12 diciembre 2013



Channeled by Raiza Preziuso and Malú Gaxiola.
November 19, 2013

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So ... I invite you to center yourself ... to feel comfortable ... To get into a comfortable position.

Remember that to breathe I do not need to be in a Buddha posture, or a very special position, I can be in any position that is comfortable for me...

 And I take a deep breath through the nose... and bring it all the way down into the belly...

Allowing all that channel of mine to open, allowing my whole being to open inviting my soul to be here with me in my body...

I Am already my soul, I Am already the higher aspect of me.

I accept it, I receive it, I feel it and I allow it…  And I breathe it in with a unique joy.

I breathe and feel… I breathe and I love myself...

And with this love and dance, I invite Magdala... I open myself to this infinite love which she has for us. To this expansive wish she carries of touching our hearts...

So we can open ourselves more deeply to what love really is... True love… the very high frequency true love.

Love conquers all, love makes us literally live in all dimensions to create the new... to be able to let go of any “feeling of being trapped or blocked"

So I breathe... and I open myself.

And I begin to invite Magdala with all my love... and all the Unicorns that surround her.

Magdala always speaks to us from her Cherry Blossom Garden... There is also a waterfall…  If you so choose, we can all go there, all of us who are listening tonight and all who will  listen to this later on, let us  go all together to where Magdala is.

To this refreshing waterfall, to this Secret Garden of Cherry Trees filled with unicorns that come and lay down next to us in this wondrous prairie. Feel how they are greeting us, how we are coming into this garden to share with Magdala on this magical night...

We welcome you beloved family of Magdala.

We welcome you all to this golden space of Cherry Trees in full blossom.

We welcome you into this waterfall of infinite abundance. And we welcome you to the strength, beauty, and love that these so special beings carry: the Unicorns.

Welcome to your open heart which now is open... and to the I Am of your Divine Presence

Welcome to these important moments that are for us, yes, for us who are on this side, and also for all of you. Because now for us, more than ever, we can enter into your space and walk along side by side with you. Because now, you have not only allowed yourselves to channel our energies and to trust the message, but also because you are allowing yourself to channel more light into your Vessel of Consciousness.

You are allowing yourselves to embody more light into your body and mind. You are allowing yourselves to embody a light that is not blah, blah, blah. A light that is not something theoretical or intellectual, but really, you are already living your light. And as you live it, as you breathe it, as you feel that light into the depths of your being, everything changes, beloved family, everything is reorganized. Everything takes on different tones, colors, essences... All is new. What was once white, you suddenly find yourself feeling is now black and vice versa, what you used to like and it was your passion, now it does not mean much to you, or your priorities have changed. So everyone here on this side of the Golden Circle, the Circle of ascended consciousness, we applaud and honor you for all the new you are allowing to yourselves.

We know, yes, we know from this side that sometimes your Vessel seems to sink. We know that sometimes you feel that your Vessel is very weak, small, and insignificant and is not ready, or that it does not have enough energy to face the storms that you are experiencing. But beloved family, the storm still has its beauty. Even the storm has its grace and elegance and we know that those beautiful eyes of your divine presence, your conscious presence, are already seeing and feeling the tremendous wisdom which the storm is bringing with it.

I invite you to breathe this for you... And to allow yourselves to the new, through this breath, without struggle, without resistance, without force, without pain.

Beloved family, I Magdala, the Lady of the Heart desire to applaud you with all of my soul, because you are allowing a true integration of everything that you are. Because you are right there, in the eye of the storm. Where you have placed yourself to move forward and to not be distracted with the past, the guilt, the fears, the dreads and all those distractions that can get around us. And we applaud you because you are able to do it all. We feel and know that in this, everything… all your life is engaged.

One of the things that define a true Master, beloved family is that in your awakening and embodiment of enlightenment, one puts and risks everything. And your life inevitably changes. When you risk everything, when you put all into it, your life changes. You have asked for it.
You understood that you have gone beyond the mind and you have realized that you have the key which matches the lock and opens the door... you are not looking for it any more, you have it within. And as you bear this key beloved family, you know that there is nothing which you cannot accomplish. You have understood that you can do anything, truly, anything.

If today you asked a Master, which is your greatest wish, that Master would tell you, “My desire is always to be filled with desire, always filled with the passion of my soul”.

Breathe deeply and allow not only my words, but the essence, the frequency and the harmonics of what I am transmitting through them.

Because of this and so much more beloved family, only you know, only your heart knows, we applaud and honor you. Because in this human experience of embodying enlightenment you are putting all of your passion. And passion is the desire, passion is strength, vitality, is life, is the engine that propels everything and keeps everything active.

And passion is also true love manifested in tranquility when you need it.

Passion is also, sacred spaces with which you treat yourself when you want to savor your present in a different way. Passion is also the space that you give yourself... to heal yourself, to rejuvenate, to reorganize yourself, this also is passion. Passion is the luxury that a Master gives himself, on his path of walking his ascension. And also this passion is the elixir of your soul.

You know it, you can feel it. And I know you are dying. Yes beloved family, we know on this side that you are dying... But we also know that you are rebirthing into something new, with passion, in so many spaces of your life. Congratulations for this beloved family. Congratulations for that.

And remember that you do lack anything. You do not lack anything. Unless you believe that you do.

Breathe deeply and I invite you to be aware of your Vessel. The Vessel that has been with you since you left home.  Since you crossed the creator’s fire of all of your lives.

I invite you to breathe and feel the wonderful, beautiful, Vessel of Consciousness that you are.

Master, breathe, not only with your nose but with your whole body. Feeling the path that that you have traveled.

Breathe, feel it... and infuse the breath of enlightenment to this path that you have traveled.

You, the light, enlighten all of your past, allowing in this present moment...

There is nothing to heal from your past. Only allow it, yes, beloved family, allow it. In this flame, in this fire of enlightment which you are today.

Breathe and understand that everything has been perfect. Each manifestation, every decision, every laughter, every weeping...

Breathe and know that you are God also, you a Goddess also!

Breathe and serve yourself from your own light!

You, yes beloved family, each time you are allowing yourself more and more light... to enlighten your own path and the path of others. And through this light, you are seeding consciousness. That light is the seed with which you inspire others to follow their own truth. But now that light which you have allowed in yourself, in your vessel of consciousness is also illuminating your own path. You are your own light! If you allow it. And this is wonderful beloved family. That you can at the time, in every moment of your present, illuminate others and enlighten yourself.

Breathe deeply... and serve yourself from your own light, beloved family.

Feel it within you... Feel this flame, feel this fire... and know that it is there to serve you.

Breathe deeply through your whole body...

And at this time, let us invite our soul to be touched by this light.

The Magician

Let us breathe... let us continue to breathe...

Inviting this light... this light body, that wants to be in us... It is a tool that we have created for these times...

Breathe it in...

Magdala is here with us, inviting us to integrate ourselves with our light body.


Beloved family... thank you Magician... To serve ourselves from all the energies, it is something that we shared before; we've talked about this in other spaces of time. Today you are experiencing out there, much energy of renovation and change. And now the issue is, beloved family: How can you serve yourself from these transformational energies, from these - sometimes energy-tsunamis, these changes... from an enlightened point of view?

This enlightment has to serve us in some way, in some way this light has to serve you, this light which you have allowed within you and that you are carrying.

So in the first place it is important, dear Masters... And I love to call you Masters, because it takes you to a level of consciousness, to a completely different level of opportunities... So first it is very important that you live in the present. This means letting the past die.  Yes, allow that all that no longer serves you to die. And let it die with grace and elegance.

Letting it die does not mean to kill it. Letting it die does not mean throwing it away. Allowing it die, beloved family, means to fully integrate in you each and every one of these experiences. It means that you bless everything you have lived. All you have experienced. That has formed part of that past, and it also means that you no longer carry the load of the emotional baggage.

Wow! Beloved family, what liberation!

That's what we call on this side, true Freedom.

To bless is a grand and beautiful way to infuse .Oh yeah! I will say it once more:  To bless is a grand and beautiful way to infuse, from your enlightment, everything around you, including your past. There are no limits in time; there are no limits in the distance.

So I invite you now, beloved family, to breathe and feel and bless your past. In the deep consciousness that has been part of your creation and where there were no errors or failures in your past. Everything, everything, everything has been orchestrated by you in such a beautifully and innocent way.

Breathe that for you, beloved family, beloved roses, beloved Masters...

From this Cherry Blossom Trees, where life vibrates with such unconditional love...  Yes!

To live in the present also means that you are no longer defined or determined by your past. Oops! What liberation. That is, each experience has been so significant in your path to bring more light into your life. Because you know that through all those experiences you've been able to integrate so much knowledge, so much more wisdom. And you have been able to understand so much more, of who you really are.

I want to share with you something... that it has been very important and that it is a great opportunity for all of you. To live in the present means that you're not a habit. No, you're not only a habit beloved family. Maybe you are made up ​​of many parts of you that have many habits, but you are not defined by them. You are not only your habits. You are free from your habits if you so choose it. And so I have shared so much about the quantum opportunities. You are now ready to go beyond your habits. This means that you are open to experience new forms and ways of living and of enlightening. Beyond everything that is known.

Breathe deeply...

Beyond everything that is known...

To live in the present... means... that you are open to everything that is new. To all this new that is coming along. Although these changes and transformations sometimes come in unexpected forms and through information packets that you do not... you do not like, do not want to see... and that they push you a bit.

Your heart knows exactly what we are talking about here beloved family... A broken heart...  a relationship that comes to an end, a job that is no longer there, a child that leaves home, an unwanted disease... a death of someone close, a passion that is no longer felt...

It is so much of what you are experiencing these days... and it seems that all the structures that you believed in were strong, that they were unbreakable, and now, they are coming down.

Serve yourself also of these energies, dear Master. What falls let it fall, and open yourself to what the present has for you.

Remember, remember that at this moment, resistance does not help much... it generates more friction and with it, changes seem even more unbearable.

Living in the present, is to bring the energies that are around you to serve you and it means that you do not place upon them any resistance. And today, you have made this possible. So remember it, beloved family: what has to fall, let it fall, what has to move, let it move, allow it to move, what has to change and transform allow it with an open, elegant and graceful heart... with the light that you carry.

And remember, that an enlightened being, puts all energy at his service, but to be able to do that you need to be living in the present. Connected with your own divine source. Breathing the life that lies in you! Not outside! That lies within you. For you are life itself.

Living in the present, being aware of the light that you carry.  Yes! Feeling all the solar flares... Because we are experiencing many of these on this side and also on your side... Feeling all those solar and energetic flares that are coming in. Because it is through this connection with the strength and beauty of your present, beloved family, that all the doors of your conscience will open. Allowing a true expansion.

Not a theoretical one, no. No blah, blah, blah, no. An expansion that comes from the deep connection that you have with your divine presence, with your I Am, with your truth.

Today I have so much more to share, but I would like right now, within these energies... this connection with source... this living in the present, this allowing everything new... this letting everything fall... gracefully and with joy, with infinite joy... I open the space and I am filling it with flowers all around the Magician... or to whoever wishes to come in. Everything is allowed.

The Magician: Thank you Magdala.

I could continue to listen to you all night... My heart expands with each and every one of your words... they all come so charged with such an expanded consciousness. 

I want to thank your feminine energy so present here in these moments and on this special day, for the planet and... in this place where Raiza and Malú  physically are: Venezuela

Today was a day that could have been a strong shock, by the way of how they are handling things. But at the same time, it is a day to implement and practice what we have learned.

We are aware and we have decided to perceive from the point of view of a Master. From a person who has come to his mastery. Because in English, "a Master", is not a teacher is a person who has attained Mastery. That is, the one who knows how to manage energy.

Therefore, I want to share from experience, as the human person, like everyone else, who is experiencing at this time in our path of ascension and enlightenment.

You have talked to us about releasing the past, in face of an event -because we are getting emails, facebook reports, of people who are experiencing situations of storms, tsunamis, both physical as emotional... and it is very important, in face of any event or circumstance, not to interpret them from a stand point of fear, from a pattern of the past, from limitations.

And today, Raiza and I have had the opportunity to really interpret the events with a new vision and have been able to say, everything is in perfect order. Sometimes what appears as a negative thing can be... the door leading to change. Because there will be more clarity and realization.

So, let us see how we can practice the teachings given to us by Magdala, to be present, attentive, aware, to find new, dynamic solutions, new thought forms to face events without putting the burden of past knowledge.

And also how can I, in my Mastery, being a creator I can interpret, operate, live my passion, my creativity... integrating my light body, knowing that I am not a limited being. In practice, in everyday life, in face of events we are experiencing, a storm, a flood, a cyclone... How can I integrate my light body and be living my Mastery and having the knowingness that is only achieved when we are present and truly connected with our own divinity. Nothing terrifies me. Nothing really shakes me.

I can actually find a new way of living, of solving, of interpreting. It's exciting to live in such a way. In the above discussion we talked about freedom from prejudice. Now my knowledge, my experience, is not imbued with any previous prejudice of past lives, of similar events. Therefor... it has clarity! I am in a moment of great peace...! I feel that I Am my soul. Not that my soul is here to support me or help me. No, I Am that I Am

I have that knowledge and that infinite wisdom, and at a given moment I will know the decision I have to take, the movement that has to be done.

A few days ago I placed in Facebook an event... at certain airport an alarm was reported. A plane was coming in to land and the front tire had a problem. With this knowledge of which I am speaking, a mechanic who was very present got on his pickup truck, and drove towards the front part of the plane so that the pilot could place the front damaged tire on the back of the pickup, and as he did this the pickup truck kept the same speed as the plane and it worked beautifully, both plane and pickup were able to speed down along the runway, the pickup became the front wheel of the plane, it was quick, and amazing, the plane was able to stop without any damage and all the passengers arrived safely.

I want to invite you, Magdala and I want to invite you tonight, to have that confidence in yourself and to know that at any given moment, you, in the present moment, you will know what to do. You will know how to move or what action to take. And for that you must be free to have much clarity.

Magdala spoke to us about allowing the past to die. Dear friends let us be sincere, until now the past has been hovering in our mind, but together we have already decided to release it, to integrate it. And not to carry it like a heavy suitcase or as one more burden in this life that we are walking.
So, let’s allow ourselves to be really present, filled with passion in the now moment.

Remember what we said last week or on the last time we spoke with you? Passion is the energy which I generate when I am free. Free from all prejudice, free from the past... to have much clarity. Yeshua insisted so much on us being like children. A child is not carrying a past. A child is in the present, playing... Let us play my friends. Let's play this dance of life, this experience of life. Attitude is everything. If we are dancing and playing with life, with that attitude, clean, clear, present, we can solve it all, we can continue to walk, we will always make the decisions that lead us through our path of enlightenment.

This has worked a lot for me, in the morning when I wake up, I sit on my bed and I create my day. I say, "From the Lord God of my being, my thoughts and my words are the law. And what I create I manifest immediately. "And I begin to make a list of what I want to create for this day. Which are my attitudes? And you know… it works. Because when we do this life does not create me. I am a conscious, active, creative being and I'm actually creating my day, creating my life. Remember there is no karma. Karma was a thought form that we had long, long time ago.  I do not have to pay for anything, everything has been about experience. I Am free.

There is no destiny, Magdala has said it repeatedly, Adamus has said it repeatedly, and Tobias said it for 10 years. I am the creator of my every day, of my existence. When I am the creator and I am present, and have this clarity and have this knowledge, my perception changes. My perception is new; it has nothing to do with the stories of the past. "Oh! In the past ​​such law was made therefore it will have such consequences. "No! I am in the present, free of prejudice, cleared from the past, cleared from any program. I get out of the matrix of the collective consciousness. And believe me my friends, if we are just a handful of conscious creators, we will change the world. We do not analyze. I do not analyze if I am sick or if I am healthy. I am just creating health, I am creating harmony, I am creating a good feeling, I am creating joy, I am creating fluidity.

As Magdala tells us, even the heaviest energies are at our service. A Master, a being who is in his mastery, even makes the most of the worst. The worst thing that you can catalogue.  But we do not catalogue anything because we no longer want to live within a program. So we do not judge, we do not hold on to prejudices. We have clarity. And we serve ourselves from all energies, and we not judge whether they are good or bad. We put everything at our service, we change our perception. So we do not feel overwhelmed by any energetic tsunami, or within mass consciousness. We are living our mastery. We are living as a Master, as an ascended master here and now.

And for this, dear friends, I Malú, I have come to the understanding that it is very important to love myself. When I love myself, I do not allow life to run over me. Because I am creating my day, because I am consciously putting everything at my service. Because I make  conscious choices. For I know that there are no wrong choices but just experiences which I am creating and which I want to live out them passionately.

My thoughts are of a high frequency, because there is where I choose to live.

See this, the physical experience does not matter so much. What matters is in which frequency we are dancing, we are living in. Because this frequency in which we are living is the one creating and manifesting new worlds, new lands and the renovation of this same earth, of the same planet.

My attitude is everything. Once again Magdala and I invite you to live this way... with high frequency thoughts. Because each thought emits a radiation and connects with more of the same. And what I want to attract into my life is, balance, joy, change, and something agreeable. Not only for me but for all of us who are dwelling on this planet.

Here we have a question Magdala, they are asking it in chat and it says, Magdala how do we allow?

Magdala: do you want me to answer it?

Malú: yes, yes... Magdala, how do we allow?

Magdala: Well, first of all, breathing deeply and connecting with the essence of the source of life within you.

But I understand your question, I understand it, it goes beyond... How do I allow?

You allow, beloved sister, when you fully connect with all of the infinite quantum potentials that are there, outside and around you to serve you. You allow, dear sister, when there is no resistance in you. You allow, as when... imagine that you host a party at your house and you allow all those guests to come into your home and share your presence, enjoy your breath and enjoy all of your spaces.

When you allow... you completely trust all the light you that you carry, when you allow you go beyond judgment, criticism... You go beyond everything that is known and quite simply you are there, as a grand, beautiful and radiant observer, who allows it all… Because life is everything. When you do not allow you are in struggle. You are in resistance... it hurts.

In the new energy, the new consciousness, we talk a lot and share a lot of what allowing means. And to allow takes courage, demands a lot of courage. It requires that absolute confidence of knowing who you really are. Of knowing that you have the light and presence. We are not talking here, beloved sister, beautiful sister, we're not talking about a unique knowledge, or a single truth, or something perfect. We are referring here to, and I am referring myself to the truth that lies in your heart. When you live that truth, when that truth is no more intellect, when it is no more thought, you allow it all. You allow everything that is neither external, without resistance, without judgment, without good nor bad. But understanding, allowing a much deeper understanding of why you are observing that experience outside.

And at the same time, to allow means absolute trust of everything that you are, everything. To trust that light and to trust the darkness that  lies in the light and which your soul has so beautifully held for you for so much time.

So when you allow yourself, you go beyond anything known. In the known, the mass consciousness traps you. The established things trap you, what you are supposed to be, traps you. When you allow, you go beyond the mind, and you make a true quantum leap into the unknown and it is wonderful. It is great because it is literally about trusting your Vessel, trusting... all that Vessel of Consciousness that you are and throwing yourself into those oceans and venture into the unknown.

This is to allow you, beloved family. This is to allow yourself and go beyond all your limitations, all.

It is to create, and in that creation, in that which you choose and want for yourself, allow it all. It is about not establishing any limits to your creation. It does not want it to be red, or blue, or yellow, or green, or that it may have those features, no. It is purely and simply to take the large brush and let everything else surprise you. Allowing is to be surprised by your own allowing, by your creation and to say wow! Look at what I have allowed. And this way of creating will radiate and at the same time surprises you and sends you back the light that you have allowed yourself.

Allowing it to go beyond the beyond.  And to fully trust your divinity. To trust who you really are. And to know that in the wisdom of the goddess, of the chalice, to know that everything is perfect, that every event is perfect and everything is bringing you a pearl, a wonderful message, wisdom, and abundance.

Breathe deeply and allow yourself. I invite you to allow the new, not knowing what that new is about to bring. But you know that with the light that you bear you can only attract radiance. You can only attract the light.  You can only attract beauty.

My invitation is that you allow so much more of that beauty.

Malú: Thank you Magdala… This has been a wonderful experience, you make us fly.

Magdala: Is there anything else you would like to share? Malú, the Magician?

Malú: It is just that... allowing, as Magdala said, is to remove the resistance, then you really see how much more easily it is. Because I do not have to put anything, I simply allow it to be... Oh, it is releasing the old beliefs of limitation... It is a dance filled with grace and harmony.

When you hear a very high vibrational music, and you allow it to fill you, to fill you with joy and you dance and dance... and you move... and your feelings and emotions rise to its highest frequency, so for me, this is allowing. When sometimes I am tense, I play music that helps me let go of everything and I just dance.

What Magdala said to us is so true; it is to remove the resistance. And how curious is that sometimes we are reluctant to allow something, because we place a judgment: "ah, that's bad"... then I shut down, and I shut down my solar plexus and I literally shut down... literally.

But allowing is about being open, knowing that everything, good and bad, is at my service. And it is unfolding a new potential, because deep in my heart, the only thing I want is the new, the beautiful, the wonderful, the abundant... and I allow it.

Let's work this month, in removing resistance and let us share our experiences through the web. Raiza and I have a Facebook page. You can enter and write something on it, and we also have our blog which is: circulodoradoal.blogspot.com and make any comment, of what allowing is in your life and the experiences you have had… Because that feedback, remember, we are kindred spirits who are living this experience of ascension together. And we inspire each other with our experiences and our progress.

Magdala: Thank you Malú. I thank the Magician and the consciousness and essence of the Magic that you bear so beautifully.

Breathe deeply, and I want to invite you, I Magdala, the Lady of the Heart, The Lady of Cherry Trees and Unicorns, I invite you to breathe deeply to feel your soul.

And in this space of time... that we still have, because there is no time, no distance, I want to invite you to feel your soul, beyond all the concepts that you may have of it. Because your soul helps you to allow so much more. Your soul wants the adventure, your soul wants the unknown, and your soul wants to experience the new.

Your soul is not a concept beloved family, it is an experience and that experience has your name on it. So breathe that for you. And a Master, who serves himself from all energies, invites his soul to become part of his enlightment. There is no such enlightment if you do not fall deeply and madly in love with your soul.

Your soul loves you exactly as you are! Your soul wants to mix your essence with hers. As two lovers do, beloved family. She wants to dance with you and burn down your whole world of mental concepts. She wants to be inside you! Your soul also wants to feel you within her!

What a blast! What a grand opportunity she has manifested for you. Invite your soul to be part of your enlightment. Allow your soul, beloved family, to embody her light within you! Allow her to embody her beauty, her innocence, her loving strength in you! Because this has a lot to do with this allowing of which we have been speaking about.

To allow is not a philosophy. It is something you are already starting to dare as you begin to live closer to your soul, in love with your soul

And I also want to share with you, that when a Master-in that beautiful concept which the Magician shared with, of what mastery is, being aware, being conscious that you are a creator-when that master walks with his soul, there are indicators that we can feel and see... oh, yes, that you are actually walking alongside with your soul, or that he is still more mental. When you walk with your soul, you move into the unknown without fear, yes that is allowing. You open up to grace, to the magic, to that which is not controlled by the mind. Remember, when you feel that tension, that struggle of control, it is the mind. And it is okay for you to love the mind but also give your soul an opportunity, a new opportunity to our soul.

When you walk alongside with your soul, you fully trust. Listen to me beloved family, when you walk alongside with your soul, you fully trust the messages you are getting from your divine intelligence. You can call them messages from the ascended masters, or whether they archangels or pakawas, or whatever you like to call them. You fully trust those messages.

You can see in the eyes of a master, a special glow that cannot be described in words. You can feel its radiation… its light. As Yeshua said to us, you walk and roses spring from the ground in which you breathe, through the path that you go by.

When you walk alongside with your soul, you channel more easily everything that is coming to you. And you can express it without fear of being criticized or judged or evaluated.

Your soul is not interested in what other people say beloved family! It is free of prejudice and criticism. The soul, your soul, loves you, and she loves the experience with all its nuances. The soul is not interested in the results. She throws herself into the experience as an innocent child. Oh yes, this is your soul. She loves you, she has been waiting for you for so long... in such a beautiful way. She has been waiting for you to turn around and invite her to join all your spaces.

When you have allowed falling in love profoundly with your soul, and when you allow her to fall in love with you, only then you only care about the joy of life. Only about the joy of the experience. The joy of living in the present... and the joy of the experience, of moving to a dimension that is no longer just a tension, a struggle, the difficult part, but it is a dimension... a dimension which my friend Pythagoras calls, the festive dimension, the dimension of celebration. We have tried to annihilate it from our lives, yet this dimension is there…  and it is inviting you.

And if you had to invent an instrument, beloved family, to measure the soul in our lives, this instrument would be call "joy-meter". Yes, and I have shared this with you at other times, allow yourself... we come back to the allowing, allow, open your doors to the divine gift that you have for you. The gift of joy in your life, of being alive, of celebrating, of creating without any expectations... without fear... without judgment.

The joy of allowing change. The joy of flowing with the energies. Joy... is free. And it is so much more, beloved family, it is so much more. And this is why I love being here, sharing with you, loving you, breathing into you... feel you... Beyond all this technological connection, we are united in this heart, allowing us to grow and expand. Allowing us to be who we really are.

Beloved family, fall in love with your soul. Be your soul, as the Magician said to us.
It is no longer just to simply and plainly invite her, but to be pure soul, to be the joy. And as you fall more in love with her you will fall in love more with yourself. It does not matter if you think you have already experienced it. My invitation is to allow yourself a new love story with your soul. Yes, a new love story.

You, you are within it, and she is within you. You are within it, and she is within you... dancing together... allowing the new.

And remember it beloved family, the mind does not know of this... Only your heart and your Vessel of Consciousness can allow yourselves this complete connection with your soul. It is about living completely next to the joy of your soul.

I love you... Beyond all concepts. Beyond all the stories you might have told and continue to tell about Mary Magdalene. I love you... and I carry you in my own Golden Vessel of Consciousness. Which is infinite, beautiful, and it is always inviting you. It is always inviting you.

Beloved family, and with this I say goodbye. And more than a good-bye it is a see you soon. Until our next Golden space in which we can share.

I thank you; I thank you for allowing me to be in your heart and allowing me to come into your spaces.

Thank you. And so it is.

Malú: I invite you to breathe deeply...

Feeling and grounding all this wisdom that Magdala has shared with each one of us.

It is something so real... Her love is so... immense... and has bathed us, has surrounded us, opening our hearts. Inviting us to fall in love with ourselves.

Breathe and feel...

Breathe and allow...

Allow this joy-meter.... Allow this expansion of joy... it is now that we have to be fully in joy.

Breathe and ground into your consciousness…

We are 20 people, 19 people spreading this consciousness, "joy can be lived here… on Earth..."

We are the creators of this new land...

We have planted a new consciousness... as we did, two thousand years ago, when Yeshua and Magdala were amongst us in the physical.

And here Magdala is joining us, helping us to make this expansion of consciousness that we all set out to do.

This is the time of celebration and joy. Do not let anything get you out of it...

You are the master; you are in your mastery...

You are a body of infinite light, immortal and eternal... Expand yourself...

We really want to thank all our friends for your participation. Because this work is a team work. And it is not about giving you something different and new in every program... We simply are sharing our journey, our Vessel of consciousness and our own expansion of consciousness. We are in this new Gaia. We are the ones who are actually making the change.

Circulo Dorado de Alquimistas.
Blog: www.circulodoradoal.blogspot.com
Raiza Preziuso y Malú Gaxiola, Maestras de la Nueva Energía.
Raiza: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627 raizapreciosa@gmail.com
Malú:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301     gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

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Magdala y Yeshua en el Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Magdala y Yeshua en el Cotopaxi, Ecuador
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