05 julio 2014


Introducing MAGDALA Mary Magdalene in the New Consciousness, accompanied by the Magician
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso and Malú Gaxiola.
Translated by Malu Gaxiola
June 17, 2014

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I invite you all to be very present in your physical body, to breathe deeply, inviting all those parts of each one of you to come home to you.
We breathe deeply, and we open ourselves to receive all the guidelines, all the tools that so many ascended masters are offering us. It is a time of great enlightenment in the divine human consciousness.

We invite Magdala with our open heart, with a great passion, knowing that this feminine energy of Magdala comes to share with us some tools that really support us in these moments in which we are doing such drastic changes, so big, so wonderful changes...
Let us breathe deeply opening our heart to the lady of the heart, who with so much love comes to us on this day... surrounded by her Unicorns...
Hmm… We invite you, Magdala...

Welcome Beloved Family of Magdala, welcome once again to this movement of going beyond. To this movement towards your own enlightenment. Welcome to this light of life, to this light of renewal that you are allowing.
Welcome all to this light that carries a new understanding, a new understanding, a new rose, a new heart, and so much more you are allowing yourselves to embody today.

Through this breath, through this allowing, I welcome you... Welcome are all who are listening and who are actively participating in downloading this information. Welcome is the Ave Maria which uplifts your spirit and dignifies you as the great creator which you are. Welcome to the Ave Maria that it is your conscious mastery, which is Your light, allowing through this dance that you can feel and continue to feel... between your knowledge which is also light, between your experience that allows you to bring in more light, between the alchemy that allows you to process, to alchemize all types of energies, and in the transmutation, that wonderful space that allows you to go beyond your limitations and become that Vessel of Enlightened Consciousness.

We welcome everyone. All those who are discovering their own light, who are allowing it and who are incarnating it in their hearts. That new light begins to shine and radiate a new lifestyle, a new way to enjoy, celebrate, of being, a new way of breathing... yes.

The Marriage of the Song of Songs
The weddings, those wonderful weddings of the Song of Songs, are taking place within you; because you are allowing yourself to live beyond duality... because you are allowing yourself to live in that dimension that I have spoken, the festive dimension, where  judgment does not comes in and compassion, true compassion takes on a new meaning, a new sense.

Welcome are you all!

I am so happy to be able to share with you again. To be able to have this window in this golden space. We are sailing together and you know it. I invite you to take a deep breath; I invite you to feel your own vessel of consciousness.

Breathe with your whole heart, allowing in this moment, every thought you are experiencing to open way to a new space, to a new sea that you have not yet sailed upon.
Breathe deeply and I invite you advance, to go further within the depths of yourself, allowing a new transformation, allowing a new alchemy. Breathe and feel this space… unique and sacred space that lives within you.

Breathe... and feel its warmth... Breathe and feel its potential.
Feel the alchemist flame which lives in this heart, beloved family. Feel its tenderness, and at the same time feel its strength.

Through this conscious awareness that you are, I invite you to breathe and to open the pathways to your heart, towards a new way of feeling and creating. Yes! Oh yes. Allow it through your breath. Allow yourself this new space to enjoy, to walk your life. Breathe and open yourself to the new. Breathe and open yourself to the Golden Heart that you bear within you, breathe your own truth.

Breathe deeply this space, this opportunity... If you feel struggle, breathe. If you feel resistance, breathe it in... If you feel doubt, breathe... and sail. Allow yourself to go beyond, to the true depths of your being, not of your mind, but of your being, of your heart. Breathe and allow the mysteries of the Golden Heart to be revealed to you. Breathe and allow.

Beloved family, we know you're already surfing the wave of great changes and transformations... What a blessing is what you are living! It does not matter if this looks like white, if it looks like red or black. It does not matter if the experience seems traumatic or appears to be delicious. It does not matter if you feel you are sitting on the bench of the winners or if you sit on the bench of the losers. What a great blessing beloved family, to have sailed so many seas, so many lives, so many experiences! But above all, what a great blessing to be here, now close to my heart, close to your heart, close to the Golden Circle, and with all these Ascended Masters who are there to serve you.

What a great blessing that you are sailing upon new seas of consciousness! Yes, with the assurance of knowing you chose to be a pioneer. You chose to be the light for these times. You chose, many lifetimes ago, with the same vessel, with different shapes, with a different light, you chose to be here. You chose to be the light, and you chose to be in these amazing and surprising changes that you are experiencing.
Your transformation has been amazing in the last few years, we know it... and here I speak on behalf of all the Golden Circle. We know that you have allowed the death of so many beliefs and energies, you know it, and you feel it. You have allowed yourself the death of those energies that no longer serve you and you are rebirthing in this communion with your soul, to a new life, to a new body, to a new mind. To a new heart Beloved Family! And here Yeshua says: Blessed... Blessed are those that allow communion with their soul. This new heart. Breathe that beloved family. Breathe it in the privacy of your own space, and in communion with your own soul.

Heart and Enlightenment
Beloved family, beloved brothers, beloved golden ones –how I love to call you like this- the mysteries of the heart begin to unfold in the extent that you dare to live.
Yes, when you dare to live, to embody and to walk as an enlightened one. Not to survive but to live the adventure of being right now. Enlightenment beloved family, is not about knowing it all, it does not mean you have the perfect answer for each question. It is not about being the intellectual wise man or women.  It's not even about having a PhD under your arm, obtained in the best universities of the world. Enlightenment... and you have already experienced it in your body and your vessel is not about running after the light of others. No beloved family. Enlightenment, rather than an intellect thing, or concept, it is an experience, a human divine experience. And it is about allowing this light within you and to be a light in all the experiences of your life. Yes, to be the light, to be clear, to be 200% presence. No matter if those experiences of your daily life you define them as ordinary or extraordinary. No matter where you are physically, understand it. Talking about enlightenment or mastery is not a purely intellectual exercise. Some stay only there on the mental part.

The invitation I am making, beloved family, is that enlightenment and light, that knowledge and experience, you allow them completely, you drink it as you can drink a delicious glass of wine. Eat it. Allow it to become blood, to become muscle, to become passion in you. That you savor that enlightenment with all your boldness and with all of your essence.

When you manage to do this, beloved family, we are talking about something else, and you are moving to those other seas, you are moving to other places and you can feel it. And that is a gift you give yourself, through experience. Only through a daring experience, an experience that goes beyond limitation, beyond the known, beyond your past. So always in this space, I have invited you to be bold, I have always invited you to experience what your heart is singing. Breathe and listen to your wise heart.

Beloved family, this is not a silly question. Fools are those who believe that the heart is weak, fools those who believe that through the heart you do not achieve anything. My invitation will always be and will continue to be that you allow, first of all, to open the doors of your heart and to feel all the spiritual dimensions that dwell within it. In every breath have the awareness of the flame that it bears, and with the passion of your soul, activate this flame and keep the fire burning.

Take a deep breath... moving you deeper, deeper, moving yourself beyond the mind. Moreover, we are going in this precise moment, beyond imagination, the mind as a part of you can serve you on this trip. We are moving into the imagination of your spirit, a boundless imagination. An imagination that is more of an essence, which is a feeling. An imagination that gives you a freedom that you have never before felt. Breathe deeply, allowing, going within it, feeling.

We know on this side that you are living amazing, internal, external, experiences that move a lot of energy, unimaginable by your mind, but in essence contained in this imagination of your spirit and that you are allowing to go far, far beyond.

There is some information which I want to share with you all.
We remind you from this Golden Circle, that as we have said at the beginning of the year the energies were going to be very, very, very intense. And it has been so. You have experienced it so and you continue to experience this in the next, Hmm.... 3, 4 months of 2014.

The land where you stand, where you are living, this planet earth is changing profoundly and rapidly. We are connected to a universe that moves and breathes like us. And at the same time the hearts and minds of all of you are also changing. And this change in you, this opening of your heart, this integration of so much more light in your whole vessel of consciousness, is also opening new spaces for the changes that the earth is doing.
Reconsider your work - Identify your essence.

Beloved family this is the time to reconsider the work you are doing on the earth. Yes, so you can be more aware of what no longer vibrates in your frequency. And here I will go further. It is very important in these times of great opportunities for enlightenment, that you identify the color, flavor, aroma, and especially the feeling of your own essence, because it is the perfect time for that essence to radiate, to unfold and of course, to be seen and most of all to reflect in your daily life in entirely new ways.

I allow myself to breathe and feel everything that is coming into this space. And I invite you to allow the same for you. To allow through your conscious breathing, so much more light, and so much more communion with your soul, allowing it.

The way you embody your light.
We know that you are moving beyond. You are moving beyond the beyond. You are allowing for yourselves a new empowerment. But the way you do it, beloved family, the way you embody, the way in how you allow that light into your Vessel of Consciousness is what really will mark a difference right now.
Breathe and feel your own essence in this space. It is not about intellectualizing, it is about allowing yourselves a new way of feeling and about moving yourselves so much more deeper into your secret garden, towards the encounter with your soul...  in that intimate, sacred and safe space of your heart. How you embody it, how you allow this light within you is what is going to mark a difference.

Earth Stress
Right now there is a latent tension in the world... Oh ... and this is the result of the confluence of many factors. Many telluric movements, strong and unexpected climate changes, redistribution of water, and also of course trapped mass consciousness, political changes, oh yes, unprecedented economical changes that you are experiencing. And of course there are many other factors that are added and place more stress to the earth.
Somehow you are also carrying that stress of the earth, in different ways; the detail does not matter here. You are carrying that stress. Which causes on many, a great challenge in their physical body, also a big challenge in their jobs, in the jobs where they have been developing since some years ago of your time, also poses a challenge with your past, and poses also a challenge in your relationships, with all kinds of relationships. Breathe with your soul, always moving more deeply into this Golden Heart which you bear within you.

Physical body - Vessel of Consciousness - Flame of Light
First let us talk about the physical body. It has been going through many movements, very important movements. You have been feeling the need to let go of all limitations and restrictions associated with diets, old beliefs surrounding food and you are allowing it to be in more concordance with the feeling of your essence. Continue with that beloved family, identifying effortlessly the food which your biology wants and the changes that it is asking of you. Everything is part of these changes; everything is part of opening new spaces to embody more of your own light.

Also your spine, your bones, your muscles and your whole nervous system, are releasing spaces. They are releasing space for the new light. My invitation is in a most compassionate way to ask you not to panic, do not go into the old paradigms of how these issues should be treated. Allow the divine intelligence that is in your physical body, because you bear a grand divine intelligence which is also at your service; allow the divine intelligence that is in your physical body, to re-balance the energies.

Trust your physical body, as you have never before trusted it before. I recommend a lot of breathing, but a conscious breathing, not a purely mental breathing, a conscious breathing. Lots of water, as I have also said, at the beginning of the year, when we were talking about predictions, lots of water, lots of hydration. Outside and inside hidratation. Lots of contacts with water, many blessings on the water, internal and external. You all know what affects the consciousness of water, what affects its vibration. So please use all those energies.

And also a lot of presence... so when I speak about 200% presence, it may sound like an exaggeration, but I am inviting you to a much more alert presence, much more awaken. A new presence of you for you... that you may be surprised sometimes of how aware you can be. In the extent that you are an Active Presence, you will be able to listen more clearly what your biology is asking of you and you will be able to embody the changes more easily.

I also recommend, Beloved Family, to move your body in new ways that will allow you to enjoy the delight of feeling your biology. Dance, dance, walk, have stretching exercises, active yoga... any activity that you are not used to. This gives the opportunity for this new light which you are allowing for yourselves to enter literally into all of your cells, muscles, tissues, bones, nervous system... and impregnate rejuvenation and new life to your whole body. The Vessel of Consciousness likes movement because in this manner you come closer to the joy of being alive.

Open spaces, beloved family, to share and walk in nature. There is a new intelligence emerging in it too. Walk as a Master, or as an Ascended Master in nature. And with every step take this Vessel of consciousness and walk as an enlightened master, bearing this beauty of your essence for you, just for you.

Jobs & Relationships
Some have asked me about jobs and relationships because it is an aspect of your life which is experiencing a lot of movement. Beloved family and here in this Golden Circle, we all are in unison and say: old jobs and old relationships are crumbling.

Allow it, yes, allow it, do not fight it even if this is the first thing that comes to your mind. Do not resist it. Let the old buildings of the past, the old energies of the past collapse. Neither good nor bad, they served you, they were in harmony with you and vibrated with you in a space of time but it is time to allow yourselves to go further. And yes, allow yourselves to lose everything you thought it belonged to you.

And continue while doing this process, while you breathe that inner alchemy which allows you to lose everything you thought that belonged to you, continue to focus on the new that your soul truly desires. Allow this space to your soul. To the joy and celebration of the ordinary in your everyday life. Be in communion with your soul. Be there breathing with her, and discover her and discover yourself with her in this new light that you are allowing. Accept the invitation that she is making day to day, unconditionally. She waits, she is patient. She is playful.

And I also, beloved family. This is an invitation and we love you, yes, push you a bit, this is the time, accept that invitation of more light into your Vessel of Consciousness and of more communion with your soul. Remember this is not a mental issue. We are going into the essence; we are going into the depths. We are going to a freedom which the mind would never be able to imagine.

The Sea and You.
When you observe and feel the sea, observe how in the surface there are constant breaking waves, you are also these constantly breaking waves, making a lot of noise, moving many things... But if you breathe and you allow it and you go so much more deeply to your golden heart in flames which is pure light, which is pure alchemy, if you allow that depth you will discover that you are not only the surface, that you are not only those crashing waves on the shore, but that you are also this depth in you. This essence which is waiting for you...
Breathe deeply...
Breathe... Breathe deeply and allow that depth... breathe and allow those waves on the surface...
Breathe and allow all of you...
And now I ask this wonderful being that is hundreds of miles away, to talk, to freely share…

Good night dear friends, today I come to share with you my human-divine experience – such as yours.

How am living this process of change, this process of alchemy?
Contact with nature
To start I wanted to give myself a few months of solitude in contact with nature, therefor I moved to Switzerland, to a very small village, which is next to a lake and surrounded by mountains. So I could go every day for a walk and get in touch with the nature. To really anchor this expansion of consciousness which we are experiencing.
We learned a lot together, we have experienced significant changes, but right now when we are anchoring our light body, we are literally incorporating, embodying an important part which until now, we have never done in any of our lives. My inner self asked me, a good few months, to take a prolonged time to be with myself and close to nature. To simply and slowly as I take each step to allow my light body within me, inviting my true essence - as Magdala said  - inviting my essence to be truly in this physical body. Because enlightenment cannot be only a knowingness. It has to become flesh and life.

The Magic of Merlin.
Tonight I want to talk about that magic of, what one intends, one manifests. This is Merlin’s Magic; this is the magic of a living Christ who becomes a crystalline being. We are changing the whole structure of our DNA; we are really changing, letting go of all those old beliefs and all those programs. And it is a matter of allowing. And it is a matter of being very aware; it is a matter of walking it in every moment of our lives.

And interestingly, I had an accident where I hurt all the lower part of my back and hips. That made me slow down. Our soul really presents us with brilliant circumstances. Not because we have to learn something or because this means that I am lacking something or I made a mistake. No, my soul led me to slow down, to be able to be so aware of every step I take and through every step, to receive this new light body which is changing, which is creating the "template", the new template of the divine human.
I invite you to do this. To give yourselves a time to be with yourselves if you so choose it.

Living Enlightenment
Magdala speaks of the earth changes and how they affect us in our bodies, in our relationships, in the relationships we have with everything in this outer world. And it is very important to give ourselves this safe and sacred space where we are with ourselves. It is a great help if you can get in touch with nature. Because there is a void and a fullness of life at the same time in nature.  And this is the moment to fully anchor life, but life in a different way. Enlightenment has to be lived. It cannot stay at the level of the mind. One has to live it out through each step. Allowing it as a full of grace experience, with ease, in love, opening one’s heart. In unity with our soul. I think that this is the greatest gift we are living in this stage of enlightenment. Because... we've been so busy, modern life is so fast, and does not give room to allow those moments of solitude, those weeks or months of solitude in nature, to really be aware and conscious of you.

Return to Be Pure Consciousness
Tonight my crystalline being simply invites you to return to Be Pure Consciousness, because when you are Pure Consciousness, you can create from the crystalline realms anything you want. If you have physical problems - today we listened to Adamus and he said to us, “take three months, three months to try something different, to allow completely and making these changes in your physical body, to truly anchor our new light body, which will affect all our physical life”. It will affect our health, it will affect our molecular structure, it will affect our DNA. Allow it. Not with effort, not pressing it, just with every conscious step and breathe you take; accept your new light body. And share it; share it with friends, as we are sharing with you tonight. Because the experience of one helps the other to say, oh look, if you can do it so can I. And you can make this change, this change which we did never suspected that we were going to do, to live in such a different manner.

Magdala I would like you to elaborate more about how we can anchor this this new light body. You already lived this experience during your life and therefor you have ascended. And you are observing how we humans are doing it here and now. Can you please tell us something?

Magdala: We all breathe together... and yes, of course.

Opening the Chamber of Secrets
Open your heart ... breathe into a deeper level... transcending the limitations of the mind and understanding that you are much more than this, that  you are so much more enlightened than what you thought you were yesterday, and a week ago, and a fortnight ago. Allow yourself to open your heart to a totally new space. This is my invitation and has been, since I started coming through Rayna. Since my first channeling in the Valley of Love, when you began to allow a new light, a new love.

Yes, for many, this seems like a cliché, this phrase seems to be out of place, or stupid, yes, why not, we have to say it, yet, for all of you who already vibrate and are in a level of a completely different consciousness, to open the heart, to allow yourselves the space of a new light. And this is why I always invite you to open yourselves, to allow the new. It is to allow the space for a New Alchemy that is birthed in the depths of your heart. Dare to open the Secret Chamber that leads you to the complete radiance of who you are.

Your mind will serve your heart and is willing to do so. Why? Because your mind - that crazy one in the house - is a little tired, and already wants to retire... You created that mind to serve the heart, allow yourself to really reach those depths to reach that opening.
Heart means authenticity. Heart means: I am what I say I am. I am what I preach, I am what I speak, I am light and I walk it every day. Heart means enlightened Alchemy, working for you in every change, in each integration. Heart means Lover and Friend. Heart means you are never alone because within it LIFE IS LIVED.

Heart does not mean perfection, heart means the most beautiful and strongest of all vulnerabilities, the authentic I AM, the authentic Vessel of Consciousness, sailing in freedom and sovereignty. Allow yourselves all this light that also is coming through releasing. Yes, when you release you also integrate.

Past energy residuals – Everything in the past has been best
Beloved family, there is also a part in this moment that the same as the relationships it is moving you very strongly and if it has not come up, it will and it is the past. Yes, the past, the energy residuals of the past are showing themselves up with a lot of force - repetitive patterns, repetitive behaviors. And they are coming up to bother you, but to be observed and for you to feel the great expansion of consciousness that you have achieved.

Remember that you are the Vessel who suddenly is not at sea but sailing in other dimensions. You are the Vessel which you are allowing to see in the mirror. And when we speak of the past, it is like a mirror that enables you to see what you have advanced in your path. So you can truly move beyond.

Because there is a seduction when a relationship breaks down – it does not matter if it is a relationship of love, friendship, society, family, it does not matter, the scope of relationships is infinite. Allow it to dissolve. Allow yourself also, because when you are facing this issue, when you are before this mirror there is a great seduction and it about staying right there. It is to believe, beloved family, that the past has always been the best. Oh beloved brothers, allow yourselves to integrate this… this part of you, which is so important in these moments, the past, these energy residuals from the past are showing up very strongly. This will be displayed so you can watch and feel, so you can see, you see yourselves in the mirror and do not remain there. So you can observe how much you have advanced. So you can observe and feel where you are not trapped. Bless it and with great gratitude let it go. Allow the energetic construction of the past to crumble… the belief is the energy building, it is an energy construction, allow it to dissolve, allow this belief not to be any more in you, the belief that every past has been best.

Beloved family, your wise heart knows that this is not so, because the light and consciousness which you have gained and the wisdom that you are allowing yourselves, goes beyond any explanation. I cannot even explain what only your feeling and your essence can experience.

Breathe and allow the alchemy in each breath and this is my invitation.

Embodying the light.
Magician, you have asked me, and here is my answer. Breathe and allow the alchemy with each breath. You are that light, you are a living flame. And that flame begins with a spark in this Golden Heart. So consciously breathe and allow this alchemy in every breath. Here we are not talking about perfection... We are not talking about changing the world; we are not talking about changing others. Here we are talking of your integration and to allow so much more light in you. And if there is an issue of the past showing itself up in this very moment, breathe it and place it in this alchemic flame of your heart. In the flame which you bear and which is activated, is ignited, is exalted and it shines through every conscious breath. Through every action you do in audacity. Through each choice, through each step you take.

Know that your light is not only there to serve others, beloved family, but to serve you in your own journey of transformation. That light wants to serve you. And we know that when that light is serving you, you are loving you. And when you love yourself, you see the divinity in others; you see the divinity in each eye. When you love yourself, all the bridges are there to serve you. Even to surprise you.
A New Love
Surprise yourself of how much integration you have achieved. And yes, my invitation is: TO BE THIS NEW LOVE, no matter, no matter the experience in which you are submerged, no matter how deep you achieve to reach. Be the new love, no matter the changes, transformations, politics, countries, challenges. And as the Magician said, it is no longer about lessons in life. Allow also that belief to crumble. Because when this belief crumbles there is a great liberation in you. You do not need any more lessons to learn through pain, suffering, guilt or shame.

Breathe that for you, feeling your heart on fire. Yes feel your heart on fire right now. Feel alive the alchemy within you. These, beloved family are words, this is an experience. And I invite you to open all these doors of your heart, to open the secret chamber. In this moment, loving yourself, blessing yourself, appreciating yourself, open all the doors of your heart and allow this flame, breathe upon it to make it grow, so it can enlighten everything step of your day to day. It does not matter where you are. Everything is an experience; everything is an invitation to alchemize everything that needs to go through this fire, through the fire of your heart.

Magician... could you share with us a breath? this divine alchemy ... this divine alchemy of the heart.

Magician: (The way Magdala calls Malu)
I invite you all, to breathe deeply... being present with the energy of this message… And with everything that each one has been feeling in these moments.
Breathe and know that you know... trust... breathe in this trust for you
Trust your body...
Hmm.... your body knows how to heal itself and your body knows how to move into this new level... of what is an enlightened Master, walking upon earth, with no more lessons to learn... simply enjoying life... Breathe this in.
Breathe and with each breath open your heart... so you can impregnate with love every step, every experience.

Your loving heart knows how to act and how to live and how to face any circumstance... know it dear Master... breathe it... and feel the knowingness, the confidence in your own inner divine knowingness.

Breathe and allow yourself to feel... and may the breath guide you to enjoy life as you have never before enjoy it.
And with this breath we thank Magdala for everything she has shared with us through her words and through her consciousness and her loving energy.

Beloved family, thank you Magician...

The New Skills.
One very important last point of light that I want to share with all of you in this moment, beloved family. These are times for you to allow the new gifts that are coming into your life. As you begin to integrate and to feel and walk with so much more light, you will begin to experience and feel new gifts. Do not waste any of those knocks at the doors of your heart. These calls, these new gifts, are giving you a chance, yes, to move into new forms of life, opportunities of greater joy, so much more filled with the radiance of your soul. A profession may have served you and will continue to serve but in totally different ways in this new life that you are allowing.

And when you allow this new light and you allow these new gifts, then a new confidence is birthed within you. Yes, it is very easy to talk about trust beloved family. My invitation is to allow yourself this light of trust that will facilitate all the changes and transformations which you are experiencing. This light of trust is the one that provides grace, elegance, and radiance into everything.

Give birth to this new trust, place wings in your vessel so it can also fly. Do not allow any straitjacket in your life, and more than that, beloved family; do not put it on yourself. Have a greater compassion in order to allow anything that has to be to be. Oh! Oh! Breathe this… Do not offer any resistance.
Embrace it all.
One of the greater mysteries of the heart is its immense capacity to embrace it all, its immense ability to experience compassion. And in this space of compassion, beloved family, there is no judgment. The mind can try its blah, blah, blah... but you, 200% present, you can feel it, and without any effort you can transcend the noise of the mind and immerse yourself in that total space of integration... and... Let go... and allow… and you feel the tears and you breathe... and you let go... and you allow... and you trust life... And you enter into that rhythm, you enter into the music... and you enter into this celebration…

Breathe, let go, and allow and you go deeper, deeper... deeper… There, to that place where only your heart can exist. Where the compassion is complete. Where the true unconditional love is birthed.

Beloved family, breathe deeply and open your heart to new experiences. Find what works for you. I repeat: find what works for you. Feel it with your heart and have the courage to speak it out, to express it. Have the courage to take the next step.

Unconditional love really exists. Yes, it exists, within each of you. For many it is still a mystery. But this unconditional love is there. In the heart, in the Vessel of Consciousness.
This is a great time; it is the time of great integration. And remember, when we allow much more light, you are also allowing all of your darkness. For light and darkness go hand in hand. Do not fear either one, know yourself as the pioneer, breathe... knowing, Are you allowing you so much more light? Without any judgment, without judging yourself.

Take a deep breath... You are beginning to experience the kingdom of heaven within. I love you. I love you and bless you for your courage, for everything that you have achieved. I love you and bless you.

Everyone on this side, in this Golden Circle we applaud you, we honor you, we bless you. And remember from Me, Magdala, you will never have a judgment; we give you a Golden Rose to sow in your secret garden. I love you from my Gold Circle to yours.
Thank you for participating, thank you for being, thanks for visiting my own golden heart.
We will see you in the next space.

Please Magician; I invite you to close this program. Thank you
And so it is.

Magician: Magdala thank you for sharing with us your infinite consciousness. Your female consciousness, the great holy grail that we all carry within us.
I invite you to breathe, opening ourselves and anchoring this entire message... bringing it to our essence, to our heart...
Breathe deeply, allowing all these wonderful changes in the body, in the mind, in your spirit, in your whole Vessel of Consciousness...
This is a miracle, it is a wonder... what we are experiencing, we have never done this until now...
This is the time to live, to walk as enlightened masters, a totally different stage… without limits and overcoming things in life that will come up... with grace and ease... balancing everything quite rapidly.

Breathe and acknowledge that you are God also, creator of the new. And this is the new consciousness, this is the new energy.
And now, open your eyes, feel your body... well... ground yourself…
Anchoring the light body, receiving it... effortlessly, without forcing it... simply allowing it and you'll be amazed at the wonderful changes that you, yourselves are going to make.
Thank you.


Golden Circle of Alchemists, School for Enlightenment and expansion of consciousness.
Channelers and New Energy Master: Malu Gaxiola and Raiza Preziuso
Raiza: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627 raizapreciosa@gmail.com
Twitter: @raizapreziuso
Malu: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301 gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

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Magdala y Yeshua en el Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Magdala y Yeshua en el Cotopaxi, Ecuador
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Queridos amigos, Raiza y yo desde hace tiempo hemos tenido el sueño de invitarlos a experimentar una zona mágica de...

Posted by Circulo Dorado De Alquimistas on lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

La tecnología va a millón... pasos avanzados, expande tu conciencia...eres un Ser multidimensional, divino, permite que...

Posted by Malu Gaxiola on viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016

Potenciales que ya están aquí y comenzarán a expandirse...Impresión de órganos a nivel Molecular & Atómico.En el...

Posted by Raiza Preziuso on miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

En el Prognost 2016 Adamus nos habló sobre este tipo de adelantos tecnológicos que vamos a estar usando y experimentando cada vez más en un futuro! Disfruten el video!Compartido por Circulo Dorado

Posted by Raiza Preziuso on martes, 19 de enero de 2016
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