07 enero 2015

Magdala & The Magician Merlina: “CHRIST-MAS: FEELING AND CREATING THE 2015”



Mary Magdalene and the Christ Consciousness in the New Consciousness
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso and Malú Gaxiola
December 16, 2014

You can listen and download  this channeling in Spanish: (until the 31st. of December 2014)

I invite all of you who are here and all those who will connect later, to take a good breathe together... A deep breath... which will allow us to open ourselves to the luminous presence of Mary Magdalene, Magdala
Let us Breathe together inviting her with our love, with our open heart, ready to share with her and for her to share with us this important advance of consciousness that we are living in these times... in this end of the year and this first trimester of 2015 which is so important... and that it will be so important…
Magdala we love you, we open ourselves and we invite you with and all your Unicorns to be here, we invite you and all the guests that you might bring...
Let us breathe... we keep breathing, opening this space to this wonderful feminine energy of the Christ consciousness, of the Golden Circle

You are so welcome beloved family of Magdala, you are welcome to this Golden space of transmutation and divine alchemy, and you are welcome to my heart, to my cherry blossom trees and to the beauty and unique radiation of my Unicorns, who are also yours.
You are welcome beloved family of Magdala, you are welcome to this Christmas season is the most pure celebration of the Christ consciousness. The most pure reminder that you too, in essence and substance are also God.  A pure reminder that everything can be rebirthed, that everything can be redone, that everything can be recreated. You are welcome to this celebration of Christmas. You are welcome to Christmas... and beloved family, what does Christmas really mean?

It means the Christ awakened walking on the new Jerusalem, it means a Christ walking in a body, walking in the house of the sacred, walking in your home with you beloved family.
Let us breath together allowing a new understanding beyond the known. Let us allow a new understanding of what Christmas means... Christmas... Christmas... feel this word through your breath. Christmas... and you will notice that the Christ consciousness lives in there in an eternal way.

Christ: Living your own truth
Breathe deeply beloved family and allow yourself to access your own wisdom, the one which knows what it means to be a Christ. Not because of what you have been told in the churches, not by what you learned in your schools, but by what your heart and your consciousness tells you. Breathe and I invite you to that feeling, I invite you to the genuine and sincere openness of your heart, to feel what Christmas means to you.

And Christmas means this Christ, you, if you so choose. Expressing itself in the conscience of all those who have chosen a different path, of all those who have chosen to go beyond their limited lives, who have chosen also to go beyond your limiting beliefs. Christ means that above all things, you live in your own truth. This makes a Christ, one who lives by his truth, he totally is, drinks it fully, and I hope that right now, that as I am accompanied by a wonderful cup of red wine, you are also accompanied by a cup of wine to enjoy and share, to drink it, to drink your own truth, allowing it into all your experiences, irradiating it throughout your presence and creations.

Beloved family, the path of a Christ yes it’s full of risks, wonderful risks which make you know the unknown. The path of a Christ is full of audacity, boldness and courage, because only those who love and live their truth will enter into Kingdom of Heaven.

When you walk as a Christ you make conscious choices that are consistent with your truth. Breathe and feel it. You are not consistent with the truth of anyone, only with your own, the one that lives here in Your Holy Grail of your Golden Heart.

The Golden Age of the Living Christ’s

Beloved Family... Golden Ones... Masters... they made you believe that a Christ is the Jesus nailed to the cross dying for you, for your sins. No, beloved family, Jesus did not die for your sins because he did not see any sin in his peers. If there was a teacher who loved everyone and accepted everyone, it was Yeshua Ben Joseph. And this was his final test, he did not see any sin, but he saw truth in you, he saw your greatness, he saw your divinity. His message was so original and daring for his time: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within"... and "I am both, the son of man as the son of God." And yet, even two thousand years later, this message is still daring to many in these times. Breathe this and allow all the radiation which you are receiving through my words. Yeshua taught us that as the son of man he was undoubtedly fragile, he was prey to temptation, he was afraid, had doubts and felt unsafe. But as God as Son of God he belonged to eternity. And there was nothing that they could do to him that his father in heaven would not have approved.

Breathe deeply, and feel beloved family, that in this Christmas we are at the door of a New Era. Yes I am here, Magdala, the Lady of the Heart, the carrier of the Sacred Rose, I am here to announce to you, playing my trumpet, mounted on my Unicorns, that you are at the door, not of a new year, but at the threshold of a New Era. The Golden Era of the living Christos.

Breathe deeply and allow this new space of integration in you, the space of the living Christ, the space of the Golden Era walked through your own temple.

Magician, are you there?

Here I am Magdala, always present, accompanying you and supporting you. And enjoying this wonderful consciousness of which you are talking about, of this living Christ.

The last trial of Yeshua Ben Joseph
Beloved family, Yeshua was a great man who was the rightful heir to the throne of Judea. He came from a royal house like me. And his work was the transmutation of being the son of man to become the son of God. Yeshua and I, Magdala, studied in the Mystery Schools of Egypt of over 2000 years ago. And he, Yeshua had amazing teachers which helped him reach his final test, and today, I, Magdala, I want to share with you the final test that Yeshua did, which was to love that which he did not understand...

Breathe deeply…

His last test, the final test was to love that which he did not understand. In the same way he loved his radiant I Am. In the same way he loved himself. His final test was really to love, not just the external of the things he did not understand, but every inner part of himself that was stocking him and that he did not understand. His final test was really to expand a new love, a Divine love... not only a human love but a Divine love. And that was his final test. I was there with him when he was handed the Golden Sword of the Druids and the Jewels of his Mastery, and the Staff of the Christos. Christ is not a single person... Christ is a title given to you when you live your truth, when you walk your truth and when you have the courage, the boldness to express it and radiate it fully wherever you are. I was there totally in love, in love with this teacher in body and soul, in love of its enormous capacity to live his truth, to give it all out for that truth and to express it in his life.

Beloved family, we love Yeshua, we love the Christ because he took the risk of everything for everything. He was a man who risked everything and was willing to live out his truth. He was a brave man, he did not prostituted himself, he did not negotiate his truth for the subtleties of life, because when we do that, beloved family, when we do not live our truth, something in us begins to slowly die.

Training the radiant God that is within us
Breathe deeply... I invite you in this moment beloved family, in this Golden Robe of Sacred Roses that transcends time and distance; I invite you to feel your truth. To feel the truth that today dwells in your heart. To feel the way that truth has been changing, has been transforming itself in this lifetime in giant leaps. Feel your truth, the truth of today, the one of this present moment... give it a space, she is waking up... feel it. Today I have wished, I Magdala, the Lady of the Heart, the Ascended Master in my own right, I wanted to begin this space with Yeshua, giving this space to my beloved, so that we could understand that he elevated the radiant God that dwelled in his body. Yes, he allowed himself to raise that radiant God and he became immortal, he became eternal life. And this is why Yeshua is a Master who has eternal life. Eternal life as Christmas!

The Art of living your truth
Yes, beloved family, this is the purpose of life, to train the radiant God that is within us, that is within you, to live the truth, to have the bravery and courage and the grace to express that truth and to radiate it fully. This is why we are here, all the Golden Circle of ascended masters. We are here to invite you, once and for all, to assume the role of a Christ, of a true master in the art of living your truth. And this is why we keep coming here to invite you to live your truth and that you create your life according to that truth.

We can no longer live the dogmas and beliefs of another one. To live your truth enjoying it, loving it, celebrating it, allowing it. It is time, beloved family, to abandon all the religious dogmas which have kept you tied up, which have kept you limited, which have kept you unaware of your ability to create.
It's time to dance at the rhythm of your own consciousness. It is time to be rebirthed into eternal life. Yes, dear family, you can do it better than Yeshua did. It is time for rebirth to eternal life, it is time to live, vibrate and allow and radiate and to raise the Kingdom of God within.

Breathe deeply, beloved family... breathe in this time of Christmas, this time of eternal life within you, this time of re-creation, this time of allowing yourself constantly your own truth. The truth of a Christ who walks consciously, because this is the era that is about to start and in which you have participated actively in its creation with your consciousness. And you can see it reflected in your news.

All of us from this side, can also observe it through you, and listen to one of the highest representatives of the Catholic Church, who has said that many of the beliefs that are held in the church are against God's loving nature. Hmm. Hmm. (Magdala smiles)... finally, we are finally living great times beloved family. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what will continue. No hell literally where people suffer, because hell is completely incompatible with the infinite love of God. God, beloved family, is not a judge who is waiting for you to punish you, unless you so choose it to be so, unless you are the punishing judge. God does not seek to condemn unless you condemn yourself. The God that you are allowing yourself and that you have been allowing yourself, the God that you are, gives you a hug, offers unconditional acceptance, provides light in darkness, this is the God, the Goddess that you are allowing yourself.

You are our New Church
And you are, you are that Golden, Lost City. And you are emerging from the depths of your soul and I Magdala, Mary Magdalene, the priestess, trained in the temples of Isis, I congratulate you this dear Master. I honor you and all Masters of the Golden Circle honor you because you have allowed yourself to go to the depths of your being. There is nothing that requires more courage. You are our new church. Church means house of God. You are the new house of God. You are our new gospel being lived, being breathed, being irradiated. You with your life and you are writing it by incarnating the light. You are beloved family, the new bible, the new dawn, the new hope. The new of the newest.
Breathe this that you also are. And breathe with all the new potentials that are entering into your energy field, into your consciousness.
Magician... I joyfully and with so much emotion from this side, I invite the Magician to do what she does so well: To create magic, and share with you all.

The Magician Merlina, the Perfect Alchemist
Thank you Magdala...
I am the Consciousness and the feminine energy of Merlina the Magician. There was always a connection between the Christ consciousness I AM and the consciousness of magic, of the Magician. Both consciousness’s create the extraordinary. The Christ-consciousness as Magdala just said, is to live your own truth, you face all the challenges that life offers to you, to really be a living Christ, to fully incorporate the divinity in you. To connect with the source of energy that lies within each one, "The Kingdom of heaven is within you". In both consciousness, in the Merlin consciousness, the house, the Self is not divided, the vision is clear, is unique, and is directed intensely as an arrow toward its objective: to be God. To fully incorporate the divine in the human, to achieve a transfiguration, this implies not only to unify all your aspects, to unify your home so that it is not divided. The Transfiguration is to raise your frequency insomuch that you can resurrect your body, to be able to give your body another chemical composition and another frequency.

In both consciousness, the Merlin consciousness and the Christ-consciousness there is no hesitation, there is boldness and actions do not pass through the mind, the sprout from spirit. In this consciousness there is no duality, there is no hesitation and doubt, because the strength comes through the heart from spirit. Yes, as Yeshua and Magdala just said, live your truth and live your truth with an infinite love, because love is the only thing that will make you be the perfect alchemist.

Living a Crucial Moment
Tonight I want to share in a very special way, with all these creators and awaken Gods that are here on planet earth at a very crucial time. Why crucial? Because we are living a crossing of timelines, as big and as important as the one that took place in the time of Yeshua two thousand years ago.  From a consciousness of an external God, to a consciousness of God within. These timelines are changing, and everything depends on us. The predictions that the world would end in 2000 were true, our game here on earth was going to end, because the earth has lived through cycles, cycles of time. But this time, we have intercepted these timelines with our consciousness and this end of cycle, we literally are resetting it. We have won this, we were able to change the game!

Bringing together the Feminine and Masculine Energies.  Resetting the energy.
We are doing this resetting of the energy and life of the planet. A crossing of the timelines was already lived in the time of Christ and in the times of Avalon. And now in 2015, before the end of March, we will have achieved to change and reset, to intercept the usual cycle of life on planet Earth. We are truly creating a new path, we are unifying the feminine and masculine energies. We all are carrying a part of each of these timelines for we are unifying our masculine and feminine energy. Until now, the masculine energy of power, imposition, duality and brutal military force of conquest and control has been predominant. But at this moment of these crossing of timelines which we are feeling and which we really do not know what is going on... but let us clarify, in these timelines crossing, we are harmonizing the feminine and masculine energy, and it will be the time in which the feminine energy will prevail. And the male energy will support the feminine.

A Phantom Death
This is a magical time to be here, let us not add fear into it. Yes, there will be challenges, but we are resetting the energy. Everyone will experience a phantom death and it is in the consciousness of each, to do it magically, to release this phantom death and at the same time we will honor those who want to leave. At this time, like never before, we are going to turn to our own divine source that is within us, and there we will find clarity. There we will find our own personal way to reset our energy. Magdala has been asking us for some time, and you, what are you doing in these times of change?

What do you choose?
We have all the help from so many ascended masters, from the spirits of nature. But as this is a planet of free will, they cannot help us unless we ask them. So I invite you to breathe, to open your consciousness and your heart and invite all these ascended beings who are on the other side of the veil, and also invite the spirits of Nature, to help us, to support us. But we are the ones who have to step forward and act.

What do you choose? How can you in a personal way want to bring your ray of light and shine in this new phase of the earth? What new project do you want to carry out and contribute to Mother Earth? How do you want to move and how you want to act? And let me tell you that everything is spiritual, everything. Remember that the feminine energy of harmony, intuition, creativity, will be the one that will predominate. And the masculine energy within you will support the feminine. It is magical to be here at this time, dear brethren, dear friends, dear family of the Golden Circle of Light.

March 2015 – Time lines crossing
This crossing of timelines is going to happen before the end of March 2015. So we invite you to reflect, to spend some time to find out what is it that you enjoy doing most, what you are passionate about, what do you want to manifest, what new project do you want to put into action, how can you bring your own light here and now, into this physical body, into this life in which you are living all these changes.

Someone in the chat is asking… What is a phantom death?
A phantom death could be that at any given moment your heart stops and you will reset it and you active your life. It could be that there is an appearance of a disease and you bought into it and you believed you have it, reset your energy and heal yourself. That is the magic of Merlina and that is the masculine strength that supports female creativity. There will be many that are going to leave because there will be challenges, but at this moment, in which we are awaken and conscious, it is in you to make the change and live as Magdala said. To live your life in a new way and not to repeat the old, no. To live your life magically.  To make instant changes, instant remission of disease, limb regeneration, changes in so many things. So much we can all create.

I invite you to take a deep breath because the mind does not understand this. It is not in the computer system of the mind. But your spirit, your soul knows, this is the time for the human transfiguration. Take a deep breath... This is the time to harmonize with each other. And as other teachers and friends say let us play well with each other. No more fighting, no more wars, no more conflict and competition. This is the time to really reset all our energy and our life on planet earth. With joy, with an unprecedented love. Only love will give you the energy to live all these changes in a joyful manner.
And now I ask Magdala to expand all this.

Breathe deeply... I thank you Magician for your words, for your essence, for your wisdom and for the magical love that you bear in your heart.

2015 – Recreate your life
Beloved family, 2015 represents a new era, the era of the living Christ; it represents a great opportunity to recreate all your life. Yes, for a literal resurrection. To allow yourself to die to all the energy that does not served you any more, it did at a given time, but now it does not serve you any longer. To allow yourself the death of many beliefs which are limiting, which prevent you to go forward as a true master, as a true living Christ, birthing roses wherever you walk… 2015 represents a great opportunity to attract so much more Christ-consciousness into your temple, your church, your body. And to allow yourself the unlimited greatness of your soul in all your creations. Your soul wants to participate, and we cannot leave it behind. Your soul gloriously and passionately asks you to include her in all your creations.

The container of everything
You have allowed yourself during 2014 an unprecedented integration; you have allowed yourself in a very conscious way all your light, all your darkness. You have made amazing changes; you have faced some of your most difficult and fiercest demons. In fact, I invite you right now to take a deep conscious breath to feel this 2014 year that is about to end. And observe, observe beloved family, all the changes that have happened in your life and you will be surprised. Each time these have gone faster, each time these have been more surprising and each time they will become more magical. And you also, dear family, the container of all... the sacred discovered vessel. These have been you, beloved family, the container of everything… the sacred vessel discovered. The vessel that has been discovered with beautiful golden papyrus which reveal wonderful mysteries. You are that, the container of everything, beloved family.

You have moved to a different space of consciousness, completely different, you have had many lives in this lifetime, you have died and have been reborn, you have expanded your consciousness and at this moment there is something of... some anxiety, some concern, an energy which is bit stressful which makes you wonder, what now? Now what? Breathe deeply and let these energies serve you, even for this question: And now what?

You are not the result of circumstances
During this year of 2014 you have been allowing so much more and we have been sharing with you that you are not a destiny. A Christ knows this; an incarnated I Am knows this. You are not the result of circumstances because when you are a result of circumstances, you are always going to be a victim. And you already consciously know, beloved family, that you are not the result of circumstances, and not only you are not a destiny, but you really have transcended the limitations of time and distance and you are allowing yourself to create multidimensional experiences.

The external circumstances do not define you, Beloved family; the external circumstances do not define you. What so ever they may be: family, work, your partner, home, country, government, etc., etc., etc. Even the internal circumstances of your body do not define you. For example, you are not the product of your genetics; you have allowed yourself to transcend your genetics, you honor it, you allow it but you have gone beyond your genetics. So beloved family, there is nothing external, nor internal, here which defines your reality, to be the reason of your allergies, or your sadness. To understand and to embody this knowledge can change the course of your life completely. You are not the result of your circumstances. You can become the magician who creates your own life circumstances. You have the ability to move the magic wand making new choices, you know it. And once you choose, just allow your skills to express themselves and surprise you.

Be the Magic Consciousness
And this is the new that will be coming in 2015, your quantum skills, your skills that transcend time and distance. Your skills which transcend linearity. Your skills that can create simultaneously -not only in one dimension, but in many dimensions.
Breathe deeply beloved family and become that magic. Be the magic, the magic consciousness creating your reality. And allow that same magic to surprise you. Ah yes! They will surprise you.

Make Conscious Choices - Dare
And I have been asked countless times in these recent months. How do I do it? Make conscious choices that go beyond the known, dare, integrate in you the science of daring. Make conscious choices of what your soul wishes to experience and allow it its own expression. Allow it, it is easy. We are no longer talking about the struggle, beloved family, we are not talking about the difficulties, we are not talking even about the trials. We are talking about -that everything is... all that kingdom of God is within. You are allowing it, you are flourishing like the rose, like the bud that opens before the sun, before the light and shows all its beauty. Make conscious choices and place wings on your creation. Yes, place wings on your creation, do not limit it, do not control it trying to place it within a small area of your mind, wanting to place an agenda on it, wanting to put a schedule. Do not limit it; let it be free, in the same manner that you want to be free.

You are important because you are the one who makes the conscious choices, and you are also important as God, because you are able to trust in such a way that you can put wings on your creation. And you know that from this creation you are only going to get wonderful surprises, you are only going to receive abundance, you are only going receive joy, celebration, creativity, more creativity.

How much do you allow and let go when you make a choice?
You see, dear family, I ask you in this moment, in this instant of time, in this Christmas, with glorious choirs of all colors joining us here and throughout your whole eternity, How free are your creations? How much do you allow, how much do you let go when you make a choice? Breathe deeply and it would be good to feel this: How much you allow and let go when you make a choice? Because joy and celebration are really present when the manifestation is free, is spontaneous and surprises you. Then the magic of that creator who are you, manifest and you will be amazed by your own creation.

2015: Create the impossible in your life
2015, as the Magician shared with us will be the beginning, the beginning of a New Era beloved family. As this moment in which you are breathing, in which you are living. As important as this! It is as important as the time in which I lived two thousand years ago. It is a time in which timelines will cross, and you are so ready, there is nothing to fear beloved family, you just have to be prepared, ready, with the backpack on the shoulder and willing to create the impossible in your life.

Are you listening to me beloved family? It will be the beginning of creating the impossible in your life. To create what your mind once thought was impossible. As a true magician, make use of that imagination that allows you to fly, that allows you to use these quantum creation skills. The magician, observes as the caterpillar, observes and holds its dream. There, calm, confident, aware, and allows all energies to serve it and continue to breathe. And while it is creating, while the caterpillar is in its cocoon, it dances, celebrates and enjoys life. Because it knows that its creation is affecting all levels of existence.

Beloved family you are affecting all levels of existence, with your creations with these creations of the impossible in your life. With these creations that transcend the limitations, which transcend your fears, which transcend even the imagination. The Wizard, the Magician makes use of all his vessel of consciousness to create the unimaginable. Use your imagination and be amazed at the same time in which all the new comes in and which, even as a great wizard, you could not have imagine it so.
Breathe deeply beloved family, beloved masters...

A Living Christ
And here is where I invite you to walk towards the impossible of you, which is entirely possible when the heart makes its presence and sets the course of its adventure of life. The impossible is possible when your heart, when the intelligence of your heart, when the intelligence of the Sacred Rose makes its appearance. And when that intelligence makes an act of presence, all energies are there to serve you and you are plentiful abundance. Breathe deeply... And feel the Sacred Roses which are flooding into you right now... Golden Roses of transmutation and alchemy… celestial notes that come from the Amethyst Caves which are the ones I like most... Breathe and feel the magic in your life... Breathe and feel the magic of you... your magical presence affects it all, beloved family... with a simple and plain intention to be present and aware...

You are the one who is making a difference in this era of the living Christ’s. You are the living portal marking the difference, holding the light for the many who cross along your path. And especially dear Master, you are the pioneer of the new times, you know it. You have been working on that. Your soul knows it, your spirit knows it. This is a living Christ. A Christ who lives his truth. A Christ, who does not like to philosophize but likes to take from the cup of wine, who incarnates it in its blood and in its bones, in its muscles, embodies its truth and lives it, this is a living Christ. Allow this resonance of your heart to guide your decisions, beloved family.

We already have been inviting you during these past four years, which have been perfect. We have been inviting you to transcend the mind, to go beyond, to understand that the mind is an aspect of our being but which is not the only one. To honor it, to respect it but to know that there is something beyond the mind. Allow the beat of your heart to guide you in your decisions in each moment... Trust Master... Trust ... Trust blindfolded, trust...
Because this heart will be like a powerful galactic antenna in this New Era that is about to begin. It is like... like a range of action that includes many universes and which will allow you to identify new opportunities. Yes, there are many new opportunities but you have the antenna... your bear that galactic antenna... very powerful with a broad range of action of many universes. Use it, use that divine intelligence that is in your heart and trust it, believe in it. And believe in it to create specific things in your life beloved family. To create your new reality and to rejuvenate your body, to make miraculous healings in your body. To make magical spontaneous healings if you allow it. To die to a time, to a past, to a belief, to an experience and to rebirth… to enjoy life.
Breathe deeply… and I ask the Magician to guide a breathing…

The Magician:
I invite everyone in this moment, to plunge ourselves inwardly... to breathe deeply… because with each breath we make a deeper connection with our divinity, our creativity... With the divine understanding which does not come from the mind... we breathe and we open ourselves... We breathe and we open ourselves to understand that we are actually creating something completely new...

The Magic of Merlin Christ Consciousness
Often these conscious choices are made after a moment of reflection. But at this moment we are asked to make decisions in the moment, instantly and for that we have to be really connected and present. And that is the magic that comes in... We also have been impregnated in these Magic Mystery Schools. They have been called the Schools of Merlin, but now it is Merlina, the feminine energy the one that is giving birth, the one that is creating the new paradigms. In all the fields, in healing, in any activity, in technology, in how to live a moment of crisis and make an instant choice, creating something unimaginable, impossible for the mind as Magdala said.

So let us breathe and be well connected with ourselves. To have this constant inspiration and it will be constant, it will be instantaneous, it will be in the moment facing any challenge, to reset the program that seemed impossible, Yes it can be done, we can even fly! Bilocate ourselves! (Being at two places at once) Whatever we have to do, we will do it. This is the magic of Merlin, of the Christ-consciousness. This is the new. Isn’t this true Magdala?

So it is Magician. That is the magic that is born, grows and expands through our consciousness. That is the magic of the Living Christ. We are at the gates of the New ERA of the New Magicians. All of you, all of you participating in these new schools of magic that you yourselves will create. The New Schools of Magic. Here and now, how do you do magic in these times of change? How do you create magic in these times of transformation? Love is magic, love is pure magic.

So I remind you beloved family: Be a living Christ!
Die to the belief of Christ on the cross! Yeshua is asking you to do it!
Die to the belief of a crucified Christ who died for you.
Die to that belief and become the living Christ, the Christ God, a Goddess, and the living Christ enjoys and appreciates very much the flavors of food and wine, of countries, people, cultures, of every creation, who loves a good piece of bread, a chunk of cheese and wine... Wherever there is bread, cheese and wine, I will be there with you beloved family (Magdala says this laughing)

It does not matter in which point you are in your life in these moments, take a breath... take a conscious breath... open your golden heart and allow yourself to create the impossible, allow yourself to create that with which your soul vibrates and that with which your soul exalts . Honor your soul. Honor that part of you that has been waiting for so long to create the impossible and to have fun with you.

What is the impossible that you want to create?
Take a deep breath and feel the living Christ in you, beloved family. Feel the conscious creator... Feel the magic within, not outside! Feel the magic within! And I Magdala, the Priestess of the Temple of Isis asks you: in this moment of total presence of you in this Golden Space:
What is that impossible that you want to create?

The Amethyst Cave of Mary Magdalene
Breathe and feel it, do not think it, feel it, because this is already there in your heart... And your soul is breathing it into you right now: What is the impossible that you want to create?
For your soul, for your eternal self, for the Christ who has eternal life, nothing is impossible. So feel it... What you want to create for 2015?

I invite you right now in this moment in which my golden, blue, violate and silvery Unicorns are coming in... All of them are here... in this Golden space... I invite you to take a walk with me beloved family... walk with me for a while... Trust and allow yourself this experience. I invite you to travel in time, in the distance of all the dimensions of your being, and come here to my heart... to the Heart of Mary Magdalene... to the Cherry blossom tree who is always in bloom... where my Unicorns and Sacred Lions live... Angels and where also eventually some Masters come to share, teach, enjoy... I invite you to this sacred space of my Sacred cherry blossom tree, of my Unicorns... Present are the energies and consciousness of Yeshua Ben Joseph and the consciousness of Mother Mary coming in with her Golden Robe of Sacred Roses, making herself present in this great celebration of Christmas...

Breathe and allow yourself this feeling... enjoy it, there is nothing to force, everything is already there, beloved family. Feel the waterfall... feel the path filled with roses... Feel all the beings and teachers accompanying us... and feel yourself, of course... Feel the singularity of your presence… Feel the taste, odor, color, dance and irradiation of your presence... Feel yourself in this space... and in my heart...

Take a deep breath... and let us walk together towards my cave... It is a special cave... Feel all the roses around our path… And feel so many other beings that are waiting for you, who are accompanying you, who want to walk with you... Feel those ascended masters who want to accompany the living Christ manifesting the New Earth...

Breathe deeply... We do not need any music for the music is within you; you can feel it... all your consciousness is celestial music singing right now... Beloved family I invite you into my Amethyst cave, let’s go in together... I have many caves, but this is the one I like most... This is the space where I like to create, expand, and just be... Because I still create, I am, like an Ascended Master, creating in many universes and omniverses... being an Ascended Master is not so boring...

Breathe deeply and come into my crystal cave... the amethyst cave of Mary Magdalene... And there... feel the energies... feel the vibration, feel the quantum harmonics that want to join you... Feel all these potentials of the ray of the essence of the amethysts in you... and in this amethyst quantum space, I invite you beloved family, to feel what you want to create as a Christ living its truth, next to your soul, enjoying and celebrating life... Feel the champagne bubbles all over your body... feel the essence of the wine in every part of your body...

And feel beloved family, what you want to create for 2015? Rather said, what do you want to create for this New Era of the living Christ’s? The 2015 falls short... What do you want to create for this New Era? Which portal is the one you want to manifest? What do you want to create for this New Era? Beloved family... be daring, be bold… do not limit yourself... this is why I am inviting you to go to the impossible... Because the impossible is the field of the possible for a living Christ, for magic, breathing…

When I speak of the impossible, that makes you move beyond... It is impossible for your mind but not your soul... So in this space, in this crystal cave... feel it... it's yours and you can come here whenever you want... I particularly will be waiting beloved family... What do you want to create for 2015? Feel it… Feel it and allow it... Breathe... and breathe and allow it...

There are no limits for a living Christ... And if you have chosen something beloved family, in this moment place wings into your creation. Yes, place wings on your creation... Some Golden wonderful and very large wings... Multi-wings... Be aware that you have chosen something you want to create, but at the same time know that your creation will surprise you. Because in this amethyst crystal cave the creation is multidimensional and it affects all the levels of your existence. Fear not, fear not your creation. On the contrary, know that a God creates. This is its truth and everything that comes is joy, is celebration and it is a greater expansion and more creation.

Merlina, do you want to participate?

The Magician:
Magdala I am there... in that amethyst cave... really enjoying it... magically creating, letting go of all of the programs... Thank you for this beautiful walk through the dimensions, in your dimensions and on our magical dimensions.

And you are there, of course, Merlina is there... La Magician, the priestess also who possesses a great knowledge that is very important for these new times.

So beloved family, you do not have to choose just one thing, you can choose more if you so wish!
You're in that amethyst cave, place of Gods, consecrated to the Truth within you... completely permeated with the capacity of transformation and your own ability to create exponentially... in a quantum manner... Quantum means, no time, no distance, quantum means multidimensional, quantum means that it will surprise you and amaze you in a pleasant, enjoyable and easy way... you are the quantum being, you are that amethyst, and you are allowing yourself to be there today, enjoying your own creation.

Breathe deeply beloved family, and now there are beings... angels, yes, angels, archangels, guardians of the animal kingdom, beings and ascended masters, who have come to this great feast, to this great celebration... And at this moment breathe into your new creation. And choose, if your heart feels it, if you so want, you the living Christ, choose an energy to be there during this new path and who will enjoy being at your side, walking beside you, to chat with you, to visit this amethyst cave when you so desire it... choose it... you are the one who will choose it, there are no limits, they are coming to you, they are here, beside you... you just have to choose it, you have to dare to choose that special someone who will be accompanying you from now on. Not to do the work for you, but to enjoy it with you. A friend, an angel friend, a guardian friend, an ascended master friend...

Breathe deeply and feel the clarity, the transparency of this amethyst cave and of your own creation. Feel those wings which you have placed on your creation. Do not limit it, do not restrict it, be there for your creation. Because that creation is going to demand of you, is going to ask you sometimes to activate certain buttons. But at the same time it will surprise you and it will surprise you in magical ways. Because this New Era which begins, is the era of that magic, of that consciousness of magic, fully integrated, fully walked through you.

Breathe deeply beloved family and I invite you all to return together, enjoying and dancing, let us return to this space... Let us come out of this spectacular amethyst cave, which is always there to serve you... in your nights, your morning... wherever you may be, it will be at the distance of a breath... of that open heart, let us return here to this space, to this space of the Awakening Zone, to this space of the Show of Divine Alchemy... Return fully and completely to your body, your temple, your own church, to your holy house... in full awareness of who you really are: a God, Goddess. You are the Kingdom of Heaven... Return to that consciousness and return in the awareness that you are the magic, moving all the buttons of your existence.

Breathe deeply ... and I want to grant this space to the Magician asking her to close the show. I want to infinitely than you, from my amethyst heart, from my sacred temple, to thank you for playing for a while with me, for visiting one of my temples, one of my houses, and I want to invite you to continue this grand adventure of divine alchemy and transmutation... Magician, please...

The Magician:
Thank you Magdala, thank you for this wonderful journey of consciousness... So friends, dear friends, dear brothers and sisters, Masters let us breathe all together to come to a closure… to permeate ourselves with all this consciousness which is already ours, which has been ours and which simply all of us here are contributing and that Magdala puts it into words. Let us breathe together drinking this magic... this transfiguration... this resetting of our energy and the energy of the planet... let us breathe deeply, accepting the impossible as possible.

And gently we also welcome Raiza so she can say good-bye to us…

At this moment the time of this show has come to its end, so we will have other spaces, believe it or not we have been here for an hour and a half. Thank you Magician, I thank all of you, many thanks and Merry Christmas… Happy New Year! And Happy Christ Self!

We rejoice in this Christmas and I give thanks with much gratitude to Magdala for so much wisdom which she has shared with us and I thank Raiza for channeling Magdala and for channeling all these wonderful energies

Thank you Malu for channeling the Christ Consciousness, that Magic... you are pure magic. And with this we say good-bye.

Good night everyone and happy Christmas...

Golden Circle of Alchimists, New Energy School, Inspiring and Expanding consciosness.

Blog: www.Círculodoradoal.blogspot.com
Raiza Preziuso y Malú Gaxiola, Founders of the Golden Circle
New Energy Teachers, Certified Teachers and Mentor Teachers and channelers of the Christ Consciousness.

Raiza: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627 raizapreciosa@gmail.com

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