yourself and you can share with another; people look up at you. Whou. What are you talking about? You are supposed to be here helping us to get along. “No, no, I am here so you can get along better with yourself, and so the other one can also get along better with himself and together, you can enjoy life.

Love is enjoyment, it is expansion, it is joy, and it is self knowledge.

Magician: We are running out of time. Tibaire has shared wonderful and very clear concepts. You can listen to the show (or read it) as many times as you want. It has been really wonderful and now Magdala wants to conclude the session.

Magdala: Blessings to all and much gratitude to you sister, soul sister, you recognize me from the very beginning. Let us sustain this energy and let’s allow this Presence through the chat room, through this program, through out all the ones that are creating this sacred moment, to reach every heart. Let’s allow the essence beyond the words, let’s allow the wisdom, the divine wisdom that has been shared in this space, to touch your Vessel.

Allow those uncomfortable thoughts with which we sometimes identify ourselves be like clouds in the sky. We let them pass by. Lets allow the essence of all that has been transmitted here by radiation, impregnate your Vessel and your life and lets allow it to unfold, allowing that essence to acquire its own life in all your body, in your new Mind, in your Spirit to enjoy it with your soul in the One, in your sovereignty and in your individuality, to be able to really have your cup full, to be able to fill up your cup so much that anyone who comes to you can take from it by the mere radiation and no more by guilt or suffering, by pain or seduction.

Breathe in deeply all this wisdom and this essence that has been shared here and a sacred rose that I want to leave for you at the end of this space, of this talk, is that I invite you Master, I invite everyone to practice the point of Presence. Remember consciousness is Presence and in relationships with another, it doesn’t matter the color that it may have, it doesn’t matter which characteristics it may have, it can be with your partner, it can be with your lover, it can be with your wife or husband, it can be with a daughter, it can be with someone with which you work… allow and breathe this. Be conscious. In the degree that you are more conscious and that your consciousness expands, your Presence is more of you within you. You are more present where ever you are.

My beloved Family. Beloved Family of Magdala, in the degree that you are more present, you will also feel the loving Presence of all your self, and then the mind and the past will not intrude because you are there. So when you are present you allow that other person’s presence to be, the person with which you have a relationship.

We are walking the path of Ascension, be an active Presence, be a loving Presence, be a constant Presence in each space of your life. And also be a silent Presence and breathe and simply be there with that Presence beyond the fears, beyond the mind, and then your relationships will take another tone because you are allowing the Presence of another to be One with yours, and then you can absorb this relationship, no matter which characteristics it may have. Then you can absorb a different wisdom, have a different experience and you will go beyond.

I invite all of you to go beyond. You are creating new relationships. You are the pioneers. You are the pioneers in the new relationships and remember, the New Relationships have no structures. Relationships in the new energy lack of structure. So don’t pretend to structure them. Be an active and loving Presence in each instant of your life.

Welcome be all. Welcome to this safe and sacred space. We welcome our guest. Welcome be all who have been creating this possibility. Welcome to the crisis and welcome to the opportunity.

And so it is.

Golden Circle of Alchemists of MGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy.Raiza Preziuso and Malu Gaxiola Masters in the New Energy.

Raiza https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627 raizapreciosa@gmail.com

Malú https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301 gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

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Potenciales que ya están aquí y comenzarán a expandirse...Impresión de órganos a nivel Molecular & Atómico.En el...

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En el Prognost 2016 Adamus nos habló sobre este tipo de adelantos tecnológicos que vamos a estar usando y experimentando cada vez más en un futuro! Disfruten el video!Compartido por Circulo Dorado

Posted by Raiza Preziuso on martes, 19 de enero de 2016
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