17 enero 2013


Golden Circle of Alchemists


Presenting MAGDALA, & YESHUA, Mary Magdalene and Jesus in the New Energy
Canalizada por Raiza Preziuso y Malú Gaxiola.
Diciembre 21, 2012 - Valencia, Venezuela

We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service.


I invite you take a deep breath on this night of the Great Planetary Alignment which we ourselves set up so many life times ago. Breathe deeply and allow that perfect alignment within you because we are the universe, because as it is above it is below. We align fully with all of our being from the highest dimensions of ourselves with our earthly dimensions, my matter, my body and my complete Vessel of Consciousness with which I walk upon this beautiful Earth.

Breathe, breathe deeply with singular joy into this great night, into this winter equinox, into this change of Era where the Christ era ends and where the era of the Second Coming of Christ that I Am begins. I Am the Living Christ walking upon Earth.

Breathe deeply with great acceptance. And with this breath we invite Magdala, the “Lady of the Heart” to come and join us in this grand alignment, to this great celebration. She wants to celebrate with us. We invite her from our heart to be present and to partake with us.

Breathe and open yourself fully. Breathe and allow yourself to receive this message through Mary Magdalene in the new energy. She comes with an entourage of Unicorns and many other Ascended Masters come with her. We open ourselves to receive her and we invite her with an open heart.


Welcome be you all, Beloved Family of Magdala, you are welcome to this space of celebration which is a point of completion and integration. I Welcome you all with closed eyes or open eyes, I  welcome you all to this space of celebration and as I was saying it is a space of divine alchemy, to this space to make the impossible possible, to this space as you were all sharing before: it is about empowerment and consciousness of a new love.

The Newest of the New is manifested for you. In this now moment the Newest of New more than ever is available for you. So I invite you on this date which will not be the only important one. Others will come, but I invite you on this day of rebirth. And on this date an opportunity of a final integration of all those spaces which you have manifested for yourself. Yes Beloved Family, a final integration.

I invite you right now, in this space laced with Golden Roses,of the most perfect geometry, the geometry of the Rose. You have been changing this geometry. You have been allowing yourself to open up to new geometries. You have been allowing yourself to open up to the Newest of the New.

Feel that Newest of the New here. Breathe into you the Newest of the New and feel the perfect geometry of the Sacred Golden Rose here for you. And within the Rose the radiant and secret sun that has been there on your path. The black sun as it was in ancient Egypt. The black sun which shines radiantly and which has been hidden in the sun which you watch and enjoy in your linearity, oh yes!

Beloved Family allow the complete breath, the breath which integrates a complete openness toward the fifth sun, to that secret sun which is radiating for you and to you are allowing it for yourself, oh yes and with so much eagerness, with so much celebration you are allowing it. I honor you and all the Ascended Masters that make up this Golden Circle honor you.  And finally Yeshua is at my side.

When I was alive twice two thousand years ago we were able to work together but for a short time. Either he gave his teachings or afterwards I gave my teachings. But this is the time in which we can work together and we can also enjoy this crystal and transparent consciousness which you are allowing, yes, you,and each one of you is allowing this new consciousness, the consciousness of a New Christ, of a New Crystal within you, a consciousness that we call the consciousness of transparency and this consciousness is only possible as that of which you were talking before hand and I was enjoying from this side because we also want to drink from the human wisdom who is embodied in the physical body, oh yes ... We love to listen to you, we love to feel you, and we love to see how much you are allowing of yourselves and of us.

We welcome all beings in this now moment ... your own guardians, your own teachers who are here now accompanying you all in celebration and joy. But not an old joy. A joy that no longer has those broken aspects, and a joy that is possible because it does not come from a false passion, a joy that is possible only through the integration of all that you are, your light and your darkness, your essence and your presence, your being and also your doing.

All those beings who are on this side in many dimensions enjoying their own Third Circles are honoring you, are celebrating today your divine intelligence in your body, oh yes,  blessed are you ..... You the lord, blessed be you for you have allowed a new consciousness and this consciousness has to do with this crystal, has to with this transparency, has to do with the Christ within you, has to do with the Magdala within you, with the Lady of the Heart, with the Lord or Lady of the heart who allows himself to move away from the mind, from the drama of the mind, from the chaos of the mind to an energy that wants to serve you in a different way. To an energy that wants to serve you in other spaces and it is the consciousness of that openness of heart. Oh yes.

I wanted to come here beloved Masters, I wanted to come here to share with you and to invite you to open your heart and it has nothing to do with things that you can call intangibles, superficial, silly, imperceptible.
The ascension of which you speak so much and in which you are so immersed is only possible, Beloved Family, through this opening, the opening of the heart that allows you to go so much further, which allows you to manifest a full completion of the activation of your third eye.

All of you are experiencing more than ever a greater strength. Not that you have not experienced it before, you have been experiencing awakenings, several small suns all of this time and you are allowing the opening of the pineal gland, of the third eye. This is the complete opening of the Isis chair, the Secret Chamber,  the space where you no longer give way to another,  this space where you no longer arrange with beautiful flowers for another, this space is yours and there you feel completely aware of who you really are. And this consciousness allows the presence of completion to be in you.

Oh yes Beloved Family, I celebrate as much as you celebrate this opening and this allowing in you of the Fifth Sun and that Secret Sun in you because you are discovering Fire. Oh yes you are rediscovering Fire. And you can tell me, "No Magdala, the fire was discovered many years ago, long time ago, many years ago." And I say Beloved Family; you are now experiencing the discovery of a new fire: The Divine Fire within you.

The Fire which transmutes, the fire which alchemizes. You are the bearer of a new divine fire and you have been allowing it, you have been allowing it, sometimes with much resistance, sometimes with aspects who still say "you are not worthy", "you are not enough" but today we know they are gray aspects, dark, whatever the color, you name them. Those parts of you which were damaged in other lifetimes do not need an invitation, Beloved Family, to come to your Vessel of Consciousness because they are already in your Vessel of Consciousness.

You're not starting to do a work; you are finishing one to begin a new joy, a new celebration, a new life. Oh yes. Yes, breathe this for you, breathe this essence of this fire that transmutes and in where you are this receptacle. You are the open chalice. And now I invite you all, Beloved Family, Beloved Masters, to extend your arms. To extend your arms like a real chalice opens itself, like a volcano opens itself.

Beloved Family how much do you want to receive… how big is your Vessel of Consciousness. Extend your Vessel, expand your body, expand your heart and allow those two arms to be the symbol of your complete openness to the new in you.

To the Newest of the New in all your life experiences... to the New of the new beautiful and radiant divine fire which is bearing. Oh yes, allow it and as you open your arms, as you open your chalice, as you expand your consciousness allow so much more of what is coming in this now moment.

Twice a thousand years ago we promised ourselves this reunion bearing this divine wine, bearing in it the 

chalice this divine Crystal Consciousness, this divine consciousness of the I AM and of the Presence of the Sacred Rose in you.

Do not try to understand it with your mind. Do not try to make a scanner the entire library that you may have in your mind, because the newest of the new cannot go through your mind. Can you see? The newest of the new can only come in through that radiant, open, willing golden heart... a heart willing to allow so much more.

Oh yes, Beloved Family feel your breast and feel your heart, feel your breath. Feel the beautiful and profound path that you have walked.

And in this complete and golden gratitude breathe and allow this last integration. Oh yes, the last integration: The Golden Integration. The integration of no longer your most difficult parts. Remember it; they are already within your Vessel. Allow yourself the integration of the 5thSun.  Allow the integration of the Secret Sun, of the New Divine Fire in you. Do not analyze it, do not control it. Allow this heart to open and go beyond.
Breathe deeply for you this Golden Space. And feel so much more that is happening right now. Beloved Family all energy corridors are open for you. New energy corridors are opening and are being manifested in this now moment. Oh yes ... yes, you had the key, and you have used it and you have opened all the doors of all those new energy corridors ... if they are there, they are there in service for the Master, for the Master, in service of the one who knows himself, herself sovereign. And sovereign he, she is.

For the Being who can breathe the only and true freedom which you will experience from now on and it is the freedom of loving yourselves. A few months ago, back in your time I asked the question, how free are you? Master: how free are you to love yourself?

Here today we celebrate your freedom and we feel that this consciousness has already blossomed in you ... perhaps many will begin to bloom this consciousness of loving themselves. But it is already there. It has been sown already. And no other sowed it for you. I did not sow it for you. No other Master sowed it... mmm you sowed it and it is blossoming with the perfume of your soul, oh yes. Smell it… smell that perfume of your soul that radiates through everything you have sown in you. Smell it and feel it ... Beloved Family, because this is a different reality which will begin to unfold for you.

Yeshua are you there…?


Here I AM


This is your moment and it is your space. I could go on and on all night but you know me Yeshua, this is your moment, the moment for the new Yeshua.


On this glorious night which each of us has created, you almost cannot believeit but I want to warn you about it. Tomorrow life will seem pretty common and it is exactly then when you want to focus your conscience. You have to have and sustain this consciousness high-of who you are - in every moment of your daily life.
You must know that with this alignment…I am going to ask you to stand up.  And as all the planets are aligned with the Earth I want you to go to the center of your heart and feel, visualize, imagine… or as you wish to feel it, feel this inter-dimensional cosmic alignment of who you are. This is not merely external, this is happening to remind you who you are.

You are the human who brought yourself to this moment of consciousness to align all your divinity, your past, your present and your future. Hear what I am saying. Past Healed, present here and now and the future you bring it to the now moment. Because the futurehas to be healed. Sometimes you have escaped to the future to create things a little disastrous. In this now moment heal and cleanse that future and bring it here, align it into your present and feel your inter-dimensional growth, your connection.

Because this alignment allows you to connect yourself with all that you are in all of your own dimensions.
You are the Living Christ here on Earth. You are the Crystal Being. You are the heart of God alive in this human form. (You can sit down)

Breathe deeply and do not let anything distract you. (cell phone  rings...)

Magdala says: The aliens have arrived? Anyone want to go with them? (Some people say, no, we stay)


Connect yourself; connect yourself with all that you are. This is the time. You created it for you, for everything. You are going to feel that in the outside world there are going to be many changes. Not disasters, not the end of the world, but yes, there will be many changes and you are ready now to have a different vision and to see that everything is alchemy and a transformation. You no longer need to anchor yourself in your past. When a memory of your past comes to you, of something that might have been difficult, of something that could have been limiting ... simply recognize that it is the habit of wanting to bring the past into the present ... let it go ... you already have healed it. You have worked intensely during the recent years to integrate all of your aspects, to heal all your past, align yourself with your divinity who is you.

Now be aware and simply open yourself, feel the empowerment of your own being and act accordingly to this empowerment.

You do not need to limit yourself in anything. You can instantly create whatever you want and you know how to do it and you are doing it.

My message today is short because your heart already knows. I am simply here to remind you that in this now moment you have taken the torch. You are the living Christ. I Am at your side. We made an agreement that I would always be with you until the end of time and we are at the end of time.

You will not love any other god more than the God that I Am. This is the greater gift that we have received from the Christ consciousness and you are the Christ Consciousness. We are the Christ consciousness. I will love myself before and above all things and with this power and this awareness of God in me, with this creative power I will continue to walk upon this earth as an Ascended Master, and not as a limited being.
And you can create all kind of experiences and you will not be limited by these experiences. Because you know you can have an experience and change it at any moment you want.

Breathe deeply and be fully conscious of who you are. (Some guests arrive…)

I invite you to sit down dear friends.

Find a symbol to mark this New Era, as I was the symbol for two thousand years. A new Era begins at this moment. The Era of Yeshua on the cross ends, this message was a message so distorted but you did sustain the consciousness and managed to get beyond all error created by the human minds who wanted to keep you in a limited consciousness. You have gone beyond that symbol and you always maintained the resurrection and the life within your consciousness, because God is Life itself.

Which is the symbol that will mark this New Era which starts today and which you are creating? Each one will know which your symbol is. And when the habit of keeping yourself small may appear in your awareness bring this symbol into your mind, your consciousness so that immediately it will bring you out of the hypnosis of thinking that you are a limited being. Draw this symbol, and I recommend, I have recommended previously  go and buy a big notebook, cover it as you like, make it beautiful and start writing the New Bible of how humans lived their divinity in this physical body, on this planet Earth. You are the pioneers of this great experiment of living as ascended beings on Planet Earth.

And how do you achieve this? Simply by choosing it. You choose it.

Do you still have any questions? I think not. I read your faces and I see you all even the young ones, the children. I see them so ready, so prepared. Everyone knew they were going to live in this consciousness. Your divinity in its fullest. You are the Christ here in this now moment. You are the Crystal being who is opening this New Era. Write every day how you are living this transformation, how you are living this new experience because it will be a wonderful thing for those who will come because they do not have yet the complete awakening which you already have.

You have a wonderful tool through the internet. Share it with your friends. How are you living your divine in your physical body?  Share it with your friends as something quite simple, like a game, as an experience, as a cooking new recipe ... as a new life experience and together share this book of your daily life, of your wonderful life, of your miraculous life, of your extraordinary life. Encourage each other and if anyone ever declines, or someone has a blurred consciousness due to the strong habit of the hypnosis which they have had for many thousands of lives breathe with them.

Support each other, breathe for each other. Love each other. Consciousness and Heart are fully united as Magdala said before. So if you do not have an open heart there is no connection with the Divine Intelligence of your own being.

So always go to your own heart. You can put your hand on your heart and when you put your hand on your heart, immediately know that you connect with your divine intelligence and with the divine intelligence of all that is. And at that moment there is light, a ray of light that guides you, that inspires you to create the newest of the new.

Magdala do you want to close…


Thank  you Yeshua. The Newest of the New. The Newest of the new of the new, let’s say than in an Era mmmmm… 

Beloved Family I want to invite you to feel your heart after these delicious essence shared by Yeshua. Yes, in this safe space and sacred and sensual place. In this safe, sacred and most joyous space I invite you to feel your heart with your breath, your focus and with all of your Vessel of Consciousness. Your heart wants to be felt, it wants to be touched, it wants to be awakened and it wants, above all things, to be divine, it wants to pour out completely through every step you take in your life; it wants to be with you, dear Master. The Masters walking upon New Gaia aware...  they are bearing this New Heart Consciousness.

Yes, feel in this now moment, in this space, feel your heart and in there, everything else becomes insignificant, everything else is meaningless because the words, the interpretation and analysis… concepts cannot enter there. Ah ... the heart is pure sensibility, Beloved Family and sensitivity is the new small key you need to travel inter-dimensionally into the new energy corridors that are there.

Before we began, before I came here, before I began to express myself through Rayna you all spoke of the Unicorns, you talked about the Dragons, the Eagles and many other beings which today are willing to accompany you on your path. Allow them so much more, so much more in your daily life because they also carry the essence and key that allows you to go into the other dimensions.

So the heart, Beloved Family… and allow me, yes, allow me to be completely honest, this is not stupid. When we truly allow this connection with our heart, with our feelings beyond thinking, with feelings beyond analysis, with feelings beyond absolute truths then you open up to a new dimension, the crystalline dimension of your being and there are no limits, there you will experience only joy and a spiral of intelligence, of knowingness and experience that expands and becomes larger and larger and begins to cover so much more, depending on how much you allow it.

So the Golden Gift,  the Golden Gift which you are giving yourself in this now moment and which I come here just to activate it for you. In this now moment my Golden Rose for you, my gift is a Golden Rose. It is a Golden Rose bearing a New Consciousness and I will be sharing it with you, and Yeshua and I will be sharingit with you later on and it is this consciousness which allows you really to live through your heart and this consciousness I have named it the Laser Consciousness.

Yes, the consciousness which no longer needs, Beloved Family, the mind to function. It uses the mind as a tool, as energy, as an energy corridor that is there and that it stores, that it processes, that allows, but through this Laser Consciousness we are moving so much further.

Opening of the Heart. Laser Consciousness. Consciousness which is birthed through all of your Vessel of Consciousness and this Laser Consciousness allows itself to manifest not through thought but through the Divine Intelligence which lies in your heart.

It is a Consciousness that does not need affirmations. It is a Consciousness which does not need decrees. It is a Consciousness which does not need programming. It is a Consciousness through which your wish will be after your receive. It is a Consciousness where you will receive before you desire, before you want because all the energies are going to be there for you and because a Master does not need not manipulate any energy.
The Master who lives through the heart and who allows this Laser Consciousness knows that whatever he needs is going to be there before the mind thinks of it.

Breathe deeply and allow the complete integration of this Laser Consciousness in you. The Heart Consciousness which manifests. The Heart Consciousness which allows this New Gaia, this New Earth, these new possibilities. Master, before you desire it you will have it there. Before making an affirmation or a decree… this will not be necessary because all will be there in this new scenario of potentials for you.

Beloved Family, a small warning. All potentials in this now moment are served. The table is fuller than ever. 

Remember something.  In what are you focusing?

Remember this focus and remember your Presence in your daily life. As Yeshua said to us, tomorrow will be the 22nd magic number, a number which I love the 22 the day in which my consciousness is well celebrated in many countries, the consciousness of Mary Magdalene. But tomorrow, the 22ndyou will be within your Vessel of Consciousness and my loving warning is… in what are you concentrating? Because the energy corridors are now much more available, more than ever. And the potentials are increasing their probability of manifesting.

I say again, all these potential you have in your life, in your Vessel of Consciousness are increasing the probabilities of manifesting, there is a divine magical game in this spiral, it is neither good nor bad, there is no duality. So it is very important to be aware, to be conscious of… in what am I focusing? because in what I am focusing now the energetic support will be greater and remember it,  the God that lives in you, the Divinity which lives in you,supports any energy in which you are concentrated, any energy in which you are putting all your might, all your love, all your life.

So in this celebration and with this gift Golden Gift of this Laser Consciousness where decrees, affirmations and thoughts are no longer needed, for the energies are going to discover you, the energies are going to amaze you.

I want to invite everyone to take a deep breath ... Yeshua ... All of you here, I am asking you to please hold hands together and to no longer feel the circle because now, we are moving away from the circle into a new spiral. Feel that new, a new spiral...  Feel those open hearts connecting with each other. Let us breathe it and allow all these new layers of dimensions to which we are opening to, allow the New Sun, the New Laser Consciousness and allow the new Communication System which is developing in this now moment, a Communication System where all the planets through the solar flares will be intercommunicating.

So Earth for a Master, for you Master, will not be only your playground, your sand box to play, now you will have other planets where to go and play and enjoy. Oh yes, new communications are opening. You have allowed it. Breathe deeply with this heart into this new communications system and let us breathe all together in this consciousness of celebration that has brought us here today. The celebration of the 12 ,  the celebration of the 21st, the celebration of a birth, the celebration of this Crystal Consciousness which you already are, the celebration of the Feminine and Masculine shaking hands and the celebration of a New Consciousness which you bear, which you breathe, which you inspire.

Become this inspiration walking upon Earth. You Master. May each step of yours be a flourishing for you and for others.

And so it is...


I invite you to continue to breathe for a moment.


Breathe deeply sustaining this rhythm, maintaining this space. Kuthumi invites you to smile, Kuthumi is here laughing so much on the other side and he invites you to smile, to dance... he is so joyful and with an energy of teasing but Kuthumi is laughing and shouting Namaste, Namaste (all shout Namaste) Kuan Yin also invites us to laugh, to enjoy. Saint Germain could not be more present, Hepatia, Pythagoras and many others, the Ram blowing…

 Music to celebrate, to dance and share…

And so it is… (Magdala begins to dance and approaches each one dancing… embracing many… Beloved Family let’s dance, feel, be Present, dance with this new Sun with this new planets… allow yourself so much more… so much more for you… feel this light, feel this consciousness of your heart.)
(And Magdala kept dancing for a while and little by little she left)

Golden Circle of Alchymist, Mary Magdalena & Yeshua in the New Consciousness. Creators: Raiza Preziuso y Malú Gaxiola.

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