14 agosto 2013

Myriam of Magdala & Yeshua: "FALSE PATHS OF ENLIGHTENMENT"


Presented by MYRIAM of MAGDALA and YESHUA, Mary Magdalene and Jesus in the new consciousness
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso and Malú Gaxiola.

July 16, 2013

You can listen to this channeling in Spanish by clicking:

So, in this present moment, we invite you to take a deep breath… 
And with this breath I allow myself to fully connect, to profoundly connect with my soul…
I breathe and allow myself to feel… to feel everything which I AM
To feel my Spirit, my Holy Spirit, the God which I AM
I breathe and I open myself… I open myself to receive and to perceive
I open myself with great joy… with an infinite confidence in myself
Y breathe and I connect myself with everything that I AM
And I open myself to the energies of Magdala and Yeshua
To receive the Lady of the Heart… who as always, comes to share her wisdom
This ascended and timeless Master, who is already here with us and
who wants to share her wisdom with us who are in this human divine journey.

Magdala, we open our heart and we invite you to come with us to share your love
and your wisdom.

And with all my Unicorns beloved family, I am here for you all
I welcome you all beloved family of Magdala.
I welcome you to my Rose; I welcome you to my heart.
I welcome you to this new chalice which you are filling through your experiences.
I thank you for joining me
I welcome all of you to this new expression of me. The expression of Myriam, the
Teacher, the expression of the Lady of the Heart, she comes with the bearer of the Rose.

From now on we shall be dancing with Rayna, my channeler, in a new adventure. I Myriam of Magdala I am placing this new gift in the Golden Table for her and for all of you.

In some way I am stepping on her heels, I am inviting her to play beyond the limits which she herself has established as safe. Choosing a new expression of me.
And you can always do it also: to choose a new expression of you.

So at this moment, Magdala opens a space for a new quality of the Rose, the one who teaches, the Professor. The one who allows herself to truly teach with all of her open eyes with the human and divine eyes.

So here I Am for her and for all of you, I Myriam of Magdala the bearer of the Rose, and I welcome you all, I welcome you to this space of alchemy.

In many opportunities, beloved family, I have said that the Golden Table is served. Yes, and that there is so much essence of the Ascended Masters wanting to serve you in an experience that is unique, sovereign and yours alone. You are the Master. You know it. You, conquering your own experience and this is something so important. You are not embodying the experience of another. You are facing the greatest opportunity to incarnate your own experience, to walk, yes, to walk truly as a Christ would do it.

The Christ in the new consciousness, the consciousness which Myriam of Magdala is bearing and the consciousness which Yeshua is bearing… he is not on the cross and you know that.

That Christ is further on. Some have brought him down from the cross. Others are still observing him on a cross. We are here for both. In some other way to bring to you a greater point of wisdom.
The topic of today, beloved family, more than a topic it is an experience which many are going through.

I have been stricken to see through my channeler the amount of questions, doubts and sharing that we have had about this topic. The false paths of enlightenment.

Because definitely all of you are daring to go beyond. Because truly you are integrating the new quantum physics of “daring”. This new physics of daring to go beyond all the standards, all the rules and all the patterns.

More than ever, the false paths of enlightenment are an experience which you are allowing yourselves and which probably are living it. And which, at the same time, you are expressing it with so many others who are sharing their journey or with so many who are just beginning their awakening.

Beloved family, my invitation is to take a deep breath opening your heart, making space for this Sacred Rose.

And to begin with, beloved brothers and sisters, it is appropriate as we approach this essence, it is appropriate to enter into a space of inner observation. As if you were looking at yourself in front of a mirror and you were contemplating yourself and observing yourself and all the parts of you. And this is why I, Myriam of Magdala, I invite you to open your heart with this key of the breath.

Breathe and open yourself to all the parts of your vessel of consciousness…
Open yourself allowing your new mind.
Open yourself allowing your heart to be as light as a feather… and at the same time embracing it all
Open yourself, allowing the strength and the intelligence of your Spirit
And also open yourself to your own grandness, to your innocence and to the beauty of your soul.
Breathe… and in consciousness open yourself to so much more of you.
Breathe the breath of alchemy, the breath which transforms, the breath giver of life.
As you open yourself to this breath, to this new you, you are allowing yourself all the realms within you.
You are allowing yourself to be the multi-splendorous being. You are opening and giving way to a new beauty –and to what it really means to an enlightened one- to be a Christ.

To begin with, beloved family of the Rose, enlightenment cannot be bought, it cannot be sold and it cannot be learnt. Enlightenment has nothing to do… how can I explain?
enlightenment has nothing to do with levels of learning, has nothing to do with titles and still less with the experience of… a kind of a feeling of spiritual psychosis feeling that there is always something still missing, feeling that you have to take quickly the next ship.
The speed, the immediacy, the spiritual psychosis are essences which are far away from what enlightenment really is, beloved family. You cannot order enlightenment. It happens when it happens. You cannot be the cause of enlightenment.
And so…  I invite you to breathe.

You cannot be the cause of enlightenment. But you can do much for it to happen, beloved family. Yes, but everything you do is not going to work as a cause and effect. No, everything you do, beloved family, will not bring you enlightenment. Mm… Mm, but it will be preparing you to receive it. It will prepare you to receive that enlightenment.

You are, through your walk, through your experiences, through your acts… you are building a new cup. You are building a new chalice, can you see it?
The chalice by itself, you… is not enlightenment, yet the chalice is the space of consciousness containing the enlightenment. You are this space of consciousness, this vessel of consciousness, container of more light, opening spaces for this light who wants to love you more, who wants to nurture you more and who wants to honor you and each one of you and who wants to honor all of your experiences.

And this is one of those false illusions surrounding enlightenment. Beloved family, Family of the Rose –one of them is feeling that doing more you are going to be enlightened-. Enlightenment has nothing to do with doing. It is more a matter of being and allowing a safe space, a divine, holy, yes holy space because you are bearing it, holy because you are breathing it. Not holy because any pope declares it to be holy,

So enlightenment has to do with being and allowing yourself, with preparing this cup to receive it. What you do and continue to do, beloved family, simply prepares you to receive enlightenment and to be able to recognize it when it arrives.

Enlightenment simply happens. Yes. But if you are not prepared, you continue to miss it. Enlightenment is happening, beloved family, in each moment; each breath that goes in and goes out brings you enlightenment. Because enlightenment is this material, is this same essence of which existence is made of.
Breathe and allow so much more of you into you.
Breathe and allow so much more into this cup.
The point with enlightenment is that you cannot see it and all this acting and choosing experiences through the hmmm… so many things, books, trips, workshops, classes, master classes, channelings, meditations, make you see it, make you capable to see, your divine vision amplifies its spectrum and then, this divine vision can see more and more.

Each day you are becoming more and more sensible to the light. In my heart and in my Rose, beloved family, I know you can feel it. And this is why I have invited you to allow the energies of your own heart. We, Yeshua and I have been inviting you to open this pyramid of who you are. To open the secrets of the pyramid of whom you are, to pour into you, this immeasurable love, this grandness, this irradiation.

Beloved family it is not your human eyes which see, no, it is your consciousness the one who sees and when your consciousness is the one who sees, then and only then, this new cup unfolds, opens up, becomes grand, beautiful because it knows that it is the bearer of enlightenment

Breathe deeply for you…
And also for me…  because we are connected. Like this we are connected.

Enlightenment… hmmm… it is not something you can find looking for it. It is something that comes to you when all of your searches become insignificant.

Beloved family I want to offer to you some clarity in this point, because for Yeshua and me this is very important. Here, I am not saying you should not search, beloved family, because unless you search you will never find out –that the search is insignificant o senseless-. And I am not saying that you should not go to workshops or that you should not breathe actively, or that you should not meditate, if this is what you like to do. Because if you do not do it, you will never come to understand that that there is a breath, that there is a breath that cannot be realized, but that it comes to you. There is a space which you cannot searched, that you cannot created but that this space will find you.

Breathe deeply, with an open heart, beloved family

So remember this. Enlightenment is only possible for those who stop searching. But who stops searching? And your mind at this moment will be divagating and will be asking, but how can I stop searching? So for someone who has been really profoundly searching and this is the great paradox of enlightenment and it is one of the greatest secrets that you have to understand.

Breathe and allow this secret to penetrate into your heart.

Here is where… and I have spoken quite a bit about the Golden Mean, inspired also by the teachings I received by Pythagoras. Here is where the Golden Mean acquires more sense than ever. Because enlightenment is not an issue of extremes. It happens when you are in the Golden Mean. In this space of alchemy where there is search but also there is emptiness. Where there is noise but also there is silence. Where we listen to the teachings of an Ascended Master but there is also a void and assimilation to embody these teachings, loving you, respecting you. 

And this is something to which I would like to invite you, I would like to suggest to you in these moments in which you are living. I invite you to create empty spaces and spaces to assimilate. Remember it is like eating. It is adequate to eat, beloved family, but it is also adequate to have spaces where you eat information, you eat a concept, you eat a teaching and you allow that golden essence –of that experience- to flow throughout your whole body. It is not through immediacy, it is not through speed, it is not through the mind.

Breathe deeply feeling this new space of consciousness in you. The consciousness of the Golden Fruit of the Rose that is unfolding through you in new ways.

Enlightenment, beloved family, is not the result of an intellectual process. Ah! This is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities, yes, which you are facing at this moment. Ah! It has nothing to do with those experiences of bells and whistles, rockets and aliens exploding in the mind. It has nothing to do with a mental sharing which repeats and repeats the same story over and over again. No, that is not enlightenment and many of you already have been observing it and have been establishing some distance with the intellectualization which you are not anymore. You are establishing a distance with what your heart does not synchronize.

There are channelers and supposed teachers who are celebrating a party in your mind and you feel them because there is an unease. It is as when you are at a party and your shoes feel tight and the smell of cigarettes literally gorges you and you cannot breathe. And you the one who has been constructing this new Cup that will shelter your enlightenment says: no, this is not for me anymore.

Beloved family when your heart, when those new senses in which you have been working on, when those new senses specialized in seeing, specialized in this divine wisdom tell you that it is not there, trust it please. Trust the light that wants to love you.

At this moment trust when you are feeling something new and it is telling you, "Yes, this has helped me a lot, but I already feel that my wings want to expand beyond this space."
Trust what you are creating, trust what you are feeling. Become the observer, the sensitive observer, awake and alert. And move aside to assimilate all that is coming to you.

Beloved family of the Rose, of the beautiful Rose, go to your desert. Yes, go to the desert where there are no elementals - I visited my deserts a lot and I went there every time I needed, and Yeshua also went to the desert, and into the wilderness, there you are really with yourself, and there assimilation is a grand opportunity for the being. To be able to look at another angle, to see another perspective, allowing the void so necessary at this time. And in the void I can assure you, dear family, and energy comes dancing. In each one of your cells you are filled with a song, without words, without sound, a divine music overcomes you. And in this space the dancer, you, at the same time, become the dance and you become the music. Yes, and then all the duality disappears.

You were with us in our Mysteries Schools of the Rose, and we taught this as something fundamental for enlightenment and as something so fundamental to travel through space and time and also to travel through death, to recreate, create and recreate the death.

So trust is what you are feeling and it is one of the biggest challenges you may be facing. Because it is always easier to keep eating, hmmm ... It is always easier to keep eating and silenced the voices of your spirit, your divine intelligence and your heart.

Today more than ever you will be receiving these revelations, these infusions of light, and you have to be there for you, beloved family. It is not about the next book, it is not about the next experience, it is about listening to you, about loving and trusting you on everything you are feeling. Because everything you are feeling is valuable. Because everything you are feeling is the product of that wise Rose which is unfolding for you.

Beloved family, when we speak of false paths, when you quiet your own feeling, any path becomes false. When you are not listening to you any path becomes false. And you are back to being just the son of man. You stop being the son or daughter of the Goddess, the son or daughter of God. You are back to being the human playing all the mind games. You are back to being a human who is unable to offer a pure welcome, unable to offer a pure and innocent welcome to your divinity.

Breathe; breathe for you allowing for yourself all this essence, this golden liquid to permeate your whole body. Because what is happening here goes beyond your mind, it is a space of divine integration, transforming alchemy and you know it.

I hand over my space with all my love, to welcome Yeshua, but before I continue, I want to share with you that enlightenment has nothing to do with false teachers and gods. Your heart knows even if your mind tries to hide it, everything is in perfect order… Hmmm, yes ... but still you are moving beyond that, and you're starting to realize that a God never follows any other God.

Remember it, beloved family a god never follows another god. Breathe this and feel it for you

The grand Ra told us, the great God of the Sun knew it; a God never follows another God. He honors him, he respects him, he can enjoy him, he can drink wine with him, he can listen to him, but with an active and alert consciousness. He listens to him with that open Rose knowing itself as radiant and beautiful and unique and knows that her experience is as valid as the one of the Master.

I know you've been through so many experiences, so many schools, so many teachers, but on that experience, don’t allow any other God to cut your wings, or keep you small. There is no need beloved family to worship the Masters; I would never wish you to worship me. There is a tremendous ... yes, an opportunity to love yourself, to honor you, to radiate all the beauty that you are allowing, this yes.

Yeshua is here. Yeshua was an admirable and extraordinary Master he risked all for all in his last initiation. Yeshua Ben Joseph had to show, oh yeah beloved family, he had to show to a culture of two times a thousand years ago, that there was life after death. Can you imagine? Two times a thousand years ago, it had to be proven to a culture that there was life after death. And you know how he did it beloved family? Sacrificing his own life. He had to let the body die, he recomposed his body because he knew how to do it, and raised himself from a dead body and gave himself eternal life and he never did it compromising any of his ideals, nor his teachings.           

Breathe deeply this for you, dear Golden one...

He never did this compromising any of his ideals.

Enlightenment is not being hypocritical, or being diplomatic, or being someone who swims between two waters and serves two gods at once. Oh no, no, beloved family.

And so my loving invitation is that you dare to live your enlightenment with greatness. In the most extraordinary way as possible. Now that's beautiful. That is pure love

Let us breathe together ... in this space, in this Golden Circle which now is more open than ever and more ready than ever.

The Rose is already there, so with this open and Golden Rose, this live, radiating Rose, I want to welcome my beloved and the great Master Yeshua Ben Joseph

Breathe him in…  I welcome Yeshua

I am Yeshua. And tonight I come to share with you and tell you with all greatness and humility, that a false path of enlightenment or transformation would be to stay in a mental labyrinth of boring repetitions of the limited human qualities. A false path of enlightenment  would be to use the concept of "I am God also" to justify limited human whims, human instincts which are repeated and repeated, insecurities and lack of coherence and lack of clarity.

The path of a Christ, that is to say, of a human who passionately and with one single intention chooses to live his divinity. It is the path of a being that is willing to change his patterns and human tendencies and focuses, with the simplicity of a child and the passion and might of a Master, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven in its being, here and now.

One good day, my Spirit invited me to withdraw to the desert, to the silence - Magdala already spoke about the importance of withdrawing to the desert, to contemplation, to fully connect with the divine seed that lies in every being. It was so that I was able to get out of my limited mind and my rebellious nature and where I decided and I surrendered and engaged myself to have the courage and the strength to open myself to be enlightened and to focus constantly in becoming immortal - what you call ascension or enlightenment, to become an immortal being.

It was then that I began to experience how my consciousness and energy opened up, how my frequency was elevated and only then I began to understand and experience that I could manifest new potentials, getting out of the human, repetitive and limited patterns. Today quantum physics explains this process very well. This process of elevating frequencies, of transformation and alchemy.

I connected with my divinity, with my Holy Spirit, or whatever you want to call it, fully confident of this inexhaustible force that was emerging from me. They were not ideas, it was a reality, this inexhaustible source of energy was opened within me. And I was faithful to this consciousness and passion that was urging me to go beyond knowledge that was propelling me to live what I knew.

Remember beloved, Spirit is the invisible voice, is the invisible knowingness, it is the non-developed greatness. When that inner voice and that invisible knowingness is heard, that knowledge is transformed into life, in your life and then you become an immortal.

Beloved, I invite you, yes you who are looking for enlightenment, to let go of all your erroneous past through the passion of love, through forgiveness. You can let go of your past to create the extraordinary in the present moment, let go of experiences, beliefs, human limitations, nonsense. Because only then you will unload yourself from the limited, only so you can create the amazing, the grandness, the miraculous, yes, and the different.

To human eyes the one who creates change will always irritate those who live in the labyrinths of their mental concepts, or the cosmic tattler, or to those who are pursuing space crafts, or to those who are very knowledgeable but do not live what they know.  A Christ shakes those living in tedium, diplomacy and complacency, you know it. You'll know if you are on the path of transforming yourself into an immortal being. Enlightment is not saying I am enlightened, it is actually walking the path until you become immortal.

A Christ takes all the risks, is willing to lose everything, fame, prestige, diplomacy, because he lives what he knows and that's the difference. When I, Yeshua made ​​this connection with my Spirit in the desert and I chose to be a Christ, I began to live the virtue of clarity and righteousness in every step I took. My walk became a path to enlightenment, immortality, ascension.

Yes, it's true, I experienced many human qualities, but I experienced them in another consciousness, in another consciousness. I was able to change the image of the personality for the image of a living God. And today I want to share some tools that can help you on your path towards immortality, to enlightenment.

Beloved allow for you, moments of withdrawing into the desert, external and inner silence to assimilate readings, classes, lessons and to be able to choose what you really want for yourself. Living with clarity is to direct with passion the steps and virtues that your Spirit, your soul and you want to manifest, to be able to rise from the limited human plane, to the God who manifests the extraordinary.

Becoming a conscious observer is a huge help to be able to live without prejudices, to feel the thoughts of others, to feel the movement of energy and how to move without being affected or distracted from your path to immortality and ascension. To avoid making the limiting mistakes of the past. Become a conscious observer.

A God becomes a conscious observer and then his vision is the one of a God, to see a different reality-although that reality is not yet fully in the physical plane because only in this manner one can create the extraordinary, the unlimited.

Concentrate every day in changing the molecular structure of matter through a different unlimited passionate consciousness and energy. You are God, bring to life your knowingness, nothing is impossible... Drop the mental habit of fear and dare to create something different.

The body is accustomed to send and choose and play again and again the same thing; your mind has lived in an endless labyrinth of limited human repetitions. By choosing to live as a God, with clarity, one chooses to raise the frequency of matter to be able to move through space and time.

Yes ... you can do it, when you surrender to the inner voice of your Spirit as Magdala told us: it is not in the doing, it is in the surrender, in the allowing, as you allow the Divine Source to flourish, to awaken and flow through all your actions and your thoughts. Then consciousness is the one accelerating ascension, accelerates the frequency of the physical body. Consciousness is what creates the energy that breaks the barrier of space and time. And you, at that moment can relocate and reinvent yourself in a new and extraordinary way. I, Yeshua showed it, and I was able to re-create my matter and live my ascension, and I lived it by restructuring my body, my matter. And it was only then that I became an immortal being.

Many when they begin their path of awakening, of a divine awakening, they tend to focus more in the knowingness. You have to live what you know, because that's what makes you a Master, being faithful to your Divine Spirit, which is what transforms.

When you live your knowledge, your life emanates virtue and virtue is honesty. Listen well, virtue is clarity, it is not using anyone, is not lying to anyone and this has to do with being honest and true to yourself. The road of a Christ opens Sacred Roses which distillate virtue, and not foolishness. Distillate virtue, innocent and pure aroma and much clarity.

When we open ourselves to breathe clearly, we can let go of our past through forgiveness and compassion, and we finally let the past rest and it ceases to occupy our time, our mind and our energy to ascend.

It requires a lot of energy, passionate focus and great surrender to become immortal. Only then one can reinvent oneself, renew oneself and become an immortal God.

Freedom and virtue are the same, yes; freedom and virtue are the same. Forgive your enemies, forgive those who hurt you and let the old die. Forgive yourself for the limited vision you accepted before in your life that led you to rough and confused waters. To forgive with a true acceptance, integrating all that past getting into its very root helps to be able to live the new, to be fully who we want to be and to genuinely love ourselves.

When you genuinely love yourself is when you can genuinely love another knowing your own qualities then your thoughts will never be dyed with prejudices, guilt, shame or vengeance and ignorance.

Feel, dear Master, and I call you Master because you have the potential to become it in this lifetime, to become yourself an immortal being. You came to this life for this great work in you and I believe in you.

When you are truly genuine, when you have actually released the past you will find someone to dance with you the dance of true love. Many humans are on this path of immortality. I want to call it immortality, because enlightenment sounds like a mental concept. You can transform your physical matter. You can reinvent yourself and redo your physical matter. You can raise your frequency to break the barrier of time and space, to be able to create the new, the wonderful and miraculous. Quantum physics teaches about this. You know that.

I Am Yeshua the Christ immortal energy and I invite you to flow with your Holy Spirit in the desert, to connect fully with your whole being living a virtuous path of harmony and integration, to change.
And so it is…

Yeshua: Magdala, once more I want us to dance together. What you have spoken tonight has been genuine and magnificent. The experience of how you also became an immortal.  I would like you to make some commentaries, to deepen and clarify with this gift you have with speech and genuine love.

And so, Beloved Yeshua, I am enjoying the feeling, the color, the tonalities and the pleasant taste in my mouth through my channel that is produced when I listen to you, when I feel and love you. I welcome you all to immortality. We welcome you to this new cup that you have been creating… beloved Rose and which you continue to create.

I want to invite you Golden, open, sacred, holy Rose, I want to invite you to see your cup. I want you feel this cup which you have been creating, which you have been constructing, that you have been breathing for your enlightenment or for your immortality, as Yeshua has been sharing with us all. Observe this cup because this cup is you. You are the only one who can bear this divine substance, this wonderful experience called enlightenment. You, only you, the human who knows himself as a son of God, the human who is not only the son of man, but the human who has already transcended and has and has integrated and incorporated in himself the son of God.

So observe your cup, observe it because you can always recreate it, always, always this cup, you, and it is there for you.

Breathe this alchemy into you; I invite you to visit each day the Garden of your Roses. I invite you, I, Myriam of Magdala, the Bearer of the Rose; I invite you to be the gardener of your own rose bush. For you to be the one who plants it, the one who cares for it, the one who waters it and the one who enjoys the vibrations of these tonalities. You have been being it and we are here as consciousness and with so many more that are here from the Golden Circle, we are here to serve you, in honor, in love, in mastery. We are here to serve you and your heart feels it.

There are so many more, and I always tell you, there are so many more ascended ones, quite playful ones, some a bit playful  -some wise ones-  who want to walk at your side, not to be you, not to take your job away, your holy place, no, but to walk beside you. Because what you are experiencing, what you are allowing for you is extraordinary, and they want to allow some of this also, in a new consciousness, in a new space.

So I invite you to be the gardener of your Rose. And to observe these false concepts, to observe these false illusions that a human creates around what is called enlightenment. Observe them, there is no judgment in this, simply and clearly and consciously observe them, the observant, you, know. Because it sees more, because consciousness… as more consciousness enters into the cup, it sees more. The divine vision is increased and it is not so easy to convince a God of what he knows is not. It's not so easy to persuade a Goddess of what she knows that it is not. And then the God and Goddess will walk following their heart, following the wisdom that the Rose is placing there and they will trust and walk that path.

So really trust what you are feeling, the wisdom emerging from you, it is the new that you are allowing for you. And remember something, beloved family, you do not have to be perfect. That is another one of the illusions of enlightenment. Perfection is a boring, boring path, filled with rules, regulations and contradictions. You do not have to be perfect at all, in a sense you already are perfect just as you are, loving you, honoring you and respecting you.
Beloved family, enlightenment is not looking for a resume, no, no, no. The open cup is not looking for a resume. The cup is looking for an open cup, innocent, safe, empty, so have that cup. Yes, I invite you, beloved family, to have that symbol of the cup, a Silver or Gold Cup in your spaces and observe it and observe how beautiful it is. How much more open is that cup. And at the same time how empty it is to receive enlightenment.

And as Yeshua said, it is not about saying I am enlightened because there you are still in the mental. Oh yes, beloved family, it is a good start. It is a good start but you are still on the mind. Enlightenment is not found, enlightenment will take you by surprise. So allow yourself to have that cup empty, allow yourself that grand cup and allow yourself that beauty, allow yourself to be faithful to what you feel. Then duality will begin to transcend all of those spaces.

Beloved brothers, so far we have come with this dance, with this dance, with this enjoyment. It has been wonderful to be able to share with all these hearts and these Roses that I can see, that I can smell and that I can see in each one of you, in so many parts of the world.

It has been was wonderful to be able to share with you on this night, to once again to be able to dance Magdala and I. Truly when one is genuine you find someone to dance with you the dance of true love. Allow this encounter to surprise you, this love.

Magdala: And so it is

Yeshua:  I Am the immortal Christ energy of Yeshua. And so it is.

Magdala: And so is, beloved family and with this we invite you to ... in a soft, gentle and loving way with yourself, to continue to ride on this wave of enlightenment, of ascension, of immortality, to continue to ride this wave gently, breathing...
Continue to allow much more within your temple.
Breathe the transformative alchemy within you.
Breathe in the observer
Breathe in your cup
Breathe into your vessel... and be an enlightenened and immortal Christ .
Now this is extraordinary. I love you with all my heart

Yeshua: I love you with all my consciousness.

Magdala: And so it is

Yeshua: and so it is

Malú:  We invite you to breathe ... You breathe deeply, to breathe allowing the consciousness and energy of Magdalene and Yeshua to permeate my senses, my being
And remember you choose that which you want to live
Let us Breathe together allowing ourselves to ground ourselves, move your hands and feet…
Sometimes we move through very high dimensions and we change gears much too quickly. It is important to allow ourselves to integrate many frequencies. To integrate them into our physical matter and to allow our physical matter to gently adapt to them.

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