20 diciembre 2011


Golden Circle of the Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy and the Magician, the feminine energy of merlin 
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso with Malu Gaxiola.
December 20, 2011
We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service. This channeling can be heard in Spanish. Click the following link:

Welcome be you, I welcome you to this Royal Blue House of Stars that is for all of you beloved Family of Magdala. Welcome to this Golden Circle, Golden, Royal Blue, and filled with stars and to the Crystal Circle of each one of you. Welcome to this moment of great transcendence and celebration. A moment of celebrating Magic and Christmas, the Crystalline Magic of birth, the Magic of Santa Claus and the Reindeers and the Divine Child. 

Welcome to the heart of the alchemy that each one of you has been experimenting. Welcome to the Holy and Divine Space of your own transformation.

You have been riding a true roller coaster, we know that. You have paid for it and you have lived it with profound joy, with profound panic and with profound celebration, all of these together.

You, beloved Family of Magdala have been living real transcendental changes in this planet called Earth… the Earth of all potentials, the Earth of the bold, of the return of the feminine, of the crazy and daring Christed, of the crystal creators and also of the rebel apostles that do not follow one unique Teacher and have become the leaders of life who create within themselves biological and amazing changes, who create within new nets of thought, new avenues for transmitting information through their DNA and their vertebral spine. Your DNA is not the same one as a month ago, it is not the same as six months ago and of coarse, it is not the same as the one you had a year ago. 

The changes have been amazing and you have been the ones activating them. You have been activating new styles of living the spiritual. Dear Family, spirituality is immerse in everything… it is in every single activity you accomplish. The leaders who create within themselves their own existence… this is what you are, you are creating your own existence of spirituality and life. You are the Christ and the Magdalas in the New Golden Age. You have chosen to be the bearers of that flame which illuminates just by the fact of being lit.

Those from this side of the veil know, beloved Family, what it has meant for you the year of 2011. You have made energetic readjustments, you have allowed yourself your own fears and you have addressed them, you have been moving in so many different directions and you have at times, believed that in some moments you were actually going crazy. You have been experiencing friction and duality to the maximum and it has been like this and for many it continues to be like this, you have been a bit… “very crazy” to be able to move your vessel of consciousness which at times casts the anchor and wants to be resting in the shore of a far away island, drinking coconut water and allowing the known comforts.

Breathe with me; breathe deeply, easily, smoothly… this vessel of consciousness which invites you, which dances, which gives you a hand for the unknown. Yet, beloved Family, your consciousness is not one of an apostle, although some will still choose it and this is also perfect. You… the one listening beyond my words, the one who allows all this crystal essence and permeates your own vessel of consciousness and transcends resistance. You the one who listens with your heart, with all the eyes that are within you and with your unique chakra that is unified in a wonderful way, you are the Master, and the great difference is that you are allowing all those changes in a higher level of consciousness and in a different tonality. Why? Because in this last year, your resistance has diminished.

And resistance is related with control, with the mind, with the crazy of the house, the one who does not stop chatting, who is obstinate and stubborn and who religiously goes back to walk the same known scenarios and experiences trying to repair something which has never been broken.

Resistance represents in your life the absence of spirit, the spirit who wants to enjoy and know new places, who wants to travel to different unknown landscapes, who wants to have its own expression and radiation, and be as authentic as a rose, as an orchid, as a tulip, all very beautiful and at the same time, all unique, all are expressions of the divine essence and they have allowed to be and to express themselves even in their differences.

There is a part of you, YOUR CORE, YOUR CHRIST which is allowing yourself to transcend this resistance, which is allowing you to break down the wall so the dance and all motion enters and you may become, once and for all, the Magician, that Magician of your own life, so you may become the maker of the impossible.

Resistance Master represents in your life lack of self love, lack of human worth of you to you, resistance is prejudice, is everything what you can not stand and does not allow you to listen, of all these hold you shut down.
 Resistance represents the immense fear you often have had towards change and which you continue to have, a fear which can even paralyze you and make you feel panic when you stand before some people who would like to listen to you and you are not able to articulate a word.

Resistance is expressed and has been expressed in many of you, beloved Family, through overwhelmed rage and anger, through sadness, through doubt and fears. Beloved Family, beloved human angels, beloved Merlins: resistance is the opposite of Magic. This stuck energy which wants to flow, which wants to hold on to life and creativity, which wants to maintain itself rejuvenating and healing. This resistance is stuck energy which wants to be creative and this resistance holds on to your DNA as a parasite, sucking life out of you and nourishing from your addiction, living from your nurturing. It could not be there if it was not for you.

Breathe deeply and feel… I invite you, beloved Family, to feel the essence of the crystal energy in me and which is in you and which you are allowing. And in spite of everything which represents resistance, remember Master, within your vessel there are many treasures, you have been the traveler of the seas and the time and you have learned to find many treasure for your own enjoyment, but you locked them in and you forgot about them.

I invite you with all of my heart and with all of my love; I invite you with my Sacred Christed Being to understand that resistance has a wonderful gift for you: The expression of a new you, yes the expression of a new you who comes to you through your spirit. And this new you, now more than ever is facing you towards the unknown that change poses.

Master, I want to share that when facing change you have two options, probably, as you are so creative you may find some others. But today I want to share two great options which they present themselves to you in this moment. 

One of them is to repeat the suffering, to repeat attachments, to repeat those chemical emotions which are painful to your biology and affect your body and your mind, and the second one is to experiment through a conscious choice, because at this moment your are making it consciously, to experiment the new by a conscious choice. To experience joy which is not a momentary joy, but a joy which comes from your own source and which makes you enter into that Golden Mean Point of stillness, of confidence, of tranquility, of rest.

Breathe, my invitation is to breathe in the Golden Mean, you only have to allow it to be able to be in it, to come to it, Master, remember it, it is not outside, this Golden Mean is a state of a mind that is empty, this Golden Mean is an empty and silent mind, which does not pretend to do anything, go anywhere, which is not in a hurry and that is simply here in the now and this is what the Golden Mean is, the stillness that precedes the new. And to be here in the now is the most nourishing thing that can be. Because only then, beloved Family of the Stars, you are in harmony with the existence and so the music descends upon you.

In the Golden Mean the past does not exist, that past which you have carried so much and which you continue to carry. The past has died, the future neither is because it has not been born yet, only the present exists; only the present is alive in this Golden Mean and Master, when you are in that Medium Point, in the Golden Mean which transforms, then life flows through you. In this Golden Mean, existence is not in chaos but in Cosmos and when I say cosmos I am referring to order and balance, to a rhythm and harmony and Master this is where you are heading to. The music of you which is unique and which allows you the inner balance, the harmony, the Middle Point in order not to live the extremes but to be able to really enter in a balance and reach the divine proportion, this middle point and to be able to perform the Divine Alchemy.

Breathe in this, for you, Master.

Breathe and feel the essence of my words, don’t stay only with my words. Feel the essence which goes beyond.

And now I want to ask you to feel the essence of a very special guest who has been asking me to be with you and who has been accompanying you, because in his time the consciousness was not ready to understand his teachings. Let us all feel the golden essence of Master Pythagoras and the wisdom that was gained in all his Mystery Schools inviting us into this special time of magic, inviting us to be numinous, yes numinous, breathe in the essence of numinosity.

(Note: numinous = enlightened, presence, a sense of the sacred within)

Pythagoras is telling me that for the numinous beings, to follow a flock is not an option, nor to live with prejudices, nor to be trapped in the mass consciousness. The lack of joy and happiness is not an option either, and also to live without the strength and confidence from their spirit and the joy from their soul. And neither is an option to be a great believer because he knows that this will not lead him to his own divinity.

Breathe and feel… and allow… allow this dance which is taking place within you; allow this opening of the golden heart, it is there for you. You are it, you are the one activating it, and you are the Master.

A numinous being, a Crystal consciousness has the grand capacity to involve himself observing and manifesting himself in abundance. A numinous being is a revel with cause and his cause is his divinity. It is a being which has a great capacity to observe as the eagle when it flies through the mountains and has the sharp and sensitive watchful eye. A numinous being is a being guided by his Christed mind and not by the crazy of the house, but by his Christed mind and his heart. A being who knows the beyond who has died and has resurrected and who lives in the density of a body yet knowing who he really is. And Pythagoras in his magnificence and in his adorable wisdom is inviting us today to be more numinous, more Christed, more Heart and more creative mind.

Many have been asking us about the 2012 and I would like to know taking into account all the energy that has been moving here and which all of us are feeling, everyone receiving it with a golden mantle filled with stars, let us receive the energies of the Magician with all her beauty and all her splendor.

Magician I ask you to share with all of us the wisdom which is so characteristic of you.

Magician: Thank you Magdala, actually everyone wants to listen to you but if you are asking me I will gladly share what everyone is experiencing, I am simply reflecting it.

We have a sensation of time which is completely different, what took us years to advance or take a quantum leap today we can do it in a blinking of an eye. We are playing our own symphony. We are connecting within us with the luminous and crystalline truth, yes; those of us who have opened our consciousness are the Crystal adults, the Christ’s. The beings that have been able to connect with our own symphony in a world that is living a very strong polarity and who are able to harmonize ourselves, to unify ourselves.

We are no longer fragmented for that was the work, the experience, the game and the field in which we choose to experiment for such a long time. We already played that game and in this moment we have become unified with our heart filled with love, ready to live this crystal energy which is opening a New Era on the Planet Earth. I know, I feel that from the other side of the veil Magdala and the other Masters are observing, so many angels are looking at how we have achieved it, yes we have achieved it. Our consciousness which is formless has achieved it. Feel your own music.

Magdala was telling us “this is not the era of followers, it is not the era for Gurus, this is the era of following my own tone”… and I call it my music, my symphony and this symphony you can feel how it harmonizes all of the energies that before were once dual, of struggle. The struggle has ended, and in a twinkle of an eye the music begins to play and you can simply reconnect with your own music. Something very practical which I have found in these last weeks is that in the moment an idea pops, a feeling, not en emotion because emotions have to do with the past, they are reactions, but the feeling is very profound, it is grand. The feeling is giving form to the consciousness that you are tapping individually. In the moment you are having it, write it down, ground it, and express it, allow yourself to feel it.

What was a theory before it is a reality today. As Magdala was saying our DNA is completely changed and do not worry. This week I have listened to several people who even had to be taken to a clinic, for having strong pains, and they went through a whole check up, and they did not find anything wrong. Do you know why? Their body is simply reforming, recalibrating, it is entering into a new tonality so don’t be scared, you are just light, you are pure love and you are also God. But this God we called Nameless in the ancient times because it had no form but now, you, yes you -in each instant- you are giving form to this divinity, to this God that you are. Write down no matter what comes to you, even such things as “today I want to smile to the whole world” write it down to ground it and little by little you will begin to express it and expand it. Write down, “today I had a strong pain and then I felt a sensation of light”, write it down for we are opening a complete new story.

You are your own guide, you are the creator. Today you are the caterpillar that is ready to become the butterfly. Everything is redefining, the energy is fluid, don’t put a resistance, as Magdala said, you simply breathe it in. 

When we saw something of duality we used to react with emotions of pain, sadness. In this moment to be able to make these experiences formless again, accept them without any resistance and at this moment, through your own music, with your symphony or your jazz o as you would like to call it alchemize them.

Look for your essence that has an odor, that it has a smell and that it has a sound and begin go give it a new form, it may be a color painted in your notebook, a word, write down your dream, what you are listening and makes you dance with the music of the spheres. This music is the one that is elevating us to a harmony where each player, where each creator, where each artist is forming this new painting of the New Earth, of the New Creation.

Write down the crystal symptoms in you, continue to go forward, have a grand confidence, and ground each energy. To that Nameless God, to that unknown God that you are yourself, give it form and work with this grounding of light in your own way, not in somebody’s else’s way, collaborating with each other and empowering each other, participating with each other, reflecting the light and be aware. It is fine to reflect the light as a diamond does, as a crystal prism does and it is also fine to be the light itself. Each one is as he or she is, just be who you are. If you want to be the magnificent God that you are just be yourself. 
Breathe, I invite you to breathe, I invite all of you to breathe allowing each one of you to connect with your own symphony, with your essence and with your own music.

Breathe, I invite you to breathe, I invite all of you to breathe allowing each one to be connected with their own symphony, with their own essence and music, with their own aroma.

This morning I felt that wherever I was walking I was leaving a trail of stars and light… and I observed…

In the morning Raiza and I went for a walk to a park, we were already in these energies of the chat, of this connection and to my amazement today all the birds were singing, all the parrots, all of them. Here in Venezuela we have this birds called the Christ’s they have yellow breast and all of them were singing. Other days the park is very silent but today it was a song and I said to myself, each one is singing their own tune. So I invite you to sing, to feel, to vibrate with your own music, to be that light or that prism that reflects the light, nothing is better or worst. You choose you are the Creator God.

I know Magdala wants to continue to talk to us. She is telling me to continue. I could also continue for the whole night.

Magdala: Alright Magician continue to talk and to share your wisdom, Pythagoras is here standing behind you with all of his essence, the energy of Merlin is with you and all the Golden Circle in its spectrum of marvelous light is also here.

Magician: It is important to feel that we do not need time to accomplish this transformation, we cannot even call it any more a transformation, we have integrated ourselves, we have done the work that had to be done, and now it is about to allow in a simple way this activation to become our own light. Feel it… you are already crystalline. It was told about the return of the Christ energy, all of us are this Crystal, this Light who comes to enlighten. The giving, the sharing, the empowering can be something as simple as smiling to a cashier in the super market, because you transcend with the smile any blockage or any old structure and it is through that smile that the person is going to feel an adult, a crystal one, a child who is already in this consciousness and the one who is transmitting something, they may not know what it is but they will feel it and you will see how fast this crystal energy is propagated and how it will invade the Earth.

Magdala wants to tell us something

Magdala: Yes Magician taking advantage of this Christ grounding, those Christ’s or Christos which by the way allow me to share with you, beloved Family, the Christ has nothing to do with the crucifixion. They made you believe this but you already know who you are and precisely we are on this side to support you with all we can, to support all those who open their hearts and you, on your side, in this wonderful physical body are experiencing so many emotions, experimenting light and dark.

Only you can really know, you can really know and you can make it known and can discover it as you unfold your essence, what it is to be a Christ today, not 2000 years ago. What it is to be a Christ Consciousness today living in your body, feeling all the spectrum, all the range of clear, gray and dark, feeling all the light in you, only you beloved Masters, only you can feel it, can unfold it, can discover what it is to be a Christos today, what it is to experiment a Christ consciousness beyond duality. You have been opening to that and it is you who are discovering it. 

¿Don’t you think this is amazing and wonderful? Beloved Master don’t you think it is a divine adventure which makes us choose to be here and to continue to be here and to expand by mere joy and happiness, not because it is our mission or because I have to or I must chose it, but rising and overflying the circumstances because a numinous being, a Christed being knows how to fly, knows how the raise and use its wings and knows how to land and play in this switchboard, play in this switchboard but with an awakened consciousness really knowing who we really are.

Today we can no longer live in a locked consciousness. It is the time of the Christ’s and in this period of time in which we live the year of 2012 changes, many people are asking us, “what will happen in the year 2012? Through Rayna, my channel I can observe through all the technological tools of this wonderful facebook, in the internet, in all the news which talk about the fatalities of the year 2012, the end of the world, the end of the world. The end of the world has been latent since a long time… can’t you see it? Haven’t you seen it? Haven’t you felt it? Observe with the eye of a Christ the great changes which take place and how those who choose, how those who consciously choose are entering into a Crystal Consciousness, into a Christ Consciousness.

In this period of great changes really observe what is changing now, what is changing now… because you have been experimenting changes for many years. You know that the changes are your path to divinity. What is changing now is your capacity to crystallize your cells. What changes now is your capacity to allow more light within you in order to allow more of Christos.

The Sacred Christ being, that great phrase, “Sacred Christ Being” What is it to be a Master? It is LIGHT and its flow of love, wisdom and power is the conductor of the energy of the life of the spirit and it goes straight into you when you allow it, when you allow that energy, it goes directly into you and it is reflected in your body, it is reflected in your mind and it is reflected in your soul. In this time period you are allowing yourself to be a living Christ, and be more a light, to be a real conductor of the life of the spirit. ¿You ask, for what? To be able to transform all of your DNA which individually has a complete reaction and it also has a biochemical complex in your body to be able to activate new centers of expansion, to activate new glands, to activate new unknown ways of healing and rejuvenation, to activate a new mind which does not operate under the old forms of resistance, to be able to activate a soul that has been asleep for such a long time and has been patiently waiting for you.

And one of the questions which you have asked me through your minds, from your hearts, through your dreams and this is, how can I attract more of that light into my life? My own channel Rayna has been experiencing this because in other lifetimes she has been a Great Master of the dark. And Rayna has asked me through out her own experience, “How can I bring more light into my life and into my body? How can we do it?

Beloved Family, beloved Masters, beloved Rayna, open space for the new. Open space for this light. Everything is already perfect before you experience it, but nothing replaces the experience, nothing replaces it, nothing replaces the enjoyment of the new and which has no labels, enjoy your own elixir after this experience which is really yours and if you open yourself to the changes and to the new elixir, such as the songs of the different birds of which the Magician was talking about, it will have a golden flavor, this elixir is going to have an unique flavor for you, the flavor of fire and this, beloved Family is the essence that transforms it all.

So open space for the new in the same way as you open space in your physical home, open space in your mind and in your body so this energy of the life of your spirit really gets there.

Open space in your body for the new foods. We know on this side you have been experiencing, you have been feeling a bit strange longing for a completely different kind of food. The cells want it, the way you nourish yourself will have a lesser response to a programmed impulse or to a pause for nourishing, and it will respond less to schedules and will be more joyous and full. Be aware. And being aware means to listen to the music of your body who wants to dance as the Magician was saying. Listen to your body and do not apply resistance. Allow the new tonality of light, allow it to amplify your spectrum and give your cells what they are asking for, they are changing in the same way as you are changing and do not over worry about the issue of weight.

How can I bring more Light into my life? I talked to you about the Golden Mean. Rest, stillness, moments to be with yourself are so necessary in these times, share and enjoy your friends but at the same time find the sacred moments of stillness with your own presence and enjoy it, to get to know yourself better, to be more in that Presence. When the person does not know those spaces, this Middle Point, they gorge with food and until you learn to slow down and to be with your Presence nothing can help you, no diet, no exercise, no discipline can serve you because sooner or later this absence will be there and again you will eat in excess.

The light responds to fear as to love and the tonalities will vary depending on the emotions, and because of this do not be afraid have Presence, experience this Crystal consciousness of yours expanding through your choices and your actions, being as wise as the Magician was sharing with us, being the Christos who is leaving behind a trail as you walk, leaving behind a trail by the mere joy of just being, by the mere fact of breathing and being Present. Remember it, I shared with you this in another talk, consciousness is Presence, the flower is not intimidated by you, it has Presence and dazzles, it is beautiful and radiates its essence through her Presence.

So, Master when in fear: Presence, when in fear: The Golden Mean, when in fear we will give more love to myself. There are many other recommendations and information which I would like to share with you in this moment, we know one way or the other that we have to watch the time but we are going to continue a little more to wrap up something which is very important for me to share with you.

Your past gravity and the control suction over the future are going to be present, transcend it, it is possible, take advantage of this friction which you are feeling and that it makes you experience so profoundly rage and compassion, joy and sadness and open spaces for the light. Remember when you open spaces for the light the darkness will make itself more present but no longer to control you, remember you are the Master of the house and in there you are in command.

There is a very important key for your Crystallization beloved Family and which it is what you are experimenting and it is what you will be experimenting with a great force, with a grand authenticity in the next times and this key is the capacity which you have to freely choose. When you open up for the new listen to others, feel how the information or the experience gets unfolded constantly within you. Feel, as you are listening to others, how their essence permeates all your spectrum, feel it… then Master you freely choose because if you don’t do it, you will never have what you call freedom.

Freedom is the accumulated effect of free choices, remember it. Free choices are not conditioned. If you never have made a free choice how are you going to obtain freedom? We cannot be talking about freedom in this crystal consciousness as if it were a consumer’s article. Freedom is the accumulated effect of all your free choices and then, in that moment, freedom becomes a power and it is the best gift we obtain from existence.

Let us breathe deeply

Magician, a question was asked by someone, can you please read it to me so all the audience can know it.

Magitian: In these last few days I have experienced emotions or strong intense feelings and at the same time these are very opposed, I experienced in the same day an intense rage and then I went to experience a great compassion for the same being. I would like to know what happened in me in those moments and if it happens again, what is the best thing I can do when I find myself in this storm so it can pass more rapidly?

Magdala: Addressing myself and inviting the majestic golden heart of your being and of your divinity and answering to the essence of your question. You are living an intense duality within you and many are doing this. I want you to know beloved sister that this is not only a process you are living yourself; this is not only your experience. Many have been doing this and therefore I thank you for your question.

The simple fact of you observing these energetic emotions within you -which are so different- is a great start. And I want to invite you to allow the friction. When the anger arises within you, confront it, and also allow this great compassion to arise within you, it will be difficult because when you are in anger it is difficult to be in compassion, but remember you are the maker of the impossible. It is not impossible. Actually anger and compassion are not different energies, it is the anger that becomes compassion, they are not two different energies and compassion is behind anger. So I recommend you to walk between the two peaks, from anger to compassion through the loose rope, and remember beloved being, when there is struggle between a lower and a higher, the higher always wins, the light always makes itself present filling all the spaces. Dare to go from anger or rage to compassion and be conscious of it, be aware of this.

We are going to continue this channeling, this experience, this moment, this space of the Golden Circle. This essence which I am sharing from above down to you and from below to above, because you are actively participating in this.

Magician: Magdala we are running out of the time for us to share through the internet, not real time… this one never ends, it only goes faster,

Magdala: Yes Magician… and to finish beloved Family enjoy, enjoy in the balance, dance because balance is a dance. I invite you to follow the Golden Mean. We have said much about the Golden Mean, we have said much about the process of Crystallization and there is much more information which I want to share with you about this process, about the experience of crystallization of bringing this Cristal consciousness more to the Earth. We will continue sharing in other sessions and I will also share this process with many of you in my Alchemy Schools and my Mystery Schools and I am much honored to be able to participate in these and to know that you are moving yourselves and are being as a magnet attracting all of these energies.

And to complete this session I want to remind you that through different times the Alchemists have tried to find a way to transmute the basic metals into gold. But actually this has nothing to do with metals, it is not the process of alchemy… let us not focus so much on this, the true purpose of it was to transform men, to transform women from being just a sexual animal into an ecstatic consciousness. And Master, I want to highlight the word “ecstatic” with a “cs” which means that it is a consciousness which lives in ecstasy.

Allow this crystallization, be the conductor of the Master’s life for you and wrap fear with love, wrap the new with love, love in confidence, give confidence to confidence and love in the confidence that the light always wins.

And so it is…

Golden Circle of Alchemists of MAGDALA. Mary Magdalene in the New Energy.

Raiza Preziuso and Malu Gaxiola New Energy Masters. Alchemists of a New Consciousness
Raiza https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627 raizapreciosa@gmail.com

Malú https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301 gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

This information has copyrights. So it is available for your enjoyment and reading, not for any comercial end of any kind. Thank you. Namaste.

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