23 noviembre 2013


Golden Circle of the Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso and Malú Gaxiola.
October 29, 2013
We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service. With Infinite compassion, elegance and grace.
You can listen to this channeling in Spanish:


So we all together invite, with a deep breath, bringing those energies with each breath into our core center...

Allowing this message of Magdala, the Lady of the Heart, the feminine consciousness, and Magdala- with all her Unicorns- always comes to us; she is so close to us, supporting us on this journey of enlightenment and ascension.

Let’s take a deep breath

Let's play with her ​​and with the Unicorns

We invite her with our love. She always comes to move strings in our heart.

So we continue to breathe, inviting her and opening up ourselves.

We invite our soul to participate in this channeling ... To be here with us always in our soul, dancing playing expanding. Expanding our consciousness.



Welcome beloved family of Magdala.

Welcome to this space ... where the golden table of all of all potentials is always served, waiting for you.

Welcome beloved family of the Christ consciousness, of the Christ that you are also, of the consciousness which is unlimited abundance and which you, dear family, bear when you dare to live in extraordinary ways.

Oh yes! Welcome, welcome to this new space where the Alchemy of Transfiguration is possible.

Welcome to the new love of my heart.

Welcome beloved family into my Secret Garden. Welcome to this Secret Garden with cherry blossoms always in bloom, waiting to greet you.

Welcome to the New Gaia, yes the New Gaia is already a reality. For those enlightened, bold, who have been creating it and are already enjoying it. Yes, the New Gaia, already here for you. Welcome to this dimension that you created of Gaia for you.

Welcome beloved family to this opportunity to be yourself, to be you.  To be yourself without masks and without limitations.

Welcome to all who are now listening live and who are participating with all your consciousness, with all your energy, with all that open heart. You are actively involved in allowing, downloading this information, these packages of consciousness. And all you who will listen to this later on, we also welcome you.

We welcome all non-physical beings, non-physical. Yes, the non-physical visiting us from the crystalline dimensions and also from those dimensions of the New Gaia. They are here wanting to feel into you, also wanting to listen those new teachings from you and from us. They want to learn from you, they want to walk along with you, so please welcome also those beings from the other side, the Crystal Kingdom and of the New Gaia who are here, right now in this space.

We welcome them all.

I invite you to take a deep breath together and allow us, in the empty space of the void that holds the potential of everything and which contemplates all, to allow us to open our heart. To allow us to give a break to our mind, knowing that she is also at our service.

So at this moment with a sustained, conscious and deep breath I invite you to open your heart, beloved family. Mine ... is completely open to you all.

And I know that this is a time - my channel is surprised, but I know that this is a time filled with changes and transformations. As I am sure many of you have been experiencing it, yes. And precisely for that, it is also a time to transcend the limitations which in one way or another you can feel in your daily life.

Because, the more movements you are experiencing, the more opportunities you have, yes, more opportunities to step out of limitations. To jump out of the box , out of the box, and not to enlarge the box but actually to step out of the box and from those limitations which you yourselves have imposed on you for thousands of years, thousands of life times…  beloved family.

This is also the time also within these changes to take every opportunity to be you. Listen to me with your heart, to be you the receptor of the alchemy to be able to really be you, the one who opens the doors to these new quantum leaps of consciousness.

Yes, today you have dared to allow more and more light into your vessel of consciousness, into the wholeness of your being, into your body, and even into your mind, yes you are allowing more and more light. And when you allow yourself all of that, inevitably you begin in your life to feel with more intensity all the limitations. Oh yes! The limitations are getting closer to you and are challenging you, but beyond the challenge, I invite you beloved family, to see an invitation, a beautiful invitation, strikingly beautiful, to transcend those limitations.

Breathe that for you ... Allowing the new that is coming ... Allowing the new that you yourself are creating.

We know that many times, those ones that are here, on this side, and so many other ascended masters and beings from the angelic order who are accompanying us, we know that sometimes you place very stringent limits forms, in all the relationships you have in your personal life. Especially the ones that you have with yourself. Beloved family, relationships, especially those that you have with yourself are approaching you and are challenging you. Not the relationship in itself, but actually the openness which you can have to modify and transcend those limitations.

Not the relationship itself, but actually you can have that openness to change and transcend those limitations.

And, as today I have been asked to speak about abundance I also want to share with you, beloved family, that you have also set limitations regarding that abundance, of how much you can allow, how much you can love yourself, how much joy and beauty you can carry on your vessel, that vessel which has been accompanying you since the wall of fire. Oh yes! Since the wall of fire this vessel has been there, and sometimes you just limit yourself as to how much more you can allow yourself, how much more you can create. And sometimes Oh yeah! I have seen and heard; you question yourself as to how much more enlighten you can ever have.

When there are limitations, beloved family, and I know that in your life now you still have them, the consciousness remains restricted, wanting to expand... but nothing more. Because these limitations are really the ones which are dominating the scenario of your creations.

Within these scenarios many wonder, how I can attract abundance into my life? And it seems that this issue of abundance is also part of those limitations which you have accepted and adopted in your life. Yes, I am abundant but ... just enough to survive, just enough to be well... or just enough to ... not disturb the other.  Just enough.

But, beloved family of my heart: you are the grand creator. This is one of the greater gifts that your bear within your vessel of consciousness. This is one of the greater gifts that you bear within the chalice, the chalice that a great friend names the I Am.        And within the I Am there is also the consciousness that I am God also.

You are a grand creator, beloved family, you are a grand designer. And here I want to ask you a question and I want to share this space of consciousness: to what extent, oh yes, to what extent, just the enough, makes the passion of your soul radiant ... be in all its glory? To what extent, beloved family, enough is enough?

We know that it is very agreeable to be contained in limitations. There is a strange and unpleasant inner sense of disgrace and discomfort, of being trapped within the limitations, you are expecting something to happen, something that launch you, to push you or that it will liberate you, but something that comes from outside. And while trying to think a way out of it, this becomes more of a struggle, a constant fight where the resistance hurts… and what it does is that each time it sinks you deeper and deeper.

Beloved family, beloved Roses in full expansion, when you make that conscious choice to go beyond destiny, then the new potentials are allowed into your life. But you have to go beyond the consciousness of destiny. That is when the future can really be, remember it, when the future really be, regardless of the past, then you are really opening to the new potentials. And among those potentials of abundance, of unlimited abundance.
Potential in your life can really be anything, but when they are quantum, and this is the great opportunity you have right now, in this table that is set, beloved golden family, when these potentials are quantum, they are huge, they are unlimited, particularly if you are immersed in these new ways of relating, in what we call the new energy.

I invite you to breathe a little here...

To feel all that new, through the breathing which is the conduit, life, the vitality to be right there, in that permissive space.

Let's take a few deep and abundant breaths, filled with clarity...

And I ask you to feel your soul... And really feel the new passions. Because passion is not only one thing, beloved family, passions are also shifting, they are shifting and they are expanding as your consciousness expands.

So at this time, without any past, without being your past, without identifying with a past, I invite you to feel... those true passions which are coming into your life, and which have a lot to do, beloved family, with the passion of your soul. Yes, of your soul ... That space which you are allowing more and more within you.

If you go more deeply, more deeply you will understand that the passion of your soul carries an unlimited abundance. We cannot be talking about an unlimited abundance, without that deep, gentle, compassionate connection with your soul. And the same as the celebration, when you are in that festive dimension of celebration, abundance is a natural state of being; it is your natural state, beloved family.  Being yourself unlimited abundance in all the areas of your life.

Only that you have forgotten a little about it, and it is well, you have allowed yourself to forget but now, with so much more light in you, to allow yourself to remember who you truly are. A human being, an unlimited divine being, a Master.

And I have repeated this very much and will continue to do so because it is so important for your now moment, for your present moment: a Master knows that all -and I want at this moment that you imagine this word, ALL the energies, underlined, highlighted, with light around it, a Master knows that ALL the energies of the universe are there to serve you. Oh yes! ALL.  Even the energies of change that annoy you.  Even the energies of the limitations which are drawing closer and closer to you.  Even the energies of those winds of chaos blowing in your face. Even those energies of these waves of life that are moving around you. That is also there to serve you.

Master, remind yourself that the energy in its purest form is neutral, does not know of positives and does not know of negatives. Your mind sometimes resists and struggles trying to find a supposed perfection which does not exist, and you know it. Your being knows it, your supreme conscience and your soul know it.

I want to share something that comes from that garden full of cherry blossoms, beloved family:

You are abundant when you embrace everything completely in your life.

Yes! When you embrace it and allow it all without any resistance. Because you begin to understand that the natural flow of existence is at your service. Oh yes! How beautiful that natural flow of existence is at your service, and is showing you the wonderful of the new and it is showing also, beloved family, new sources of wealth in your life.

But do not resist. You can feel the resistance in your life through the mind, thought, analysis, processing ... of the fight. But dear family, I am here in this safe and sacred space, sharing with you and telling you that when you embrace change, your abundant consciousness expands. Not otherwise. And that quantum leap, that immense leap, of allowing a new birth, without exception is within you, it is birthed in you.

Abundance, beloved family, has nothing to do with perfect life situations, no. It has nothing to do with the perfect job; it has nothing to do with the perfect mate. You do not need to be surrounded by a charm all the time, to feel safe, that you are doing the right thing. Oh God! No! It is not necessary to be at peace or to be happy all the time, beloved family, you know it, because you are experiencing it. You experience highs and lows in your life, and I it is okay.

Your self, your wise self, your infinite wise self understands along with your soul, that you do not need to do anything, beloved family, because you ARE everything. When you are this abundance, YOU know that you ARE everything. You are the bearer of that vital source, you are the Lord, the Lady of life, and the God Goddess of life, and you are the vast ocean, open to all, to any wave of experience. You are the grand integrator. How wonderful and what a great opportunity you are living at this moment beloved family.

Oh yes! I invite you to breathe into the immensity which you already are. You do not need to earn the kingdom of heaven because the kingdom of heaven, the queen of heaven is within you, and the unlimited abundance is also within you. Observe nature, nature constantly is talking about all its manifestations, do you know that nature can heal you? You also carry this gift of nature; you can heal yourself and allow the abundance of healing that has the divine intelligence of your body. Did you know it beloved family? Yes, I know, in the depth of this divine intelligence which you carry, you know it. And you're starting to embody it and applying it in your life.

Breathe deeply and breathe into nature which is also showing you the wonder of creation. Observe nature, and in nature life and death have a beautifully space orchestrated. A beautifully space. Beautifully orchestrated within the balance that nature sustains and makes us wonder, when we are making love with nature.

Oh yes! Beloved family, turn and see and enjoy more the new cathedrals. These new cathedrals that are in nature.

You have that ability, beloved family. This ability that is also in nature, this ability to die to all the limitations that are approaching you, and the capacity of re-birthing yourself, to the new quantum leaps, may you be capable of allowing, may you be capable of honoring you. Oh yes!  Life and death within you, dear Master.

Today I want to share that when a quantum leap - and I love talking about quantum because it has a lot to do also with transfiguration and alchemy, when this quantum leap is in you, a death has been allowed. Sometimes we fear death, but observe this; you can die and at the same time remain in your body. You are already prepared to experience this.

When there is this capacity  -right now this opportunity is being presented to you- facing your limitations one can be birthed and die as many times as you need, dear Master, as many times as you need, this ability, this possibility to birth yourself and to die and to be birthed again. And when this quantum leap is already within you, and this death has been allowed, the death of whom you thought you were, then and only then you can actually birth yourself to the new which you choose to be today.

Oh how wonderful beloved family! What a great opportunity that you yourself have created for yourself! What a great table! What a great scenario! What a great consciousness that you yourself have breathed for you! This creation and it continues to be your creation.

I invite you ... at the moment with some ... Unicorns from the other side fluttering around the Cherry tree and playing in the rejuvenating waterfall... I invite you to breathe ... to feel your heart... and to allow yourself everything, all the new that is coming to you right now.

When you allow yourself, beloved Rose, there is no mind... There is a plain and simple space within you allowing it, opening all the doors of your consciousness.

I know it, breathe this for you and allow it.

When you embrace life you do not resist, then miracles are made, they happen, are manifested.

So, beloved family, embrace absolutely everything to be able to allow everything.

Become a conscious embrace and embrace life in all its manifestations, because abundance, dear Masters, has much to do with how much life you allow within you, with how much joy you are willing to receive in your chalice, how much joy you are willing to receive in your dwelling, in your garden.

And I want to... at this moment to give you an image, the image of your cup fully filled, not only filled but radiant, but overflowing with joy in your life. This cup does not only need to be filled, this cup may be overflowing abundance in all areas of your life.

So I give you this image, beloved family, this image of my cup, of your chalice and of you as an overflowing cup, in joy, life and acceptance.

And in this space of Roses, of joy, of life, of abundance ... of unlimited abundance... and quantum leap... the quantum leap which is already within you, I want everyone, with our breath and through our open heart in this golden space to welcome the Christ consciousness of Yeshua Ben Joseph.

We welcome you dear Master


Magdala, Malú, is here present with her soul, connected to the Christ-consciousness which each one of you is bearing.

We have walk together before... now we call ourselves Shaumbra. We have called ourselves by different names, but we seeded 2,000 years ago the Christ consciousness of “I Am God also” which Tobias came to reinforce and to remind us for 10 years to prepare us for this journey of Enlightenment and Ascension.

And today we are truly connected with our soul.

I want to share with you my own experience, the experience of the Magician Malú, as Magdala calls me, of Malú and my soul on this journey.

La Magician (Malú):

Many years ago I shared immensely with Yeshua. Moreover I was in a monastery, a convent for many years. And we had a deep friendship, a fabulous encounter. And I remember Tobias, at one point who said that we had to let go of those friends, to fully embody our ascension and our divinity. At that point I did let go of Yeshua. But the Christ-consciousness that we all formed is there and it is what each of us is expanding at this moment,  “I am God also", meaning, I Am the Creator.

And today, with this theme of abundance, of how we can move in so many dimensions at the same time, I want to share with you a bit about how my experience has been.

About 15 years ago, being in the peaks of the Peruvian Andes, I understood a very ancient totem which I found: it had the face of a man, on top there was the face of a cougar, then above was a condor with its wings unfolded and at the top a snake. And during these 15 years I have delved deeper and have seen that consciousness really is moved everywhere.

The man, what does it mean? To be fully human, one needs to be “free of prejudices”.

If I am free of prejudice, if I have no judgment, that is if I can drop my beliefs, all my beliefs of the past, I'm clear, I have no prejudice, nothing is neither good nor bad- this is being cleared from prejudice. With this freedom from prejudices I can generate enough passion.

So what is passion?

It’s the amount of energy needed to move energy.

When I am free of prejudice I have energy, I have passion, I have that dynamics to move mountains, to manifest what I want, to make choices and immediately manifest. Because with that passion, when I become the cougar, I have the passion of the Cougar, I have that passion that matches my dream, which equals my conscious choice.

I can make conscious choices but if I do not have passion, if I have not the Cougar’s energy, what happens? I am manifesting according to what I'm vibrating, in the energy of where I am. I'm stuck. I have to have passion, feel it in every molecule of my body. For me this is the quantum energy that expands in all directions and in all dimensions at the same time.

So then, “free of prejudice” leads me to “have passion”, to generate energy. When I generate energy, when I put passion into my choices, when I raise my frequency and I have all this strength, my Condor, Eagle wings spread out... and I fly. That is, I am out of the limitations which I myself created before. Everything has been appropriate to be able to really experience being a human, we had to experience many limitations but this is the time of enlightment, of recovering our divine consciousness, of being free of any prejudice, to be filled with passion and extend our wings to allow our enlightment. To spread our wings and fly and accept change without limitations. To create and unfold new potentials which are not yet in this human reality.

As Magdala was telling us, at this moment we are stepping out of the box, we are literally stretching our wings. We are raising our passion, our energy to fly into new horizons in a different way. And when we do this, wisdom is distilled from all the experiences of the past. They are not any more a burden, a heavy luggage that we have been dragging along, that we need to heal past traumas and affections. No, we have wings, we are filled with passion, we are a Condor who flies, and we have the strength of a Cougar. I am a woman who is whole, because I have no prejudices! I do not belittle or limit myself with prejudices.

Yeshua told us so much: judgment falls back upon you, he who does not judge is not judged, so I Am free.

If you want to experience freedom, release prejudice of saying this is good this is bad, this is good for me, this is makes me sick, this makes me ill, this heals me, I do not like this, I do like this.

It is what it is!   And all energies are there to serve you, all of them.

When you are a complete human, you already are embodying enlightenment. The Serpent has come out above your head... to the top. All the experiences have been distilled in a very quantum and you are free, you have wings, your consciousness is expanded and one manifests with great ease, grace and joy. And with great joy does not mean to be in the "ho, ho, ho". Great joy is a high level energy, an energy or strength that does not hold you back, an energy or strength that makes you be with your wings unfolded, creating... and creating ... and creating...

So then what happens? I can be in different dimensions, and this is exactly where we are right now. I Am not only in this physical reality at which my physical eyes are looking at, my higher senses are being opened up, my higher intelligence is being opened up. I can be in multiple realities at once.

Yesterday or the day before yesterday, something very interesting happened to me. A friend of mine called me via skype from Cairo. And when the Skype screen was open, I said, "It is lovely to visit you and sit at your house in Cairo". And then I start to smell... lavender... and I said "I am sensing a beautiful lavender scent" and she says: "I just sprayed my entire house with lavender". There I noted that I was not really in Venezuela, I was sitting at her house in Cairo, talking to my friend.

See how wonderful this experience is and as those small details happened, there are so many more. You can visit a person who wants ... just a word of encouragement; you can fly to other worlds and tap into other dimensions, other realities. And right here on planet earth, you can move from one place to other, without having to take a plane or a car.

And about abundance, abundance also, abundance is right there. Abundance is everywhere. But if your frequency, if your passion is not matching your dream, not matching what you really want to manifest, this will not present itself in your life, because there is a lack of energy. When you understand that when you put passion into it, and... You are asking and from where do I get the passion? Well you have passion when you are free, breathing, focusing on what you do want, and not in the limitations of, "how difficult it is to obtain this thing that I want."

Focus. The great Ramtha is a Master of focus. He would have us focusing for hours, 10 hours without a break, breathing, focusing in one single thing.

And you in your life... do you hold your focus?

Can you focus without letting anything distract you, allowing nothing to diminish your spirit? Not even a little pain, a nuisance, a fight... You, you keep focusing on your enlightment, in creating your third circle here and now ... Can you do it?

I invite you, my soul and I invite you to live... with this energy, in the consciousness  of this totem, I am a complete man a complete woman, when I Am free from prejudice, so I have the energy, the clear dynamics, the passion, to focus on what I do want and to manifest it..

And I spread my wings and fly. And my wisdom... I allow it to come to me, and all these experiences I have had in the past, all this angel’s journey which I made since I left home, is distilled into experience, wisdom and then, my friends, we are free to create the new.

Today this is my message, Magdala, I would like you to continue and bring to a close the evening… we still have about fifteen minutes to go.

Magdala: Are you sure you finished dear Master?

The Magician: Well I could talk all night, I AM so excited, (laughter of Magdala in the background) but Magdala, I love how you are talking to us, guiding and sharing your divine experience and wisdom.

Magdala: I was enjoying that wonderful quantum leap of consciousness that I can smell in your rose that I can feel it in your words, and that I can definitely radiantly hold in my heart, I thank Master Malú. Over here some say Mu, Master Mu for bringing such a profound and wonderful teaching, and I also thank Mu for baring in such a graceful manner the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness, the consciousness of being unlimited. The consciousness of one who knows how to die and be birthed again constantly.

So with this, beloved family let us breathe together...

I invite you to breathe... to indulge in that breath and allow so much more that is coming into this space of alchemy, of transfiguration... And of allowing the quantum.

Oh yes!

And before closing this program we have chosen to share, I want to tell you that you have made a long journey to get here, a long, long, long journey. And right now you represent the Promised Land for many. You represent that new fertile land, capable of growing a new type of food.  Able to bloom new roses.  Able to create a new Gaia. Capable actually to fly - I know many of you long to fly. Able to not only make use of abundance in this dimension which you call third, but actually being able to visit and bring to the third dimension, the abundance that is present in so many other dimensions.

Remember: abundance also means that you are not a limited being.

Abundance also means that through your consciousness and with a passion that comes from your soul, you can travel to many realms, communicate with so many beings wanting to share an experience and who also want to learn from you.

You are the enlightened masters and teachers breathing, holding and allowing, extraordinary quantum leaps in short lapses of time. And I know that you too have been experiencing this, have been experiencing the wonder, of that change in you that you literally feel like another person in a space of time that in a plain and simple way does not follow the rules, and does not follow the characteristics of time as you have been living until now.

Breathe deeply…

You know it, you I feel it... the secret chamber of your heart feels it... the man, the woman, the cougar, the condor, the Unicorn and the Serpent feel it. You feel it in all those parts of you.

In these wonderful times of change, of chaos and transfigurations lie incredible opportunities. Do not concentrate on staying on the good or bad! Do not concentrate and get lost believing on the perfect manifestation, the perfect situation! No! The circumstance is perfect as it is and as it is coming into your life!

So, dear family, in these times... I invite you to allow and understand more deeply that these quantum leaps are there also for you at the golden table. And that quantum leap is not really a leap as such. No, it's more like a disappearance. Oh yes!  It is a… the quantum leap... is an absolute discontinuity with the past.

Feel it... is an absolute discontinuity with the past! You are not your past! You have obtained many pearls of wisdom from your past, but you, if you want it, you can identify with something more than your past!

Wonderful beloved masters, remember it: allow yourself an absolute discontinuity with your past. A quantum leap beloved family -and this is the time of those quantum leaps in you, it is a moment of realization in which the past no longer exists... It's just a memory, a mind invention, that it does not have any reality.

And if the past does not exist, beloved family, beloved teachers, if the past does not exist…  Who are you?

Who are you?

Whoever you choose to be... that's what you are! Whoever you choose as the great creator, manifesting in the new! Absolute and unlimited abundance! Everything you want to be at this present moment!

Yes, breathe this and allow it, and when you allow it, beloved family, I give you another image. Simply feel all the doors of your consciousness open. As when you open the doors of your house, because you have a party, a celebration and your guests arrive.

So breathe and allow the quantum alchemy.

Allow yourself to go beyond those limitations.

Breathe and allow it.  And feel this change flowing through all of you. Here, there and in the other side. Because you not only are existing here, beloved family. You are existing here and in many other dimensions...

In many other dimensions and you know it... And you're starting to enjoy it passionately.

So in order to close: abundance begins within you, in that first sacred feeling that bathes all your creation.

Being abundant beloved family is to be able to vibrate with the passion that comes from your soul. Because abundance follows the passion of your soul! Not otherwise, it is not about having abundance to obtain the passion of my soul. But really, abundance follows the passion soul, and being abundant, definitely beloved family, is to be free. Free from your own limitations, free from your own prejudices and free from any prison. No matter the size and color that it has. Being abundant is to allow the unlimited. The grandest creation

And my invitation beloved family is to go for it, for your grandest creation, always, with every breath.

And even if you feel you get there last, it does not matter, it does not matter, we all have the table set for you.

And so it is. In complete abundance

Breathe deeply... feeling this space... feeling your self...

Breathe... and allow much more from you.

Breathe... opening yourself to the new and to the unlimited abundance of you.

Breathe deeply... and remain with this flavor, with this music, with this aroma, with this divine expansion... that your soul’ passion is gifting you with.

Breathe... and dance with your soul.

Breathe... and allow the new.

Circulo Dorado de Alquimistas.
Blog: www.circulodoradoal.blogspot.com
Raiza Preziuso & Malú Gaxiola, Masters of the New Energy.
Raiza: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627 raizapreciosa@gmail.com
Malú:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301     gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

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