08 diciembre 2012

Magdala & Yeshua: "THE VOLCANO OF JOY"

Golden Circle of Alchemists


Presenting MAGDALA, María Magdalena and Jesus in the New Energy accompanied by Andrea Tohme breathing the New Energies of Kwan Yin, from Cotopaxi Volcano at 5000 meters high, Fire Mountain in Ecuador.

Channeled by Raiza Preziuso &  Malú Gaxiola.

December 05, 2012


Breathe ... We invite you breathe deeply ... taking that breath to the center of your Being. We're sitting here at the summits of Gaia, connecting with the whole planet earth, in an expansion of fullness and grandness ... breathe… breathe deeply…


I welcome you all beloved family of Magdala, welcome be all to these my spaces, the spaces of a New Gaia, the spaces of a heart that literally is distilled through these lands. Welcome be all to this paradise, to this joy and this divine essence of ascension shown with such grandeur. I Welcome you all to this welcoming that Gaia is offering us with open arms, a New Gaia who as us also ascending, and is also allowing and who is also  breathing  so much of the new that we, you, those who are walking the path of ascension  are also distilling for this New Earth. We welcome you all to this space, my space; I am Magdala, the Goddess of Transformation, and the Lady of the Heart. We welcome all those beings who are here and all who are listening to us and who will be listening through other dimensions.  We welcome you all to this volcano, this Chain of transmuting Fire, to this Chain of Pure Alchemy which is literally under my channel, beneath Rayna. I invite you now to where the new energies are so open and where the new energies are coming in preparing you for the 12, 12, 12.

I invite you from my Golden Heart to integrate in this moment, allowing, allowing yourself all your greatness. I invite you beloved Master to open the door to any part of you, to any part of you which you, at any moment considered dark, to any edge of your past which might still be holding you back. Breathe… and through this word, through this essence and through this heart which allows this integration in an easy and gentle manner. We know that you have been experiencing so many new things in your body and also in your mind, spaces of energy which have been withheld, which have been stored because you did not trust. Mi invitation beloved family is to allow this last glint of parts of your past, from other lifetimes, spaces which we also lived together, allow this to integrate also in this space, in this chain of transmuting fire. My invitation is that in this moment we unite all this parts in Oneness and we energetically align ourselves with an open heart, with the depths and with the essence of this majestic and imposing Cotopaxi.

Yes… let us breathe this final integration joyfully and happily. Yes… it has begun for you, because you have longed for it, this last integration has begun for you. I honor you and I congratulate you for this wonderful journey which you have realized in order to be here today. Part of the New Gaia is being birthed in these lands and it is birthed through what these volcanoes are allowing. Go beyond your mind. My invitation to you is to open your heart in a simple, easy manner with your divine presence because if there is something to which I want to invite you to join me, Masters, in this moment is to inspire greatness, to inspire this consciousness of greatness to each one who is ready.

My invitation is to go beyond everything that is painful and causes suffering. Let us allow ourselves in this moment this conscious breath, this conscious opening of the golden heart and let us connect with the golden heart of the volcano who also has its golden heart, of this Cotopaxi which is pure passion, which is authentic passion, which is true passion, it is the passion which has moved you to be present here through this space or through listening to me through other spaces.

Breathe gently. Breathe gently and in a simple signal with arms outstretched before this majestic volcano I invite you beloved family, to allow this final integration. I invite you beloved family to allow the distillation within you of everything that this volcano has to offer you… feel its energies… be still… and in your greatness be still and dance with this breath. Breathe with this volcano and yes, breathe also with this passion that lies within it. To radiate and to be with all of your brilliance and at the same time to have the ability of going within.

Let us breathe in this stillness, in this contemplation of the beauty. I invite you to receive and open all your vessel of consciousness receiving the new which cannot go through the mind and cannot be filtrated by the mind.  The new of the new comes to you through that passion, through that heart… magnifying your vessel, magnifying all of those treasures which are within your vessel and allow… in a simple and fully allowing of the New to come in… so nobody will believe that you are asleep. The volcano is not asleep, the volcano is alive, within it lies LIFE, within it lies the power of transformation and transmutation, within it is darkness and within it there is divinity.
Breathe in a simple and fully manner opening yourself to this Sacred Love, to this New Love for YOU to YOU.

You are not coming here just by chance and I, Magdala have not come here just by chance, we are allowing the New of the New in all this Chain of transmuting fire. In all this space we are allowing ourselves to sow a new seed of consciousness for so much more that will come. Feel it Master, feel your inner volcano. And Gaia, the New Gaia is also present here and is inviting us to connect in this moment with this New Crystalline Center that is emerging and in which all of these volcanoes are actively participating.

You and the volcanoes, the force, the passion and the love. And is we go beyond any fear that we might be feeling (Magdala smiles) for your life and your passion. In the same manner I invite you to also feel the fertility of this land, to feel those new potentials. Allow yourselves to integrate this grandness. Allow yourselves to integrate this Fire and this Passion within you.
Let us breathe together beloved Teachers and I greatly thank you your being here joining me, offering me your breath, offering me your trust and openness. The Unicorns are coming in, let us allow it, we are here to support them in their journey of ascension.

The energies of the 12, 12, 12 are already served, they are already open as you already have felt it. It is not difficult, there are no pending tasks, there is nothing that you are leaving behind, allow this complete integration. Feel your heart connected to this Crystalline Center and feel your heart connected with this wonderful and unique and imposing Cotopaxi. Yes… I am Magdala, the Lady of the Heart and I invite you to also be that heart, the heart which is birthed from passion, a heart which is birthed from tenderness, a heart which is birthed from a New Love.

 I invite you to allow yourselves to feel in a new manner this Land. Through the breath we radiate so much to all who have been here, to all who are here now and to all who will come.
The volcano already has ascended and you are experiencing the same ascension in you, in each part of your life. Be ascension. Be this ability of integrating everything and to love everything with infinite compassion, with infinite grace.

Majestic Cotopaxi, I came here from far away dimensions, here I am once more at your feet in love with your greatness, in love with your grace, in love with your passion… And my invitation to you all, beloved family, is for you to allow yourself to fall in love within you, to fall in love with your greatness, to fall in love with this inner ability that you have of integrating everything. Fall in love with your sensuality and with your dance… fall in love with your joy and your happiness instead of your suffering. Fall in love once more in a new way with the New Gaia which is birthed for you to serve you, to please you, to enjoy you. Oh yes… I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU DIVINITY.  I AM sailing in my vessel towards the depths and I feel so satisfied and happy, so new, I AM THE NEW MAGDALA, A NEW MARY MAGDALENE. Don´t look for me in history, don’t look for me in books, look for me in the New Gaia, and look for me in the enjoyment of nature and in your own joy. Look in your own heart and search your own truth about me and I invite you to experience her in that which you are, PURE ASCENSION IN ACTION.

And in this greatness, in this magnificence, in this dance… ahhhh… I invite in a graceful and gentle way the energies of Yeshua, my beloved Yeshua and the energies of the marvelous Goddess, my friend in other dimensions, Kuan Yin the Goddess, the Goddess of Compassion. I invite you to share in this sacred and safe space.

Yeshua are you there???


Here I am, present, loving these so expressive Divine Goddesses. I am the essence of Mu, of Malu. I AM Yeshua here with you thanking you for your sovereignty and your plenitude, thanking Magdala, my beloved, my beloved from all times in freedom, in passion, in sensuality, in joy and in fullness and my beloved Kuan Yin, another beautiful Goddess and I thank her and I thank her channel Andrea for joining us and for allowing us to come to this wonderful heights of the line of Fire. 

I said that I would bring Fire upon Earth, and this is the essence of Love, of a Love that renews and brings life and ascends. And I said that you would do greater miracles than the ones I did.
The era of pain has ended, as Magdala said, of suffering and effort and process, of Scriptures and Prophecies. You cannot find any of us three in Old Scriptures (Magdala smiles) or in words and paradigms. We are LIFE, Fire and LOVE, Water, Wind, Earth and the Fire that renews itself. This Center of Gaia that we symbolize today with these three stones which represent Kuan Yin, Magdala and Yeshua and we are going to place these crystals as the symbol of this work of consciousness which we have done today and in which Victor and Luis joined us.
 I AM Yeshua the burning heart who transcended time and space, who rose from a finite body to an infinite body and who left the blue print here, so you, as humans could also be able to do it.
This trilogy which expands the consciousness of Ascension throughout the whole planet and throughout all Omniverses so it can touch every heart with a warm and gentle fire to revitalize their whole physical constitution and regenerate every one of your cells and DNA and which makes you feel, believe and manifest a perfect, healthy and strong body in a different level and in a new and lighter dimension than the one before.

 I invite all those children who have come with difficulties, with physical limitations… no more processes dear children. Come and live in fullness a physical health, integrate your DIVINITY in this body and in a second, in a twinkle of an eye regenerate all of your molecules, your atoms, your DNA as a Crystalline Cascade that begins to flow from each heart.

 I connect with all of those  Crystal and Indigo children and with every child, with every human so you can connect with the Crystalline Center of Gaia to be able to renew your physical vehicle, because in this time it is the time to Ascend with your body, this is the time of integrating your Body with your Mind and your Spirit, of integrating the Mind which is connected with the infinite Mind, which is connected with all of the Infinite Library of knowledge that exists in all the dimensions… that has no limits… that can generate new technologies, new forms of living, of building, of mobilization.

I invite all of the Scientifics of Gaia, the ones that are incarnated and the ones coming in to manifest new tools to serve and give well being to Gaia and to humanity in Ascension. I invite the Medical Doctors, the Architects, the Engineers and all the branches of every science to create the New of the New, to CONNECT WITH THE DIVINE INTELLIGENCE OF ALL THE DIMENSIONS AND OF ALL TIMES TO CREATE THE NEW OF THE NEW.
And so it is… in love!

Andrea Tohme

Magdala in this moment Andrea is the one talking to you from my I AM, from my Grand and Magnificent Divinity, I greet you and honor you, I thank you from the depth of my heart, from that Divine and Sacred Heart that I acknowledge in me. I thank you for your so profound words that have touched my heart and I am so moved and the tears that flow in this moment through my eyes are tears of joy, are tears of fullness and gratitude.
I thank you for being here. I thank you for your Presence, for your radiation. Thank you for inviting me to fall in love with myself, thank you for inviting me to be in the company of these two great Masters Raiza and Malu who are so precious and wonderful.


You are always welcomed, beloved sister, divine and majestic Goddess, the falling in love is mutual (Magdala smiles) if this was not so I would not be here, in love with each Master who sees and feels its own grandness… I am open to receive; I am open to accompany you in your path in the same manner in which the bird sits on the stone and at the same time flies freely. I accompany you and I celebrate this falling in love.
Andrea, you are showing so much to so many…


Yes, I feel it so, I feel it Magdala. Yeshua I feel it so. And my beloved Kuan Yin I feel it so. My beloved Kuan Yin has always been with me… And now, in this greatness of my awakening, of my ascension I can clearly recognize it, you have always been with me, infinite gratitude, I thank you beloved Masters. I thank you for accompanying me through  my path of ascension’.
I already feel it, I already feel it so clearly, I can see it and I can tell you with great sincerity that I am ready. I am ready. The words from Rayna touched me in such a profound way when we were down by the lake, when she said, ‘I am ready and today I choose to live in joy and fullness and to continue to learn through the magnificent, sacred and full heart. No more learning through suffering, guilt shame and pain, no more of that. My choice now is to live in this New Earth in this body here and now in this ascension which can be felt and breathed in each moment, in each moment, in each breath, I feel it, I live it.
I thank you for your wonderful Presence… Malu and Raiza… I thank you for accompanying me, for supporting me, I love you infinitely. And as Magdala said, ‘Nothing of this is by chance’. Nothing of this has been by chance. We are here with a great purpose.


And so it is.
Words from the channelers… In this moment, in an spectacular beauty of volcanoes and majestic landscapes, surrounded by nature and a strong and divine wind, the battery of the recorder got discharged although we had place a new one… so we invite you to feel the last words… to vibrate with this volcano of joy before the celebration of a New Ascended Life here and Now.
And so it is.

Golden Circle of Alchimists, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in the New Consciousness. Creators: Raiza Preziuso y Malú Gaxiola.

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Malú     https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301     gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

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Magdala y Yeshua en el Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Magdala y Yeshua en el Cotopaxi, Ecuador
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