16 octubre 2012


Golden Circle of Alchemists


Presenting MAGDALA, María Magdalena and Jesus in the New Energy

Channeled by Raiza Preziuso &  Malú Gaxiola.

October 16, 2012

This channeling can be heard in Spanish. Click the following link:

(Malu, invites everyone to breathe)

Once again, on this beautiful and warm night we invite everyone to join through this profound breathe. Breathe to connect with your essence, to be present in your physical body.
Breathe deeply inviting all those parts of you to be here, in your physical body. It is here in your safe and sacred space where you are making all this expansion of consciousness

Breathe and allow...
Breathe and allow all this wonderful expansion, the connection of all that you are and of all that is. We breathe and invite the energies of Magdala and Yeshua to be here with us tonight expressing our feelings they are sharing with us this divine journey.

We invite the Lady of the Heart who always comes surrounded by all her Unicorns.
We invite this feminine energy, strong as fire and as sweet as the most beautiful and subtle melody.
Breathe and receive, breathe and allow...

I welcome you all beloved family of Magdala. We welcome everyone, this is my heart. We welcome you to this new experience of human alchemy, rather than the divine.
I welcome you all beloved family, soul family, family of the heart, family of the consciousness that awakens and expands and is creating the new. A consciousness leading change and transformation as you are.

We welcome you to these new spaces of the crystalline realms, to the spaces of crystal consciousness that we all, each and every one of you are beginning to feel and use in all your realities.

We welcome you beloved family to this authentic, genuine, sovereign expression of the Sacred Rose which is opening for you ... and especially opening at your request, at your service, at your command, because you are the teacher, you are the master. This symbol of the rose, which as you, is always being renovated. This symbol of the rose, which is daring always to show more and more of its sovereignty and of its wise beauty. Beyond the illusion, beyond the many illusions that you may see around you. And beyond your own fear.

We welcome you to all, beloved family, because together we are creating this new consciousness of ascension. Lived in something new, lived in a new earth, a new Gaia, and together we are also allowing this Golden Circle, your Golden Circle,  your own Ascension Circle to be an important part and to allow it to be a permanent part of your life.
We welcome you all who are listening, connected through this space and all who will listen to us later on, over and over again.

I welcome all my Unicorns, special beings that expand consciousness and are bearing the magic that is possible and a new beauty ... I welcome my Golden Lions, those who guard all the doors of the heart

As I shared before, and as all of you are experiencing, dear Master the intensity of the spiral of consciousness is now becoming now a completely different sense, because you are living duality in all the spectrum of emotion, with all its intensity, in its full range of colors, of creation, of death and of life.

Today more than ever the changes keep coming because you have become, not the one that expects change, and not in the one who fears change, but you really have become the engine that drives them, in the one who is breathing, and is integrating, in the one who generates this new wave, this new frequency, you are becoming that rose, like I said, who is radiating the new and who at the same time is allowing that new in you.

Yes, indeed, beloved family, you the new human who at the same time is the new spirit, because even spirit is allowing a renewal through you, this is how your humanity is so important, this is how important is your human condition. Spirit is renewed and expands and grows through you.

This is almost a natural process of quantum physics, when the observer, you the observer, the Master, observes that potential of change. When you observe this potential of change then these changes are manifested, but with an exception, with a small print which is divine: These changes are manifested not following your expectations.in completely unexpected ways. These changes are manifested in completely unexpected way. These changes are not precisely just following expectations. Most of the time, these changes are ruining any expectation, any predefined model. Because in the new energy, all the change and transformations that you are experiencing in the new Gaia, they do not follow any pattern.

Master have not you been experiencing this? They do not follow any pattern. This new energy that you have chosen for your life, this new consciousness, this new new, really new, dances and dances in a free, spontaneous, daring way, it shows herself in a new, enthusiastic, sovereign way, in the same way in which you love to dance beloved family, in the same way a you like to dance, at your own pace with your own standards, in your own flavor. Have you tried to follow dance steps or other rhythms? Oh Jesus! It's horrible! Try it beloved family and you will realize that your own consciousness has its own rhythm, its own dance and its own creation. And that is wonderful, is the culmination of a journey and it is the beginning of another one, of a path to enjoy your third circle, that third golden circle, not in the hereafter, and not in a space that is foreign to you, but to transit and walk here and now this golden circle, as the ascended master, as the illuminated one, as the Master who knows its own wisdom.

You are observing all the circumstances, I invite you to do so at this time, observe them, observe all the circumstances in the world and as you see them you are seeing yourself. You are acting as at this moment more than ever in multiple timelines and this is something you are experiencing to be able to resolve it. Not to get stuck in the illusion of the “I cannot”, but to resolve it, integrating every part of you, every past or future lifetime because at this moment the time lines are crossing. Timelines of your past and of your future. These also are allowing you to solve that light and darkness of an important “group” of parts of you that are coming now to you, that are making themselves present, who you are testing you. Who are saying, are you really committed to this path of ascension? Are you really totally committed in this life, in this integration, in this sovereignty?

Beloved family, beloved masters, are you living these timelines to allow yourself many quantum movements, beyond that, in a new way, so this is why the mind does not work in these spaces, the mind knows only the old, the comfort, the limited. The is really new is born when you manage to travel through these timelines without getting stuck in any of them, without getting caught up in anyone's life, without getting caught up in the drama of anyone, without getting stuck out there, lurking, watching, stagnant energies and dancing with them. It is a challenge but at the same time it is a great opportunity beloved family.

My invitation is for you to breathe and feel those timelines, which today are crossing through you, through your vessel of consciousness. Through all the scenarios that you have in your life. Do not get stuck, my invitation is to move beyond. Do not get caught in the mind and do not get stuck in the emotional in what you might consider your own life because even your life is changing. Do not allow to affect you the choices and the lives of others. Master, do you hear me? Do not let the lives of others affect you. Do not let the distractions change this joyful and free dance of your life. And I know, beloved family, that all those distractions  have been now more present than ever, but not as a threat but as an opportunity and you already know that I am here simply to remind you of it.

You already have the tools Isn’t it beloved family? You already have the tools to fly and to observe beyond the elemental. Duality yes is at its highest at this moment in your life, at times there is love, at times there is hate, at times there is light and at times there is darkness ... but this duality is serving a purpose, can you see it? And that purpose is to transcend it.

Today, feeling all that mass consciousness, yes, it is duality that is served there to support you. It is not against you, it is not manipulating you unless you allow it to do so.  And  I know that you are feeling how the past is planted in your present and raises its voice, there are many parts of you who are coming, so many parts of you who are coming and they want to test you to see if you're really committed to your life. To see if there is balance in you, to see if there is balance and I ask you: are you really committed to your life, with your ascension, with your Mastery? Are you really committed...? Breathe this beloved family; breathe it because in this force and in this heart there is an immense and unconditional love, bathing you in this moment. And it is you; it is you the one who is allowing yourself to go beyond your mind. It is you, the one who is allowing this golden shower of your third circle here and now.

Breathe this beloved family; breathe this because in this force and in this heart there is an immense unconditional love bathing you in this moment. And you, you are allowing yourself to go beyond your mind. You are allowing yourself the golden shower of your third circle here and now.

You know that there is nothing wrong, there is no mistake in your life right now, and there is no sin beloved family. There are no failures or successes, only the experience and wisdom that exudes from you. When you live your choice when you breathe it through everything that surrounds you, there is no mistake within or without, beloved family. There was no mistake in my life as Magdala or Miriam, or Mary Magdalene; there was no mistake either in the life of Yeshua Ben Joseph. Although complete encyclopedias have been written trying to explain all those imperfections, trying to lock us in concrete blocks and cardboard boxes. There is no perfect circumstance in the world, if you do not use your multidimensional skills which allow you to really transcend ... Transcend ... and I invite you to observe and feel at how this word is the essence of Ascension. Transcend ... To travel and live as an ascended master in multiple dimensions of time and distance. Oh yes! This is fun beloved family!

There are many parts of you that have already come and that will continue to come, but it does not have to be difficult, it does not have to be problematic, remember it. Teachers Remember this: to what you give your energy it will grow ... to what you give your energy it will grow. And I ask you, with this open heart: what do you want to grow in your life? To what do you want to give your energy? To what are you giving your energy? To drama? To fear? To doubt? Or do you want your rose to grow, do you want your light to grow, do you want your sovereign experiences to grow and your conscious choices? Do you want the growth ... how to say it, your presence, which is the closest for me of consciousness, your Conscious Presence to really allow yourself to open yourself to this golden shower, to the new, to all those new Potentials that are coming to you? I hope that it is so beloved family, because we are already energetically in 2013. The new crystalline world already has emerged, it has been born and you are already breathing in this new Gaia.

And that new Gaia invites you to become an active participant of its changes and its transformations. There is now a tremendous energy of transformation moving into this space, in these words, in this chat, through all of you. A new Gaia is being born, and as you she is allowing herself a new quantum leap of consciousness. The coming of the Crystal is already amongst you and this of course is not the Christ of the cross, no. It is the new YOU which allows itself to live as the Sovereign Self, as the Authentic Self, the Free self, as the Joyful Self, the I which has no limits, the I AM who bears the magic and who can see magic even in an unfulfilled expectation. The I AM who can see magic in an undesirable outcome. The I AM, who as you, can encompass all and allows it all.

Breathe that in for you, Master. Breathe going beyond your mind, opening your heart and allowing yourself that so much more distils through my words and through your vessel of consciousness. Breathe, because this is one of those wonderful realities which you are allowing yourself to experience.

And some of you ask me about abundance. Master abundance is this part of your journey that is directly related to your choice of committing, to be in all your radiance. How much of your radiance do you allow yourself? How much of your light, how much of your presence? Not only for the others, but for you. How much of your radiance are you allowing yourself? Because that radiance, that presence that you allow in yourself, is directly related to the abundance that you manifest. Are you present and consciously radiant? Abundance is manifested and follows this flow and continues this dance, and the dance continues. At this moment beloved family, and you are not asking yourself… you are not wondering ... why you are here, what are you doing here,  to what did you come to this planet, why Am I alive? Because now, you already are really committed to all your vessel of consciousness living your truth, living your radiance. And I specially say You, to live Your truth and live Your radiance and to live Your Third Circle here, the Circle of your complete Sovereignty and Your Ascension fully standing in the new Gaia.

Observe beloved family, yes, I invite you to look at your society at this moment how many souls are daring, daring beings that from their early ages are allowing themselves the force, love and freedom of the self. I can, I am, I change, I transform myself, I speak, I demand in the warmth of love. Yes, observe and feel that region of the deserts, the pyramids that region which I walked and I enjoyed, which loved and which I continue to embrace and love. Observe how there are voices rising up, consciousness from the most humble extracts who are already representing the new Gaia. A New Gaia who is free, sovereign, transformative and bold.

Do you want to say something Yeshua?

Magdala I am here enjoying all your words, the emanation of your consciousness and I feel that the audience is fascinated listening to you and I prefer that you continue. I have something to say but I will say it at its due time.

Magdala: Are you sure Yeshua?

Yeshua: Yes.

Magdala: very well, so let us breathe together this transformative energy beloved family...
And precisely speaking of those beings bold beings, I cannot omit to share with you all that these are events are not isolated. This being called Malala is not only acting on behalf of one nation. She is the authentic manifestation of the Self which is present to express their truths ... trespassing with the strength and love of the I Am who is making herself already present to express her truth, going beyond with a strength and love from her soul all the geographic settings. If she just like a volcano - and you know that I love volcanoes - its essence emerges, the essence of the free I AM who wishes to drink from knowledge, who wishes to drink from the experience and wisdom. Yes, that essence, that presence of Malala, even of very high scenarios of resistance. Alexandria could have never been more present as in this rebirth of Gaia. This rebirth of a new truth, this essence of a child emerging from a very limited and restricted society. Not by chance it is the voice of a woman, who for many years has been repressed.

I invite you with that heart, yes your heart, which today I feel it so much more open than ever to feel how many parts of you, beloved family, want to open their mouth and speak their own voice. How many truths to you wish to transmit and live in your own Mastery? And I still want to invite you to go even one step further. To play in this space of feeling and reflection. Is there anything still repressed within you? Are there any stuck energies in your vessel of consciousness? What are you holding back dear Master? Feel it without any judgment or hesitation. Or probably I could transform this question into another one: the question feel it, without judgment, without hesitation. How are you holding? Or perhaps the question could transform it into one: what are you abstaining from?

Breathe it… breathe it... And I can feel you; I can feel that space in your mind and also in your heart, that there are many, that still there can be many things that you are holding you back. The lack of confidence, lack of self-love, doubts, hypnosis, yes from the collective consciousness, and I will say something more beloved family, they are holding you back even your spiritual concepts. Yes, feel it. What is spiritual for you today? What are you putting into it, what do you use, energetically speaking of that spirituality which you are living in every day in your life? It is clear. It can be holding you back the energy of “the crazy of the house, the mind. It can be holding you back the seduction to maintaining the control.

There are many, many energies that are holding you back, feel them. Be present and aware of what they are, not for analysis, not to philosophize on them, but to be able to be in them feeling, breathing them and integrating them. And just like this, a step of conscience is taken forward in this expanding spiral. Feel it because that repressed energy searching for its own path of freedom and sovereignty, and you know it. And as you find that path of freedom and sovereignty, this energy is looking for a new way to express itself through you. And I know that you are the bearer of life itself.  I feel with all my heart that yes, because I trust you beloved family, I believe in your Mastery, I believe in your greatness, I believe in your heart. But the most important is that you believe in it, that you believe and that you experiment.

So, my invitation in this moment, in this alchemical space of transformation is that when you an experience come to you, when a potential comes to you do not analyze it in the consciousness of separation, struggle, force or difficulty. The new Gaia is a crystal lattice that is inviting you to look and feel all of those wonderful connections and synchronicities. of every event in your life. Crystal lattice is inviting you to see and feel connections and synchronicities.

We not only speak about it but we live it, knowing that there is a perfect order which  sometimes manifests itself in a very messy way, but there is a new solution the more that you allow that space. There is an energy that is serving you. There is a consciousness that vibrates with yours. I never get tired to invite you beloved family to live your own confidence.  Much is said about confidence, to live that trust on yourself, to trust all that you are. You have already redefined yourself, you have been already remodeled, you have recreated all your life and you are continuing to do so. Not any more as a challenge, and not as something difficult but as a potential for joy, celebration, mastership. You do not have to do it but you want it with all of your soul.

Beloved family, and not about having ... how can I say it, it is not about having complete clarity, but to be bold enough to choose, listening to your heart and to discover more clarity, through that live experience and your choice but dare to choose, listen to your heart, and discover through this experience, of your choice, greater clarity. So then the participants of this process are being exchanged. The experience gives you clarity and through it you walk beyond your doubts and trusting your own fears. Trusting even in your own fears and daring to choose again. Creation is not anymore an issue of good or bad. To do the right thing or not. When you are about to choose you constantly wonder:  Am I doing the right thing or the inappropriate? Beloved family if you so choose you are beyond all that. You are in the perfect moment, in perfect consciousness to make a choice and to experience it and therefor to re-elect if you so choose.

Do not put so much weight on your choices, oh yes; they do not have to be perfect. They do not have to be perfect. They are the key that opens the true Kingdom of Heaven within you and without you.

This past week, I have had the experience of supporting and helping others in their own path, others that come to me... and it is a fear of their own radiance, the fear of the light, the fear of the I AM who expresses and manifests. Do not be afraid of being Radiant beloved family, you will not irritate anyone, well perhaps you will irritate some and you will move the floor under their feet, but that is a piece of cake for you beloved family . Breathe, allow, and honor and keep being your radiance, do not be afraid of yourself and if you have that fear, then go for it, go for it, whatever you fear go for it and transcend it, because that is exactly what an Ascended Master does when living his ascension here, he or she will transcend those fears and lives in joy, abundance, becoming life itself and being a continuing celebration.


Yeshua: Here I am, listening to you Magdala and feeling how your conscience is permeating the hearts of all who are listening.

Breathe deeply beloved family, and my invitation will be today and will always be for you to be the artist of your own life. Yes ART saving the world. You the artist, making art with your life. You the artist, the new energy one making art in all circumstances of your life. You are not a victim any more, right? You have chosen not to be one. You enjoyed playing a little this game but you consciously know that it is not an energy that serves your purposes. You have the beautiful opportunity as a Master, as an Ascended one to bring a new life to life. A new joy to joy, a new beauty to beauty, a new earth to earth.

I've been asked from so many dimensions to talk today about spirituality. And I ask you beloved family, what is today the spirituality in your life? What does spirituality represent in your life? Mmm ... to attend a workshop? To be part of a group? To philosophize from time to time? What is it...? And how do you express that spirituality in your daily life and above all in your creations?

Magdala: Yeshua, share a bit about this…

Yeshua: Precisely, I breathe deeply feeling the hearts of every one listening today and also the ones who will listen or read it on the following days because today I want to share with you something very important that goes far beyond the mind.

Today I want to speak about faith, that tiny particle as a mustard seed. A quantum particle and a wave capable of moving mountains. Spirituality cannot remain as words or by just saying: I'm enlightened, but to really be the alchemist. The Alchemist who is transmuting and creating a new paradigm in the body of consciousness.

On one hand you feel that you are at the end of an era and that all these changes are occurring in all universes, and what you are doing here on earth affects the whole. You are aware of the speed of the new energy, you know that the solar flares are contributing to these changes and there are many who know that energy is at your service, and are using it, using it with faith, in this process of your own Transfiguration. Yes, you are undergoing a transfiguration, you are being this change of matter into light, and light is a particle and it is also an expansive wave. It is real and it is impacting everything that surrounds you. Others still have not awakened and these energies, these radiations are destroying them. Therefore it is very important for you to expand every day your consciousness and to transmit and help those who are starting their own awakening.

Tonight I want to tell you that your body, your physical matter is being transformed into a light body. You are the blood of the Transfiguration, of a new activation in your DNA. I, Yeshua, demonstrated that the new crystallization- the new-transfiguration could be accomplish here on this earth, in this physical reality, and that this would be completed by you, the Crystalline beings, the Crystals beings through the Christ consciousness of the ones who know themselves to be God here on Earth. Not in the imaginary hereafter, everything is here and everything is now. Life does not have an end, and what is coming to its finality is death.

And what is it that it will activate in each one of you this light body? I want you to be very aware that you are activating a new light body. The light body which is transfiguring itself, which activates a DNA which will allow you to live in a higher dimension, and in a less dense reality, in an agile and healthy body, a light body renewed right here, in what you are calling the New Earth. This is already a reality; many of you are already in the New Earth. And what will produce this activation, to achieve it, is your Crystalline Consciousness. It is not a matter of what you know through your mind, but what really is being moved in your consciousness. Because your consciousness is generating an energy, a crystalline energy which activates matter. Knowing that you are God also, the creator of your reality. You are unifying all your energy centers within your whole body of consciousness. You are activating the crystal seed of life. Activating a wavelength that allows you to unify yourself with your spirit, your soul, with your divinity. Not to be a super-man, but to re-create a seed of a life that goes beyond the limitations of the third dimension in which until now you have been living. You, my dear brothers are the Christ’s, the Crystals, the pioneers of this transfiguration.

That's how I supported Lazarus when he was in a process which looked like death. I helped him to recreate his light body. You can do it with others; you can support them, helping them to expand their consciousness. Sometimes I see and feel you faint when you do not see or feel the immediate results of your creation. About this I want to talk to you.

I want to simply remind you of what you already know and what Magdala so clearly just said. What are the ingredients of a creation? Faith.  Faith is not based on logic or material evidence. It is not what you are seeing with your eyes, faith does not faint away, and faith persists until one sees the manifestation of your choice or intention come to life. Faith is like a mustard seed. It is a quantum particle of light and a wave of infinite potentials. Today, we describe it in your actual words: “for something to exist you need an observer”. Can you see this? It is not the ancient faith distorted by the ancient scriptures, so to speak. It is not faith in a dogma. This faith is the consciousness and energy sustained by a creator, sustained by a choice, sustained by your consciousness in spite of what may be seen manifested in the external.

Faith is the key to be able to communicate with all the forces of the universe, those seen and those which apparently are unseen. Faith is the acceptance of our power as a directed force to create. Faith allows us to move into the new in life, trusting in what we have seeded as new potentials.  And it is faith the one sustaining our creation; it is the observer observing the blossoming of the seed

Faith is the quantum particle and wave which we have planted with our conscience, with our intention, with our thought and ensures the realization of our choices and our intentions. With faith we are giving life to our choices and feelings. Can you see this?

Magdala: Yeshua, I would like to know if you can answer a question that is here. Which Leti is asking, "How do I overcome my human? The fearful, doubtful, and without trust "?

Yeshua: dear sister, I ask you to wait for moment. This answer will be resolved at the end after I finish what I want to talk with you tonight. If you allow me to…
Faith is a consciousness and an energy which at the same time makes you feel great gratitude. Not because you see your creation manifested, but because by holding it as a conscious observer you are grateful because your choices begin to flourish in your world and because you know that they will flourish in the appropriate moment.
The Christ, Crystal has no agenda and does not put time and details in his creations. And observe dear brothers, a Chrystal does not place any judgment in his creation, does not set a time either. Does not say: "This has to be manifested tomorrow" or "in these elections” or "in this situation in Egypt" or "Syria", or wherever.

The Christ does not set a time but continues to observe his creation knowing that the universe conspires and that there will be a moment of great synchronization, where suddenly that consciousness and energy is manifested. His intention, simply, has no conditions, has no definite timing but he knows that his consciousness and energy, his choice, his intention is a seed which is collaborating with all the forces of nature and is connected with all the components of creation.

Can you see what a creator does? I will repeat it. Because this is where our consciousness has to mature, has to expand, has to know that simply with intention, without conditions - I do not set a definite time to the manifestation of my creation -. I know that my conscience, my energy, my choice, my intention is a seed that is collaborating with all the forces of nature and is connected, my intention is connected, my choice is connected with all the components of creation. And that, in due time, by a great synchronization it is going to be manifested. And therefor I breathe with easy because I know that it is so!

The creator who has achieved its mastery, plants a seed with a faith that does not contain any hesitation or doubt. Holds a faith that does not crumble and does not stop creating when the manifestation does not appear immediately, the creator knows that his creation is gestating and does not faint in his faith. The creator is aware of the invisible, of the movement of energy; the creator sees his creation in the crystalline realm in the beginning and he brings it down until it is in this physical reality.

The master creator, the Crystal knows how to wait for the perfect moment, the synchronicity of all the forces so his creation can flourish, for the transfiguration from one reality to another, but faith, this faith which is a strong energy  coming from my consciousness is accompanied by love.

The Master uses the power of love. Love is not what you have thought of or what you think you have lived, love is a force that has no opposite and is the energy that comes from a being who has attained Mastery. Love is a completely free flow and it has no restrictions from information that may take the form of words, thought and pure energy. Love is the energy emanating from a Crystal consciousness, from a higher consciousness which is whole and is integrated. This quantum particle of love is the one that expands as a wave and transfigures and makes this new creation flourish.

You do not have to put resistance into this new patter of vibrations. Just have an attitude of allowing all these changes and transfigurations that are happening.

Science finally begins to understand the existence of an intangible universe, which can not be studied with machines. A universe composed of higher realities of creation and which is also responding to the higher forces as the energy of love.

Allow me to tell you that love has no opposites. Love unifies all the emotions and all the feelings. Love is hate and also what you call love, it is love is  disillusionment and hope, love is a force that has no duality and it brings together all those experiences that you have lived so far.

Master, I ask you to feel it. I ask you to feel all that duality in which you have been immersed. I ask you, Master, to understand from your essence, without introducing the mind, you are the one unifying all these opposing energies and when you achieve this, this oneness within you is what we called Love.

You, from your core unifying all this duality. Love springs from this wholeness. And this love and faith, with the certainty possessed by a Master is what launches you to your own transfiguration. This is what I did, this is what I used to do and I demonstrated in those times where you accompanied me. You would sit and say: “how wonderful suddenly you are a light and suddenly you become once more this physical matter”.

As for today, this is the time after two thousand years, this is the time in which the Crystals transfigure their body, their matter, their reality and this Transfiguration which operates within you, emanates a wave that affects all. Can you notice that it is a volcano that erupts within you? This is not a theory, or a dogma. It is a consciousness and it is an strong energy to which Magdala has been taking you to, has been guiding you to, but only you, only you can apply it. I invite you to enter within you to make yourself aware of your entire body of consciousness and to allow the Transfiguration of your body, of all your reality here, and now, on this planet earth. Magdala...

I thank you Yeshua, Thank you my love, thank you for this essence, for this light. Thank you for being amongst us sharing such profound wisdom. Thank you for this invisibility that is so present in this seed of faith that so beautifully you have shared with us all. Let us all breathe together this transfiguration of our human and our divine. Let us breathe and allow this shower of rain of the Golden Christ, of Yeshua in all of us.

And I had left a question beloved family. What does it mean to be spiritual today? And how all this essence and this knowledge that has been interlocked in such a perfect way, without agenda and without control. Today does it mean to be spiritual? And I want to tell you beloved family that to be spiritual today is to be more human than ever. It is to accept fully this humanity and with this I want to share with this person asking “how can I overcome my human self”?

Lety, you do not have to get over your human self, you have to embrace it, you have to love it, you have to accept it, because only through this human self, through this wonderful human which you are, ascension can be accomplished in you. Those of us, on this side, we need, we have needed the body, to be able to ascend, to be able to experience what we call the multidimensional, to be able to transfigure ourselves, to be able to really integrate many parts of us.

You do not have to overcome; you do not have to fight this human because this humanity is here for you to love it. For you to love it but with the sovereign power of love, with the power of unconditional love, which accepts light and accepts darkness, which accepts a completely healthy body without any pain or which accepts a body with complaints and with some diseases.

Your humanity is there, is inviting you. You are not only this human fearful human who is afraid, who in a corner is scared, no. You are the integrator human. You are the designated ascended in this body, not in the hereafter, not in another dimension, not in the heavens. You are the divine, perfect, ascended in your humanity, in your arms on your legs, in your mind, in all your of your being.

So my invitation beloved sister is to accept all your humanness with that unconditional love that of which Yeshua speaks, with that quantum particle quantum which transcends fear, duality and illusion. Love this human who is also God, because the spirituality of today, at this important turning point which we all are living, is to be more human than ever, and to accept that human does not mean weakness. To Accept yourself with all of your doubts, with all your fears, but in the consciousness that you are not only that, because if you have fear and you feel it in you, I assure you beloved sister  that you also have extreme confidence, to get where ever you want to go, to enjoy life, to enjoy the joy.

Yeshua: Indeed.

Magdala: Spirituality sometimes becomes the perfect excuse to get away from my humanity, and without doubt I keep turning around, I keep walking the path and finally, after so many studies, so many trips, so much information, I come to understand that spirituality, Oh! I have come to realize that to be spiritual is to unite myself with my humanity, accepting it, loving it in a new level of acceptance in a new level of unconditional love.

You are this human and human is divine, the spirit gives way to you in the new Gaia so you can be you in all of your splendor, accept what you feel! Do not deny what you are experiencing, do not deny it, accept all that you are. Accept all of these aspects and those parts of you that are coming back "now." So many ask me that question and I will answer it only in one way: celebrate your darkness as much as you celebrate your light. Celebrate your humanity as much or more as you celebrate your enlightment and your divinity. The great legacy of darkness is LIFE. It's a new life, so celebrate it, and accept it.

And here I want to be very clear with all of you, beloved family, spirituality is not about following any teacher and I include myself here. Teachers who are on this side are in service. And we are not trying to put that energy of seduction that might call spiritual seduction. And I'm being very bold here with all of you, beloved family. The spiritual seduction is the invitation to stay behind following a teacher. My invitation, beloved family is to place yourself ahead and walk safely accepting your humanity. Knowing that what you have to offer is unique and unrepeatable, and that you do not need the approval of any external entity, of any teacher to do it. You are already the Master.  You already can sing your own truth. So open yourself to that complete acceptance in unconditional love, to all those circumstances that "right now" are not under your control. And continue to make conscious choices ... allowing the new new!

Beloved family, this is the time of an extreme duality, be alert and aware of not allowing the entry of conflicted, dramatic, seductive situations and filled with false truths. You are, you are the guardian of your own pyramid. And there are energies that with all honor and respect you do not want to have. Dismiss them away from your Golden Circle. Dismiss them from Circle of Ascension. Honoring and lovingly but dismiss them, ciao, ciao, bye, bye, in any language that you wish.

"Right now" you are living a very important leverage point; I know that you feel it, because you already know what you do not want. So you can choose with all your love, that good bye, that goodbye to all of those energies that no longer serve you. How? Make a conscious choice, remain present in your life. With faith, with confidence, making yourself the Master of the visible and the invisible. And stop looking at the monster. Do not concentrate on it. Remain PRESENT.

And finally in an eternal breath of love, I want to tell you that there is an alchemy fire that is already infused in you, beloved family, Crystal Christ ... Remember it, you kindled it. And this fire of alchemy will not perish. Even if you throw water into it, even if a storm comes, even if you try to blow it off and this is my promise and at the same time it is my happiness. This fire will not be extinguished. No matter what happens, the fire will remain active in you with every step, with every choice, with each breath.

I love you and when you see a ROSE beloved family, feel it and through it I will be hugging you with my fragrance, I will be inviting you to be this radiance, and to become that rose. Breathe deeply ... Thank you Yeshua

Yeshua: Thank you Magdala, I thank each and every one of these crystals, these Christ’s,  these conscious beings who are forming this Golden Circle that will renew, that will renew, this new earth. And so is in the new Gaia.

Magdala: Magdala: The invitation is to stay in this Circle, in this fire, present in your own fire, expanding…
Breathe deeply and allow it, allow everything that everything that you felt tonight be simply in you, be part of your own consciousness that generates this energy, this fire of transfiguration, of the love that has no dualities and that it takes you to a whole new expansion.

And we want to share with all of you controlling time here that we have just  experienced a no-time, a non-space for the first time we have been here on the program for an hour and a half and how we can really  experience how time and space fly and do not exist and at the same time you are so open, and are inviting us to live in such a different way.

Still feeling the energy of the Golden Circle, of Magdalene and Yeshua, of the Unicorns and the Golden Lions, of the new Gaia, who has been present here all this time, we want to thank you for your active presence, it is so loving and integrative.

Thank you very much for joining  beloved soul friends, and we invite you to continue with that creation for the sheer joy of being alive, for the sheer joy of bringing more life into life and more ascension into your Golden Circle here and now. This is no time for waiting this is the moment to enjoy acting and choosing and we invite you to that.

Be the Master.

And so it is!

Golden Circle of Alchemist.  Magdala & Yeshua, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua in the New Energy.

Raiza Preziuso and Malu Gaxiola New Energy Masters & Channelers.
Alchemists of a New Consciousness

Raiza     https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627    raizapreciosa@gmail.com

Malú       https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301     gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

This information has copyrights. So it is available for your enjoyment and reading, not for any comercial end of any kind. Thank you. Namaste.

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