16 enero 2011


Golden Circle of the Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso and trnslated to English by Malu Gaxiola inside the Mystery School of Adamus Saint Germain in Quito, Ecuador 
January 16, 2011

 We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service.


Welcomed beloved family of Magdala, welcome be all to this sacred and safe space, to this divine, loved and long for, feminine sacred and safe space. Welcome to you all beloved family of Magdala.

Welcome be all to this center of the world, to this sacred space of your heart. Welcome to your own Mastery, welcome be all beloved family of Magdala, welcome be all to your own Crystalline Tower walking upon earth.

Welcome be all, I invite you with the joy and happiness that today is within us and whichwe are feeling that is overwhelming us, to this lovely reunion that we all so have desired and wanted. I invite you all to breathe together to welcome this new consciousness of a Mary that renews herself, of a Mary that is rebirthing from her ashes, of a Mary that is a Master by her own right.

Of a Mary that is just like you. Of a Mary that is no longer dividing the feminine from the masculine, but of a Mary that has opened her heart, that has opened that nuptial chamber so that the masculine and feminine can make love to each other, make love to each other in every level: mental, physical, spiritual and in their soul level. That is the kind of love that I was able to experiment in my divine times with my beloved Yeshua Ben Joseph.

I welcome you all to your own heart. I invite you to open that portal, that divine portal that is directly communicating with the footprint that is expanding at this moment, that is your own DNA, and which you all have been receiving marvelous information during these days, you have been allowing it.

I invite you beloved family, to allow it simply and completely, do not control it, do not limit it, don’t even draw it, don’t even place on  it an image, just allow it because you are ready, you are already that Standard, that Master walking and breathing the living Christ that is in you, but not the old Christ, no the old Christ that had all the limitations and stereotypes, I hope you already brought him down from the cross, and I hope you already have thrown away the cross, don’t keep the cross.

Because precisely in this search of enlightment, they made you believe that you had to carry the cross. That you could only allow yourself a little joy, just a little joy, because the key to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven was through a lot of suffering, a lot of pain, closing yourself from your own grandness and allowing others to control your life.

So, Master, I invite you to really open your heart and to allow the beauty of this awakening that you have created. I bless you with all my love, beloved family of Magdala.

I invite you to feel my essence in you, of the Mary that you are. The essence of the Lord who is the owner of your own house, of your creations and your manifestations.

I invite not only to listen to my words; I invite you to feel and open the wonderful multidimensional being that you are. Even if you want it you are no more a lineal being. Open your heart and allow all of that crystal to be manifested with all its lights and colors. I invite you, if you so choose, to turn over the pyramid, to walk as a Christ, as a Crystal, as the beloved Magdala has done it, as the Mary and by her own right, because she has conquered all her demons, by her own right she walks upon Earth radiating her greatness

As the volcano, as so many other volcanoes that we have here in this wonderful land. The volcano does not regret, does not feel bad of being who it is, for having that fire and for having that passion, and for showing itself in all its greatness; it is showing you something, beloved family, the volcano, those volcanoes are showing you the greatness of who you are, the radiance of who you are, the elegance, grace, the wisdom and the passion that is required to really move yourself, and go beyond all your limitations, all your old belief systems, to move yourself from the fabricated stereotypes that have controlled your consciousness.

And you already have done this, it is only that you haven´t realized it and like as the Standard, as the awaken being, I invite you to really open the nuptial chamber of your heart, the sacred and safe space, so the feminine and masculine reunite and make love to each other in every level of your being.

I invite you to truly liberate the old Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, the one driven  aside by those who know, more than well, how to control consciousness. Death is nothing. The control of consciousness throughout so many generations of thousands of years… this is what the organizations really wanted, people with a lot of power, they want to control the consciousness of the people.

But now, you are already an awakened being. You can choose to continue playing your games, but I invite you to open your heart. Your mind is allowing it. Your mind is a wonderful aspect of yours, don’t fight it, simply and fully allow this other part of you, your heart, to express itself. Unfortunately the heart has been ill-treated, has been vilified. Oh, the heart, I cannot open myself, I cannot show whom I really I Am. No, spirituality has to look dumb, ugly, and humble. Why?  You are that grand volcano bringing so many new potentials to this Earth.

And I Am the beloved, the Adama Magdala in the New Energy and I want to share with you, not only words but a feeling, an essence, something that you can smell since the moment in which the Fruit of the Rose came into your life, and into your consciousness. You are all here in a boiling point of happiness and joy and I cannot stop myself from talking to you about my Unicorns.

Let us invite them all, let us invite the consciousness of this divine beauty of the Unicorns that show us their wisdom without guilt or shame. They have had patience and they lived in those crystalline dimensions of our own being. I invite you, I invite you here, and I invite you to invite them, to breathe with them, to allow yourself the wisdom and the consciousness of the Unicorns. We welcome all of them.

In essence, only in essence, Yeshua lives. And we have joined together only for the joy of walking together next to you, in this wonderful adventure of awakening, of the divine in the wonderful human that you are.
If you so choose, choose a Unicorn and welcome him to your life and to your heart.

I want to share with you a short story. I am going to try to make it short. And it is the story, not a story really but the experience of Rayna, my channel.
It was…in your time, 8 years ago when she had an experience with a Unicorn, of coarse she thought she was going crazy but she trusted so much the joy, the grace and the delight that the Unicorn was bringing into her life that she simply allowed it. So she began to play and visit so many dimensions. She did not know about the multidimensionality or anything of this. She simply allowed it. She allowed this space of madness into her life, this space where she simply and fully felt so many dimensions of Rayna and of the Unicorn.

In one opportunity, the Unicorn, Great Joy invites her to visit a very special place and he introduced her to a wonderful Lady called the Lady of the Stars. What an experience this was for Rayna! She thought she was going crazier, of course, but it was a fantastic experience for her. She did not know where this was going to take her, but she dived deeply into this pool, into this adventure and she simply allowed it.

Absolute trust, absolute trust. As the breathings continued and with this openness of her heart, Great Joy invites the Lady of the Stars to her cherry tree. A whole world, a whole world created through her openness, through her allowing, through her trust and Rayna continued to integrate her aspects, suffering quite a lot, crying quite a lot, feeling that she still needed a lot of drama in her life. But she knewa greatness was being manifested and that only through living it, this crystal, this beauty, this wisdom that she did not understand very well in her mind, was coming into her life, because she was breathing with her family, with her friends, with her Shaumbra group, she was breathing here on Earth.

Finally the Lady of the Stars showed herself as Mary Magdalene. And she invited her to be her channel. The rest is history.

Trust, absolute trust of who you truly are, its a profound knowingness that springs from your soul and that no chaos, no fog, no thought, no government, no organization can take away from you, once you have tasted the joy of truly being a radiant Master simple for the joy of being it.

Trust in all your Field of Consciousness, trusting your mind that supports you in your daily activities, trusting the reunion of your feminine and your masculine. This is not any more about separating.  You, theEarth, the evolution is inviting us all to go beyond duality. 

It is an invitation which you make to yourself, and that our beloved Adamus Saint Germain made yesterday. And he told us, can you imagine what it is to live without duality?

Beloved family of Magdala, I invite you to trust in yourself in the most profound level that you ever have ever experienced in all of your life times, trust your dreams, trust your greatness, trust even your fears because those are motivating you to move beyond. Confidence, the openness of your heart and a knowledge followed by experience. Knowledge has no value if there is no experience.

You could not learn to ride a bicycle andfeel the air and the pedals, the experience of what is to be riding a bicycle in the city of Quito or in any city, if you only read the manual. You need the experience. You are in need of that oneness that you are, you need the color of your soul.

You are unique you are genuine; you are the Mary by your own right. And I thank you, because for me, this is a great honor to be with all of you sharing this space and in spite of my channel, who has resisted a bit, unless she is ridding the Unicorn, we will continue with this divine process of awakening because there is something beyond, and which it is really here and which we are beginning to discover and which we are beginning to enjoy.

As it is outward it is inward, as above is below. I thank you for this honor, I thank you for this grace of sharing with you and I know, that you would like to listen to truths, but I do not come to share with you absolute truths, I come to share with you an essence, a new consciousness of the feminine that embraces the masculine, of the complete marriage of the self in all levels.

Beloved family of Magdala, love each other, beloved Mary, beloved Luis, beloved Carlos, beloved into you. Allow yourselves the adventure of the experience. Allow yourself to really be the multidimensional being that you are.

Allow yourself a bit or maybe a lot of craziness in your life. The knowledge gives you the base but only the experience gives you the wisdom, allow it, you are ready for it.

The real Mystery School begins when you depart from here. When you get back home, when you getback into your own spaces that have memories.

Memories that often times limit you, keep you locked in a mental box, in an old neuron net in which you feel that you only know this. I invite you to find out about other neighborhoods. And not only stay in the same known neighborhood, go beyond, take the risk, make a conscious choice, it does not matter what, it doesn’t matter the outcome. Really, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the experience and the wisdom that you are going to get from it. And it will be yours, it will not be of anyone’s else, its only yours and even if the rest of the world does not believe it or does not share it, love the wisdom in you, love the truth in you and allow it to continue its expansion.

Today, as Adama Magdala, the New Energy one, I want to infinitely thank you… there are no words, there are no words. To give thanks from a so sacred and safe space to my soul’s friend Adamus Saint Germain, to Easa, and to the Magician and to each and all of you, because you are allowing, you, beloved family of Magdala, you are allowing and to open yourselves to this new consciousness here and now. What can be grander!
Thank you!
And so it is!

Golden Circle of Alchymist, Mary Magdalena & Yeshua in the New Consciousness. Creators: Raiza Preziuso y Malú Gaxiola, Channelers and Master in New Energy.

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