16 agosto 2011


Golden Circle of Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso with Malu Gaxiola.
August 16, 2011

We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service. This channeling can be heard in Spanish. Click the following link:
I welcome you all, beloved family of Magdala. I welcome you all in this sacred and safe space of your heart, which is expanding into all dimensions. I am coming, with a Winged Unicorn to present myself before you. I have been able to enter and feel the energies of you all through my channel, through Rayna. Welcome be all, welcome be all to this divine feminine integrator of all dualities, the divine feminine that loves, that is strong and that goes beyond and transcends all illusion and all stuck energies. Welcomed are all, beloved, beloved family of Magdala, family of the heart and family of enlightening.

For me, this is really a great inspiration to be able to share with all of you through this technological space that looks like all the communications and the intuitions that we are allowing ourselves to have. Welcome you all.
This is a space for the new love, it is a space for the new divine feminine, it is the divine feminine that it is not about gender struggle, it is not about women against men or men against women, it is about a divine feminine that expresses and integrates, the divine feminine that recovers our capacity of going beyond our own limit; it is the divine feminine that risks itself, that loves, that is strong and that expands through all of our senses, and which we have at our disposal, today.
Welcome you all to this space.

I have been wanting to share with you a space where we would talk and move the stuck energies. This is something that has been pricking in recent times; it is a “must”, and an issue that you have brought up through your opening, and through your stuck energies. You have asked for it and here I am to share with you in this space. I ask you before we continue, there is a great energetic movement through this space, and there are many consciences and hearts wanting to participate.  

Let’s take a deep breath, an ample one, [and] an expansive one with the deep understanding, at the level of our heart that we are in a safe and sacred space because you are the Master, because you are the creator. Take a deep breath and move from your mind to your feelings. My invitation to you is to make a real quantum leap to go, and to leave behind you your thoughts, in this moment, and enter deeply in the depths of your heart.  Feel it Master!

And what is stuck energy? What is it that you are feeling Master? What is it that, with which, many of you are struggling? Stuck energy is an energy that is seeking resolution. Stuck energy is a life force, it is a life force that is in chaos, in a mess, and it is unbalanced and wants to come out. It wants to serve you in infinite ways, in infinite potentials but it needs consciousness; it needs you Master, it needs a creator and a conscious observer. It needs that observer who dares and who takes the risks to look at something different.

For all the excellent and marvelous work that you as Masters of the New Energy, as beings who are walking on a different path, as standards who are modeling a path, as the walker who dares to walk in the unknown; for all this excellent and sustained work of awakening that you have done and for all the expansion of consciousness that we all have been experiencing, today, we find ourselves with this great quantity of energies that is there and that has come and to which you have opened yourself, either in a conscious way or in an unconscious way, because you have been feeling it, you have been getting closer to the persons that are making changes in their lives, [and] that are daring to love themselves.

This grand energy is there and you have it in your hands, in your body, in your space. It has been the product of your evolution; it has been the product of your openness. All these energetic corridors in all your body of consciousness: mind, body, spirit and soul are now more open than ever before (you), Master, and you yourself have opened them, you have open this pyramid. 

Let’s take a profound breath and let´s feel all those energies that are surrounding us. These energies that you can relate to in your work, in the relationship that you have with your partner, these energies that you have in the relationship with yourself, these energies that exist in all the processes of creation, and these energies that are in your mind, feel them. My invitation Master, my invitation soul family is to feel all of these energies and to allow them in you. Do not struggle with them but allow yourself to feel them.

And finally, the question that has been asked the most through my channel, through the Magician is why am I so stuck? In spite all the work that I have done, in spite all the knowledge and information that I manage, why am I feeling so stuck?  When we talk of an energy that is so stuck, Master, we are referring to an energy that needs a conscious creator, it needs you to direct it, and it needs you to mold it. It is that feeling that we often have the feeling of running and running like lions in a cage, and the feeling that we are not getting anywhere and for this reason we feel all the allegories that surround us.There is so much internal and external chaos, there is so much manipulation of information,  there are difamations, lies, as well as all kinds of physical attacks and those who are being presented in the social networks through the technological tools, governments, countries, economies, social patterns or norms, and through the patterns of nature that you can observe, and not only observe, you can feel the chaos, you can feel that it touches you, and [you could feel] how it reaches you.

Master, when the energy does not expand and is being repressed for a long time, it tends to seek resolution on its own. Remember that we also, you also, are God, dear Master, and remember that a God observes, a God directs the energy. The God, Goddess- You, this divine feminine that is within you tends to express and allows this energy to be transmitted through you and you begin to feel tension. You begin to feel strong headaches; you begin to experience ups and downs in your blood pressure, strong feelings of intense loneliness and some very acute states of sadness, disease in all of your circulatory systems and in your bones.

Breathe deeply. For you, and today, I want to share with you Master, the feeling that if we do not really seek effective mechanisms to expand, to create with this energy that is there available to you in great quantities, you will explode. It will explode as the bombs explode, the same way we can observe the social explosions that have lately been expressing themselves in all our societies.

Remember that you are the Master, the energies are there to serve you, the Divine Sacred Heart is there to serve you, and the Sacred Roses in your DNA are waiting for you to activate them. But, who is the Master? Who is directing your life? Who is the one making the conscious choices? Breathe deeply for you, breath it deeply and ask yourself, feel it: Who is making the conscious choices in your life? Are you really making them? Breathe deeply and feel the opening of your heart. Breathe and feel the loving force that you have been carrying and that you continue to carry; and, which today you are simply and fully allowing it into your life, into your space, and in your manifestations.

I am going to continue to breathe and I am going to continue to hold this space, this Golden Circle. In here we have the energies of Yeshua Ben Joseph that are accompanying us, my beloved Yeshua, my beloved husband, my friend, my lover, my companion, my partner, the enlightened who walked shoulder to shoulder, giving knowledge, opening hearts, going beyond duality.

There is a new consciousness and energy that we, ourselves, are creating about who was really Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus for you according to the learning that Christianity has held. Let us welcome this New Consciousness, Christ’s Consciousness, a Transparent consciousness that does not look at the duality between the feminine and the masculine, a consciousness that integrates all your boat of consciousness, all of your brain, the left one, the right one, and all of your heart.  A consciousness that not only knows that it is only the masculine; it is not only power but that it also embraces, allows and gives way to the feminine.  Let us welcome this energy of Yeshua Ben Joseph here with us.

Let us take a deep breath and allow yourselves too, because we also have here the energy of the Ram; the loving energy of the Ram, of this warrior whom we all, all of us, have experienced, and whom now, we are allowing to let go of. Because we have learnt in the depth of the space of our heart that we do not need to fight to really obtain what we want, my dreams; but that I can flow with these energies that are stuck or are expansive. I can flow with these energies, I can ride with this immense energetic wave of light, and with the strength of consciousness that I Am, allowing myself to create in the wonderful space, in this wonderful life that you are living and that you are creating. Let us welcome also this new Ram, this warrior who surrenders, this warrior who understands that a consciousness, that the Consciousness of Joy is expansive and that it has a wisdom immersed in its fantastic, unique, and unrepeatable energy, which only a Master like you can experience. Soul Family, beloved family of Magdala, beloved Family of the Tall Tower in which you are, beloved family that observes, that has a completely distinct perspective  on today’s events that we are experiencing.

I would like to give some space to the Magician, because she deserves it, some space for her to continue. I am going to continue accompanying you, to be here with all of you and I will step in later on. Let us continue with this expansion; let us continue with the topic of stuck energies.

Magician it is your space.

The Magician (as Magdala call Malú):

Thank you Magdala. I continue, and I feel completely connected with you, with Yeshua, with the Ram, with Saint Germain, with my own heart, with my soul, asking for the magic of being a Master of Masters and inviting each of our friends, fellow mates to be a Master of Masters.

How can we activate those Sacred Roses?  By being aware and attentive in each moment.  Observe where your consciousness is.  Is your consciousness in pain, in the “I cannot”, in the “I was hurt”, in the “it went wrong”? Or is your consciousness in the “I Am God Also” and I can take a step, and another step, a breath, letting go of my mind and expanding myself to something new, to create may be whatever, either a new way of baking a cake or a new enterprise, but my consciousness is in trusting, in trusting myself. I am aware, I am awake, and I am inviting my soul to be with me in each instant. I am active, I am no more a victim of life, nor of governments;  I am no longer a victim of my family, or anything. I am an active element who creates changes by making conscious choices, which moves energy and who does not stay stuck in what was or in what is.

If your body hurts or is sick don´t dwell on it, breath, talk to your body, trust your body. Your body has a divine intelligence and is part of your body of consciousness. Move your consciousness to the fact that the body is also God and that your body knows how to regenerate itself we have simply forgotten. So today be aware.  Talk to your body and say, “I choose perfect health” even if you are in the midst of a disease. Choose perfect health and allow the energy to be at your service. This is the unfolding of the Sacred Rose; it (this) is to open the needed potential. As quantum physics says of an observer who could see health was there was sickness, for health to begin to move itself into that body.

And your physical body is part of your soul and it is part of your mind and it is part of your spirit and thus forming that body of consciousness. I am conscious that I am God also, creator, and –that I am- no more a victim. Choose to be in joy and to be moved by joy. Then be aware, but observing that you are in Joy because if you are not in Joy you are lacking that tonality that goes beyond vibration. Joy expands you. Imagine it, see it, feel the Unicorns, these marvelous beings that are beside you, helping you, supporting you, but you are the one who has to do it with a conscious breath, being aware and fomenting joy. 

Observe if you are in love with yourself or if you are still carrying guilt, lack of self worth. I remember that in the Mystery School Adamus approached a young man and said to him: “You killed me, but I got over it and now I am your Teacher and you haven’t overcome it yet”. Can you see, step into a complete deserving attitude. You deserve to be the God who is going to create this enterprise, who is going to create this new school, or that is going to move himself into other realities.

And, always choose to be in the Safe Space above any prophesies of fear. If you take a look at the social networks, the year 2012 will be the end of the world. No, it is not the end of the world; we are just beginning the Golden Era of the Planet. It is there where your consciousness has to be creating.
I ask Magdala now to continue to talk to us.

Magdala: Let’s breathe connecting and expanding our golden heart, breathe down so deeply, as deeply as you can but expand and allow all the chambers of your heart to open and flow in this moment of enlightenment. Enlightenment is being in the knowledge and to be experiencing.

Knowledge in itself has no value of if it is not followed by an experience and after the experience a feedback. My invitation now, Master, is that the feedback should not be done through the mind.    Allow all this flow of experience to go by, and filtered brilliantly by the sieve with the tonality of our heart.

The Magician was talking about everything that we are experimenting in this moment. There is a collective consciousness constantly inviting you to fear, inviting you to be constantly repressed, talking to you about the bad times that are drawing near, talking to you about lack, talking to you about lack of love, talking to you about everything that is leaving, about everything that will live no more, and, of course, talking about external planets that are coming and are slowing down and will hit the Earth.

Master, sustain this breath; sustain the focus of your consciousness in the heart. There are basically two great emotions that we can feel in our lives: love and fear. Collective consciousness is constantly inviting you, today, to remain in fear. And I invite you Master, I invite you Master, I invite you to really allow yourself into a new love, an ascended love, a brilliant and radiant love emanating from your conscious choices, emanating from each action of each passion, of each wish that you have in your life. Remember that the intention is the point of leverage that allows all the stuck energies to be moved in a magical and a wonderful way and if I want to expand and have the desire to take this concept of alchemy and magic to so many, to the one who is ready for it.

This concept of magic is so often misinterpreted, misunderstood. Magic implies an intense and personal search, curiosity, like a child who goes off to investigate the new, and who wants to know the new. Magic implies making conscious decisions as in the life style, in the attitude of enjoying constantly the choices that you take; and, of course, magic also implies audacity to go into the unknown, to go into what makes me fear, to allow this fear that goes through me in the absolute confidence of knowing who I am; in the absolute confidence of knowing myself as the ascended Master who can feel this fear, feel this chaos and who is completely immune to these energies because that is his intention and this is exactly where his consciousness is, (and) his heart is .

So Master, magic is action it is the acquired knowledge that you apply in your reality. It is all this power. And, therefore this is why we talk so much in the New Energy about empowerment, it is an empowerment that it is no longer related to control, it is an empowerment, Master, that has to do with this loving force. Today, I want to invite you, all those who are listening, and those who will listen to this later and all those who are radiating this knowledge and this feeling with our consciousness; I want to invite you to give love to fear, to bathe with love all that fear that we are feeling, to breath a new love, a love that is light, and knowledge that is birthed from the heart; a love that is life, that is a life force and that transcends all illusion. Master feel! Feel this force of my heart and feel this love with your consciousness because this is what you are activating in yourself Master, if you allow yourself. Loving force, divine consciousness and ascension.

Finally, the pyramid is turned over and we begin to make our own walk, the walk of the Master, the walk of the conscious being who knows that all energies are there to serve him, including the energies of love that have been so insulted and criticized in recent times. Love is not weakness, love is not stupid, LOVE is a life force. So, I invite you to embrace with love all this fear, all this chaos that we might have been feeling with every choice that we make in our lives. We have been talking about how we can move energies. How can we really do it? Which specific tools do we have to move these energies? Master breath with this heart and give love and life to fear. Slow down, calm yourself, decelerate your thoughts, allow this safe and sacred space, allow the silence, and allow the wisdom of inner silence. 

Master, I also invite you to be more in contact with nature. Ah, nature, how I loved to teach in nature, under a tree, on a mountain, accompanied of to sing of the birds and of the irradiation of the Sun!!! How I also liked to listen to the teachings of my students in a pyramid!  Be more in contact with nature, with a new consciousness. Allow all those sounds of nature to integrate in your DNA. BE this New Energy Alchemist of the New Life, activating new codes in your DNA, allowing the new Alchemy to heal and rejuvenate yourself. You are the Master!  What are you waiting for?  What are you afraid of Master? Go for it !!!    Focus your consciousness with so much strength and with so much love that there will be no more chaos; there will be no more fear that can stop you, that can numb you.

I also recommend that you go beyond the seduction of the energies that we are feeling today. The light has become a blaze in your life, the light is no longer a small light, it is a light that has been expanding, knowledge, a consciousness that has been expanding. And this attracts darkness. Remember Master, the more the light shines, the more you are going to feel strongly darkness; you are going to feel those poles, this duality light–darkness. And, today, many are feeling it.

Change your focus Master, change your perspective allow this metanoia in your life, allow the change that is birthed from the heart to be directed towards each defamation, each deformed information, to each manipulation with which you change your perspective. The Ascended Master sees an opportunity: allows, accepts, is compassionate and changes his focus. Change your focus and consciously choose what you want for your life and everything that pulls you out of balance simply and purely. Through a breath, move it, feel it, but move away from this space.

Which is your compass Master? Your compass in the New Energy? Your energetic compass is this heart that shifts the focus, this divine metanoia which really allows a shift from your mind to your heart.

And with this Master, all my Unicorns are coming in.
Let us take a deep breath of divine wisdom. Let us celebrate this moment of expansion for all of us, for all of you.

And I leave you with this feeling, this essence of nurturing fear with love, and that you are the conscious Master making the conscious choices every day.

And so it is.

Magdala’s Golden Circle of the Alchemists,

Raiza Preziuso and Malú Gaxiola.

Masters of New Energy. August, 2011.

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