20 septiembre 2011


Golden Circle of Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso with Malu Gaxiola
September 20th. - 2011

We invite you to take a deep breath, allowing your heart, and all its chambers and corridors to open. This is a space for feelings, so the Golden Circle invites you to breath with the heart allowing the mind to be at its service. This channeling can be heard in Spanish. Click the following link:


Together lets create together a Sacred and Safe Space.

A way to call in Mary Magdalene to be with us this afternoon is breathing through our heart. She is very sensible to love and she is helping us to open our own heart, so I ask you all to take a deep breath, to move away from our mind, and to let go of anything that does not allow us to love and to go to our heart.

Expand your heart to be able to expand your consciousness to real love. Breathe in, breathe in deeply celebrating with great joy this afternoon in which all of us are creating this reunion, this channeling. As in the Shouds, Mary Magdalene collects the energies of all and she transmits them back to us.

Breathe and celebrate. Allow yourself to open up more, to let go of the barriers that hold you from loving.

Breathe and receive. Breathe and celebrate.


Welcome be all, welcome beloved family of Magdala, welcome to this sacred and safe and abundant space. Welcome to this space of love –of life force- of loving force, of integration, of loving struggle and of so much expansion. Welcome you all beloved family of Magdala.This has been and continues to be an opportunity to share with you all a Sacred Rose, the Rose of Abundance, the Sacred Rose of abundance that goes beyond any theory, and any concept.

Today I have been asked to talk about the Sacred Rose of abundance. And with so much pleasure and delight I am eager to share with all of you this love, this essence, this knowledge, this Sophia about a Rose that can be difficult but for the one that is already conscious and that has already open his heart, it is something that simply is.

But before I talk about this I would like to ask you to take some breaths and to feel deeply in your heart, inviting your soul to feel this. In this moment how does your physical body feel regarding abundance? How does your mind feel? Is it wondering about, is it struggling, is it quiet and still? How does your mind and your spirit feel? Master is your life a reflection of the abundance that lies within you?
¿Is your life in all its manifestations a reflection that lies within you? Master, is your life in a every manifestation a reflection of this abundance that you already are?

I invite you to simply feel it. And if the mind tries to get into this adventure you simply breathe and breathe with that heart. Breathe it in this present and allow the grand observer of your life, of your manifestations without any type of judgment. Here It is not about judging good or bad, of what you have obtained or not obtained. You simply feel it and observe it because that capacity of observation with all of your heart, of observing with the eyes of your heart allows you to go beyond all of these words.

You are welcome to this space, Master you are welcome to observe that Sacred Rose that is palpitating within you and that we call abundance.

Master, Abundance is not a concept, it is not a theory. Abundance is a consciousness. It is a consciousness that you can really expand and that it has nothing to do with decrees, with theories or concepts. And that consciousness is a divine presence of you for you for all of your life and for the universe. When you are abundant your presence, your aroma, your colors pervade all the cells of your being and each space of your manifestations. That infinite presence is a Sacred Rose that opens up to life, to adventure, to magic. That infinite presence is the magnet that draws what you already are. You are already that abundance

There can not be something more unnatural for an awakened being that the lack of abundance. Haven’t you realized that? Lack is an experience that you have allowed yourself to have and that you have honor it for many lifetimes, yet there is something within you that struggles to be abundant, that wants to have outside what is compelling to be an expression of your spirit and of your soul.

The consciousness that moves abundance, that moves this Sacred Rose lives in the present. It is a space; it is a consciousness of infinite divine presence in the now directly connected with the force of life of your heart, connected with the intelligence and wisdom of your heart.

Take a deep breath and allow all this Nous -divine wisdom that comes from the heart, a word that comes from the Mystery Schools in Egypt- let all this Sophia permeate you , permeate your body, permeate your mind, permeate your heart so that it may go beyond those energetic chambers that lay within you.

Master, feel how present are you in your life, how present are you. Being present is not only an act of physical presence, it is to be completely present in your Vessel, completely conscious of your Vessel, navigating, observing and being without past burdens and without excessive expectations and control of the future.

Master feel your Vessel, how present are you in it? How present are you right now in this moment in which I am sharing my heart with you and that so many energetic movements are taking place within you. All the energetic corridors of this grand Horn of Abundance are open for you at this moment, Can you feel them? Are you present within them? Do you open yourself as the grand deserver, as the unique and grand deserver of this abundance?

Master there is not one bit of mind in this although the mind has been accompanying us during a long, long, long time. Although we have also tried to play the game of thinking that all is about the mind. Master, the mind has been and is an excellent ally but it is not the only one.

We have invited the issue of abundance as a topic; it may perhaps be controlled and molded by the mind until we truly realize that even the mind wants a different experience of abundance.
Abundance cannot be decreed, abundance is lived and you become it. Because when you really see with those immense eyes of your heart you realize that abundance is already within you. But you, ¿do you feel that you already are abundant? This is not an exam; there are no correct or incorrect answers to this question. Feel it simply and boldly.

Let us slow down at this moment to feel. Are you already abundant? Master, I also invite you to feel with that consciousness, with the consciousness of one who knows that he is a standard, a model, a leader vessel. Of what do you talk about every day Master? In what are you focusing? In what are your mind, and your spirit, and the cells of all your body focusing on? In lack or in abundance? Do I have or do I have not? Is your cup filled or is your cup empty or is it half filled? In what are you focusing on and which is your daily intention? Because the reality of your experiences are going to be created by this and by the conscious heart breath and your conscious choices. Breathe and allow all of this “Nous”, that all of this Sophia permeates and penetrates into you. Simply allow it. Just allow it. There is no struggle here. Breathe it in and allow it in the same way as I invite you to allow abundance in all of the corners of your existence.

It is very important to be completely conscious of the richness of your vessel, of what it contains and to where does it sail, where is it heading to and which are its compasses. Which are those compasses that are guiding your vessel? Of what is it made of? And what treasures does it contain?

Breathe Master, and I invite you lovingly not to swim through your mind forcing abundance, struggling and slowly annihilating yourself. My invitation is for you to float in that sea of abundance that is already within you.

Abundance is not a goal; it is a consciousness in which you sail with the absolute confidence of knowing that it is always, always, always there for you. I invite you not to intersect yourself on that path of finding your own abundance, of being the abundance because you really cannot avoid being what you are. Breathe and feel it Master, do not search for abundance. Wake up to the truth that it is already in you. Observe it and feel it, allow it and enjoy it because you deserve it, you deserve this joy, this happiness, this magic.

Breathe and be still- Feel the silence and the words, the essence that comes through silence. Feel that inheritance that is your own wisdom from you to you. Feel it and open up a new space for abundance in your heart, in your life, in your mind. The golden rich and radiant space which you give yourself to you, from you to you. Breathe it with all of your heart, with the loving force of your heart.

Abundance, oh abundance is a natural flux. It is as rain. It is a natural flow… of life, of going and coming, of giving and taking. It is a dance that begins within you, that begins with your own music. It is a constant flow and ebb as a plentiful river as a calm river but always in constant movement. 

And the most important point that I do not want to forget, that I want to share with all of you is that if you withhold that flow, if you withhold it with your beliefs and emotions you are withholding that flow at the same time. You are becoming the grand restrainer of energies. It is as if you were putting stones in a river that only wants to move and follow its course.

One of the strongest beliefs Master that holds back this natural flow of abundance in your life is a belief. It is the belief of finite resources, of finite resources in your own life. The belief that there is not enough for me. The belief that food will go short, that there is not enough water, that there are not enough energetic generators, that there is not enough money and also Master, you even belief that there is not enough love. We even believe that love is not enough, that it is going to wear out. 
In few words, this consciousness makes you think and feel that the world and you within it is suffering from a great lack and that tomorrow something will happen that may cause a lack of food and water or any of these and I tell you Master that this is far from reality. This is so far from the multiple realities that you can live if you really allow yourself. The world, the planet and those multiple universes move themselves in an abundant infinite consciousness. When you travel into those energetic corridors to other dimensions, to the crystalline realms there is an infinite abundance that generates from them that regenerates with every heartbeat of our existence. And that is what I call the consciousness of the broken vessel, of the vessel that self doubts of its own capacity of generating from the primary source of everything that is. I invite you Master to breathe deeply.

Abundance also moves through this feeling space. My interdimensional friends are here with me. The Unicorns are with me y la grand presence of so many Mary’s, of so many women and men, of so much feminine and masculine that have dared and that really have managed to live in that abundance. Take a deep breath.

You live in the illusion that your vessel is really broken but you, the magician miracle doer, the magician that produces the magic in your life, the Merlin conscious of his strength and power, the divine feminine filled with compassion and loving cannot be broken. You have lived in the consciousness of lack for a long time thinking that this experience will gain for you the Kingdom of heaven. Oh this has nothing to do with the new reality, with the new multiple realities that you are creating! It has nothing to do.

The Kingdom of heaven beats within you and it is abundant, rich, radiant, creator. A Master uses all the energies. When you live in an abundant consciousness the energies multiply themselves in a very exponential manner. When you live in that consciousness you observe your gifts and you make the most of them. It does not matter if you are in a high executive job or if you are in an island doing whatever you wish.

Allow me in this sacred and safe space, sharing this sacred rose of abundance sharing that all of you in the New Earth are aware that you are emerging, that you are being born, that you are allowing some new gifts, some new talents, new ways to generate, of expressing yourselves of being creative. Those new gifts are knocking on the door and are saying: “here I am, I am present in your life” and in the measure that you open yourself up to that abundance you open up in your heart in a genuine, authentic way and your consciousness is expanded and allows all that abundance in your life.

Allow those new gifts that are emerging in you. Do not struggle with this. The fact that you do not understand something does not mean that this is not yet within you. The fact that you do not understand something does not mean that you cannot live it and that the understanding will come when you allow in that sacred wonderful rose of abundance. Acknowledge your gifts Master, they are new and different and they have nothing to do with what you have studied, with all your schooling and it does not mean that they cannot be an excellent source of abundance and joy in your life. Lately we have observed that a lot. Beings that are in that expansion of consciousness and that they do not allow themselves those new gifts. The gifts are knocking at our door. New talents, new ways of creating, new ways of generating and regenerating that energy of you to you.

Allow yourself, have appreciation of your own new talents that are being birthed within you. All of your cells are constantly recreating themselves. All of your self is renewed. Every minute your heart beats in a different way. And Master, if you really are open those new talents are going to flourish within you and you will have a whole new rose bush in your life to enjoy, to show, to irradiate, to breath. Feel that new rose bush in your life!
Breathe deeply and connect with all that you are beyond the words, beyond my words.

And so, as I have talked about the consciousness of abundance and of the abundance that is a consciousness, today I also want to share with you all about what a consciousness of lack is. And as we have referred to that consciousness of abundance I also want to share how the consciousness of lack is expressed in your lives.

First, it is through an attitude of control, a constant form of controlling the energy that you are feeling in your life within you and without you. It may be through friends, family, work, money. I invite you Master to let go of any type of control, allow yourselves to let go everything that might be your prison; to open up the doors and to allow out that control. Let if go. Allow the control to go, simply liberate it as if it were a captive animal.

Another form through which lack is expressed in your life is through criticism and a constant judgment towards outer things. Very often we really play a lot with those energies. Without doubt Master, criticism is just energy but this holds you in a very small prison and it is a bit unpleasant. I invite you to go beyond this to create and to use the energies of loving compassion, to live breathing with all your heart; to impregnate each being with that wave of acceptance and love… understanding. Understanding profoundly that you do not need someone to give you an approval. Understanding that each one is in its own Mastery and that each one is exactly where they are choosing to be.

I invite you to choose to take those giant steps towards your own Mastery of abundance because already you have practiced for a long time the Mastery of lack. This one has already been experienced. But I invite you to take a real leap, to make your vessel grow so that you can live that abundance Mastery.
Honor your own experience radiates to honor the experience of everyone else no matter how terrible this may seem, no matter how ugly or beautiful it may be, black or White that it may seemed. Honor because when you are focused in that attitude of criticism, judgment of external things or people you are living in a very small prison. So I invite you to go beyond that. 

And I remind you of how important is to also make conscious and loving choices.
Remember Master, the love that I want to share with all of you and that I have come to share at this time, in this consciousness as Magdala, is a New Divine Love. It is a renewed love. It is a love that is not weakness. It is a love that is not a small prison. It is a love that is abundant. It is a love that embraces and nurtures fear. It is a love that it can transcend and go beyond criticism, judgment, control, manipulation and it is a love that invites you day to day to make even more conscious choices, living in the now moment and allowing yourself that natural flow of abundance of you to you.

When you live in fear, that natural flow of abundance gets broken. Fear is like a virus that reproduces itself rapidly and has its own internal mutations. Allow yourself to be in fear but only so that you can awaken new eyes so that you can renovate yourself and so that you can choose love.

Love is a wave that does not push. There is no force, there is no struggle in love. No criticism, no doubt it is expansive and it embraces everything, allows everything. As a mother’s love towards her children. It allows everything; it embraces it with an absolute and infinite compassion. Breathe that love. Breathe that love, Master. Allow yourself to move beyond that limitation that holds you in fear.

When you listen to panic, chaos, frustration, lack, the words of “there is not enough” in your surroundings I ask you to move away from that consciousness, be absent, slow your breath, listen to your silence that has a wise message and chose love. Choose to consciously choose abundance. Choose that natural flow of you to you. It is a grad gift that you have within, in your kingdom, in your own kingdom of you for you. Do not interpose yourself in it.

Since my own times the world is coming to an end in Galilee, in Jerusalem, in Egypt and way before. It is coming to an end since my times. It is a human warning that is resisting to accept the density of the eternal expression of its soul.

And now I want to invite the human one, all together let us take a deep breath. I want to allow this space for breathing with the magic, with Malú the magician.

 With all this expansion of the consciousness to which Magdala is opening us to, there is nothing else to do than to open ourselves and breathe.

Receive it. All these expansion to which Magdala has open and showed us is yours. Breathe. Breathe it in and expand your own abundant consciousness. Celebrate being that crystalline water that flows, that is not going to get stuck. Allow those rocks that we ourselves placed in our river to be dissolved. Unblock that river. Allow it and celebrate it.

As Magdala said to us, we already lived in the consciousness of lack and that brought to many, many experiences and circumstances and it was appropriate. But today all of us together, dear friends, we all are creating a New Consciousness to be lived on this Planet Earth. This is our process of ascension y the only thing we have to do is breath it in.

I am going to remind you of something. When we have beliefs an energetic structure is form with each belief. Then, so often I move with my mind to another belief but I have not dissolved the energetic structure of the old belief. For example, I made a vow of poverty. How can I open myself to abundance if I still have the energetic structure of not wanting anything? So I breathe it and this is exactly what we are doing now. You simply choose abundance and you breathe it in gently.

If you are in lack of health, breathe in complete health. But breathe it in so you can wash away those stones of your river that have maintained an energetic blockade that is locked to that belief. And so on, so simply observe where in your past you have had belief that have blocked your life. Be an observer of your life and as Magdala was saying you do not have to struggle any more.

Breathe. Make a conscious choice. Let go of the belief and allow that gentle and loving wave of the heart breath to go like a sea wave that comes from the sea shore to dissolve a sand castle of the old belief.

You already have experienced pain, lack of health, lack of richness, lack of goods, lack of loving and wonderful relationships, all those beliefs. All of that is lack of abundance and now, you simply observe where you are at and allow those outlines of the New Consciousness of abundance to come to you as waves with each breath dissolving the energetic structure of each old belief.

Breathe. Allow yourself to change. Allow yourself to be as you want to be and to have what you chose. There is nothing that is impossible. You are a Creator God-Goddess. What ever you choose breathe it in, receive it, celebrate it. I often say: “Do as if you already are it”.

For example: If I am sad I act as if I were in joy and I end up being joyful. But if I get up depressed, in a bad mood and sick and I keep sustaining that well my day is going to be exactly as I am creating it, but I can change. Right now, in this moment there is so much energy available in this planet, in the universe. You only have to choose, to breathe it in and to allow it. Gently, breath by breath knowing that your choice that is engendered in that crystalline realm suddenly you are going to bring it down to your physical reality. That health that you are creating in the etheric real is going to come down until it blends with your physical body. That economical abundance that is already created in the crystalline records, by your own choice and by your breath and because you are allowing it is coming down to your physical reality.

Feel that harmonic dance of energy that envelops you, that transforms you. This is going to be the magician that changes reality. In the past that was called a miracle. Do you know something? We all can do it. Choose, allow, breathe and allow that old energy to be dissolved, it does not serve you anymore. We already have experienced it during thousands of life times and today we choose to live a life of abundance and as Magdala said to us, “abundance of love, abundance of relationships, abundance in everything that we live, abundance of food, abundance of water, eloquence, whatever we desire.

And now I pass the Word to Magdala so she can bring us to the closing of this beautiful information. 

 With your breath dwell in this dance. Hold and allow that magic and that dance of abundance within you. Do not get on the way of that natural flow Master I invite you to make that choice and that your choice be to breathe with your heart and to allow yourself to be truly who you are. You already are that abundance.

Open all those chambers of your heart. Turn that pyramid and allow all of those chambers to open up and to take you into new, unknown, radiant and abundant adventures.

And as the Magician said, you are the doers of miracles and as you expand your consciousness, every day generating miracles, making miracles. And remember what Jeshua ben Joseph said, “You will do greater miracles tan me” and that is already happening.
And that is why we are expanding consciousness. And that is why I invite you to go beyond that fear that sometimes traps your heart, traps your consciousness, and limits you. Choose that consciousness of abundance and allow the radiation.

Magdala there are several questions that some people want to ask. One of them says that she is feeling that her skin burns. What can you tell her?I am embracing you sister, I am allowing that all of my energy to touch you through these energy corridors and on the other hand you are allowing this opening. If you only knew how Rayna, my channel feels in this moment, she is burning. That energy that is in movement, that is in expansion.

Allow that fire to burn old belief systems, allow that fire to radiate from within you to the outside. Allow that movement of energy within you. Just allow it simply. Feel my presence.

I invite you if you allow it, only if you allow it, to invite me to your magic, to invite me to your life, that you invite the new Magdala, to invite the Magdala that is already you to live this world with you, to enjoy and cherish each moment, each conquest, each space no matter how light or dark this one may seemed to you. Be that Magdala and allow that loving fire of transmutation be in you in this now moment and from now on.

Magdala we have another question. I am beginning a business. But I cannot manage to unstuck something. It does not simply flow. I would like some kind of insight, some idea. I have been working on abundance but something is still stuck and I cannot see what it is. Thank you.

Breathe and feel it Master. Breathe and feel that space within you that cannot be stuck. Really there is no stuck energy there. You are seeing it as something that is stuck but it is simply water that wants to flow freely.

And I also want to invite you to go deeply within you. That new business, that new business is filled with the essence, the flavor, the force of your heart and soul? Which is the purpose of your business? To begin with: Does your business have a purpose? Feel it. Feel if that business is bathed with your essence, if it is bathed with your soul, if that business is being birthed from a radiation as if it were a hand of yours, as if it were an energetic part of you, of course.

I invite you to feel that, to feel if that business really, that space that you want to create is an expression of you, is it really you? Is there happiness, joy, if it is a reflection of you? What do you feel when you are with that? Do you feel expanded or do you feel little and repressed? Let go of the belief that it is stuck. Let it go. Allow it in that energy. Allow that river in this moment without more hard work, without struggle. I invite you to allow it to flow, to breathe and to deeply go within you to feel if it is an expression of your soul which really is an expression of your heart.

Thank you Magdala. There are no more questions.

Very well, then in this moment I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm, your loving force, your joy, your openness for this Meeting Room of New Energy, for my teachings, so that my consciousness and my the heart that I bear that is still beating within me can reach more and more hearts.

I thank you for accompanying me and may all this essence of what has been said here be also for you.

And so it is with my open heart.

Let us breathe deeply opening up and allowing ourselves to receive once more this abundance wave to come and permeate us. Yes. I give this complete yes to abundance. I receive it, I allow my observation capability to be open so that the gentle wave can come to help me see where still I have to let go, where I can let go of that stone that is blocking that river that is arising within me.

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