18 octubre 2011


Golden Circle of Alchemists
Presenting MAGDALA, Mary Magdalene in the New Energy
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso with Malu Gaxiola
October 18, 2011

We invite you to take a deep breath allowing the opening of your heart, the opening of all the chambers and corridors of your heart. This is a Sacred Space to feel, so the Golden Circle invites you to breathe with your heart allowing the mind to be at its service. This channeling can be heard in Spanish. Click the following link:

Welcome be all beloved family of Magdala, welcome be all to this Sacred and Safe space, to this expansive, compassionate beloved family of the Tower of Magdala, welcome be all to this heart, welcome to this vessel of mine.
You are welcome and I invite you to continue to breathe and allow your heart to expand and to fill with joy every cell of your being. Breathe gently loving deeply every one of your spaces allowing light and darkness to dance in harmony. Breathe trusting the magnificence of all of your being, trusting the sacred and safe vessel that you are.

Breathe and invite the authentic feminine, the feminine that integrates, the feminine that is not wounded anymore, that it does not need to fight anymore to obtain redemption or glory, breathe that feminine, that thanks to you, it chooses to heal, it chooses to allow the masculine and accommodate all the possibilities.

Breathe all that endless flow of love and wisdom that is lying in the depths of your heart. Breathe and feel it, gently slow down, feel your own presence, breathe and allow the feminine that is woman and man, that is Mother Nature, Father Universe and Unifying Child. Allow those most sacred energies to open your heart with your wonderful presence, with your wonderful consciousness.

Welcome be all beloved family of Magdala. Welcome be all who are actively participating in the expansion of this consciousness, in the creation of a new life, in the creation and the expansion of a new DNA in your Sacred Body, in your Field of Consciousness.

Welcome to this pure Alchemy that you are and that I Am. I know that many who are connected through this multidimensional cybernetic space are listening only through your heart, connected to my presence. I know that many are connected and do not speak Spanish. I thank you for this confidence that you bestow upon me and that it honors the feminine in you, that it listens and feels beyond the illusion of the boundaries of language and words, blessed are you for all that you are feeling in this moment… you are present.

I have been wanting to share with you in these last days that I have been talking with Rayna, who bravely has allowed herself to flow and to channel me, she was telling me that she was very happy because I had chosen her to channel my teachings… and it was funny, really funny, I laughed with so much love and told her: “no Rayna, it is not like that, it is you the one that has chosen me, it is you that has made the conscious choice, it is you the one that has allowed a space and time in your reality to allow all of this to happen.

At first she remained somewhat puzzled but afterwards she felt a very profound joy in her soul and spirit and for that, I thank Rayna for choosing me, thank you because your adventure with me is just beginning. And I am sorry to tell you that you forgot to read the small print of the manual: “Choose your own Ascended Master and there is no turning back, even if you want to, I am active in you, in your DNA and do not worry about the cross or about those who were pursuing us looking for the Holy Grail or for those trying to suppress the heart beats of an awakened consciousness

For most of your life you have feared that someone might find you, you have felt the panic of a ringing bell or an opening of a door and this is not just for Rayna, it is for many of you. You know it; you feel it in your heart. This is not the time for hiding, this is the time for getting into your vessel and to go out to the sea of life and shine as the sun does, as the moon does.

Breathe in lovingly and with great compassion, breathe towards those beings that are connected in this moment and that are helping to bring down and to allow this consciousness.

Breathe deeply Master, breathe and continue to allow yourself. There are many beings in this side of the veil wanting to be with you, wanting to enjoy the new golden tonalities that you are creating, wanting to laugh, wanting to enjoy again a sunset in the beach, wanting to drink a lot of wine contemplating the magic of the moon, wanting to eat a cake filled with a lot of chocolate, wanting to visit new places y and sow new potentials in the old ones.

Dear Masters the table is set and the Celestial Menu is Gourmet Divine food. This is the moment, the perfect scenario. All the planets in the universe are in the right position for you to allow yourself to be sovereign in the company of an energy and consciousness that you so choose.

Beware Master for there is a small print under this petition, not to ask for things, not to share your sorrows but for the great feast of life, for the great celebration of your divinity, of the ascended that chose to descend and that now are remembering who they truly are.

Breathe and accept, expand your heart and chose. Chose this consciousness, this energy that you want to share… to enjoy openly your life and ascension. Breathe and expand beyond all the barriers, breathe and feel… to expand our consciousness towards the divine feminine is an invitation towards a new experience… an experience that is filled with authentic creation, with confidence, with unconditional love and great acceptance and also, it is filled with strength, sovereignty, choices and radiance. You are experiencing more and more the need of the experience of that divine feminine.

Observe your countries, your political, religious and business organizations, your economic and financial systems. Observe without judgment, with all of your awaken senses the movement of the outraged. They are saying: “we are not puppets, we are not merchandise, we want change and we want to participate more actively in all the fields that are affecting our daily living.

The feminine experience is related to a divine and sacred quality yet it has also been hidden and almost suppressed in these actual times. This is the quality of Sensitivity. These movements that are taking place around the whole planet are an expression of a request that is crying for more sensitivity from your leaders, from the teachers, from your parents, mothers, families, partners, and friends… we all are entering in the New Golden Age of Sensitivity which is now in the surface of our skin. And this sensitivity that has risen to our skin: heals, creates and fortifies. This sensitivity has risen to our skin, observes with the heart and touches with the breath of one breath.

Breathe and feel that sensitivity in you. The sensitivity as a feminine experience that has been completely destroyed by the frenetic and relentless competition and by the external search of what you can only find within you. All existence is filled with sensitivity and you all are the highest result of that existence. From the heart, in a very natural way, everything is ready to overflow, yet, you have been hiding it, you have been suppressing it, and you have been frightened by it. All your systems have told you to be harsh, to be strong because your world is a world of challenges. They tell you that if you cannot compete you will be no one and you hide that feminine quality of sensibility for only the very special occasions and these ones end up to be very few.

Masters, it doesn’t matter if you are in a woman’s body or in a man’s body, sensitivity is the way. Sensitivity is the obstacle. Sensitivity will open you up to all the multiple dimensions of your being; it makes you conscious of all the potentials that exist in your great life. Sensitivity is divine grace and an open heart; it is the Art for the Perfect Manifestation. If we remain insensitive, then there is no path, we are blocked, there is no passage then, from our most intimate core, towards existence. We simply feel ourselves empty as a house without windows, we feel encapsulated and most of the time that capsule is very subtle, and this is the reason why you do not feel, you do not see it, but with a little consciousness you come to realize that it is surrounding you all over, this is your small great prison. This is as if you were shaking hands with gloves on or as if you were covering yourselves with clothes and you go out to take a sun bath, the rays cannot penetrate in your skin.

Masters, beloved family… the more sensitivity you are to the things or to what is happening around you, you will realize that the Goddess God is present everywhere. The more sensitivity the more Presence, the more consciousness, the more feminine experience will be in you.

Only through absolute freedom your sensitivity can allow itself to have a full growth. Only through Freedom and Sovereignty that Divine Feminine can flourish in your body through a new mind, through your heart. Spirit is fortified and expanded through that quality and only when you are sensitive the soul gestates life and creation.

Master, breathe and feel it. The sensitivity towards yourself allows you to become an observer of your life, of your creations. It allows you to truly be the observer of a mind that does not judge nor condemns. Allows you to truly be the observer of a body that is already perfect just as it is and that it is beauty in constant rebirth. Sensitivity is laughter and tears all reunited in an unique sacred experience.

Light and darkness do not need anymore to be distant neighbors, fighting to conquer new lands; they do not need that constant struggle between mind and heart. The Holy Grail that is within you allows light and darkness to coexist in the same house, in the same body. The Holy Grail blesses and recognizes that each one of them has its own wisdom. All these are our creations.

The Divine Feminine as an experience, integrates all of our aspects that up until now we have considered them as perverse, ugly, hateful, dangerous, savages. This feminine experience, when you liberate it in you, it integrates light as much as darkness allowing the alchemy of that sacred union to generate pure gold.

I invite you Master, you Sacred Vessel, I invite you to breathe all that sensitivity that you possess. Feel its rhythm, its music, feel its harmony and its forms, feel the wonderful fabric of the human and divine consciousness that is woven due to your sensitivity. Breathe in those sensations, breathe in feeling, breathe in sensitive connection of all your existence.

Breathe it in and feel it…

And now we welcome into this space, in your space, my space a most wonderful being that is coming into this moment of pure Alchemy and this is Mother Mary, filled with grace and beauty, she comes all covered with roses and she comes to tell you… that you are afraid to walk through the path of sensitivity and beauty and that if there is fear, it is because somehow you are afraid to be guided by that beauty and by that sensitivity.

Sensitivity requires a grand Divine Intelligence. And Mother Mary wants to share with you that a sensitive Master is transformed into a power, into a huge Electric Power Plant, it has its own intelligence, it has its own love, it has its own inner vision of things. Believe me this is a blessing. This Electric Plant, this power is an attribute of the feminine that lives in your soul, it is not the power as many have known it, it is not the power as the world has known it, it is not a power that is interested in forcing, because this power has nothing to do with domination or manipulation of other people. It is the true power that rises from a sensitive Master. It is the ability to innovate and create in the good and not so good times. And in the long run, they all are good times to create.

Breathe and feel as you open up your sensitivity to this Divine Alchemy in the New Energy.

Take a deep breathe… allowing the Merlin that beats within you, that breathes, that we all carry within, allowing the Merlin that comes riding Dragons and Unicorns… and now I want to welcome the Magician to this space.

Magician this is your space.

MAGITIAN: Magdala after all this wisdom I only feel like breathing, to be able to open up to receive more, to expand this consciousness. In the past we were taught to meditate, to repeat decrees, and step by step, breath by breath I have come to the understanding that I can only achieve the freedom to dance in this Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine, to open fully my sensitivity to be able to open my wounded heart of so many life times and so many experiences created by me. I can only breathe and go to that very profound space within me, to that absolute silence where I become the observer of everything I see and of everything I think. Because sometimes my mind gets so accelerated, goes so fast, it wants to fix everything, it wants to heal the sick, and it wants to fix the world. But I have come to the understanding that only through the breath, allowing myself to dive deeply into silence and complete stillness that I encounter the freedom to live in complete compassion.

Compassion is zero judgment. I do not have to judge anyone’s experience. He who wants to have fun suffering, throwing himself out into a cliff, making a tantrum, whatever it may be… it is perfect… only within my heart, dancing with the feminine energy I can begin to find freedom to live in compassion.

And each day, through compassion I am finding more freedom because I am free when I do not judge, when I do not desire to change anything, when I am in full acceptance and hence an incredible fountain of joy arises and I am finding a greater freedom to create the new.

Today I understand and experience that it is through the expansion of consciousness from my heart, in the freedom of no judgment and compassion which is full acceptance that I can create a better world, a beautiful one where the sensitivity of my heart is the one that is acting, the one that is thinking, the one that is flowing through each of my atoms. And I sense that this is how the world will be enlightened. So this evening with all this group of Magdala, Saint Germain, Yeshua, the Unicorns, Kuthumi, Kuan Yin and Magdala’s great heart, your dance and feminine beauty that moves the carpet underneath the feet of so many people because we are so accustomed to the ugly and to struggle and power. To all the masculine energy of war, death and competition… today we invite this feminine energy to dance with our masculine energy.

We invite women to be conscious; because it is there… it is natural in women. And to men we put a challenge, because men like challenges, they like to conquer, we invite them to delve in this sensitivity and you are going to enjoy it so much because you are going to enjoy true freedom.

The world needs, the world is ready more than in need, the world wants to be enlightened, for this Era is the Era of enlightment. And we only can do it from the silence and stillness of our heart. And this is how we will live as the divine human creating the Golden Era of the Planet.

Saint John of the Cross said: “And being in the stillness of my house I went out without being seen, in search of my love One”. The loved One is the feminine energy, it is the sensibility, it is the art, it is the energy that comes from the heart and creates beauty. It is the gentleness, the tenderness and harmony and the crazy full confidence, irrational and this confidence has nothing to do with the mind. It is to know myself as I am God, but to know myself as I am God, Goddess it requires stillness, silence and to simply Be…

Lets be practical, being an observer in silence. I have liked myself to be called the witness. To simply see and to observe my own thoughts, my own emotions and not to identifying myself with them. If I can see and feel anger, or nastiness or pity and stop identifying myself with those emotions but in the silence, coming into stillness, quieting my own dwelling to go and search for my beloved confidence. I then become free to choose what I want to feel, to choose my own health, to choose my balance, to choose to dance with this masculine and feminine energy in a wonderful and in such a Sacred reunion so that I can live in a constant ecstasy, in a perpetual orgasm that heals me, that rejuvenates me. The brutal masculine force belongs to the past. Sensibility, beauty, the art, collaboration, harmony, gentleness, confidence, truthfulness and authenticity, silence and creativity are the grand feminine qualities that lead us into the future, to the golden Age that we all are creating.

The mind at the service of compassion. Only in this way this miracle of the human divine integration can begin and this my friends is the real Ascension, it is not an utopian dream. In spirit and in truth we live here on Earth, the Divine Human, the Feminine and Masculine, Light and dark in complete integration.

When we touch this Sacred Space of Compassion there is clarity, our intelligence becomes sharp and this is when we and the Doctors and Scientifics of all the political, social areas and in every activity are going to find new solutions but solutions charged with love, constructive ones, and no more destructive ones.

I invite you Master, as Magdala invites us to observe. To allow yourself to feel and it does not matter what you feel the important thing is that you do not stick to your unbalanced thoughts. Observe them, accept them, breathe them in and choose how is it that you want to feel and think. Only in such a manner we can change the world, we will innovate it.

The new tools will come up, because as Mothers, as the Feminine Mother we will be gestating and creating change. We will advance in Spirit and in truth towards that Golden Age of the Planet. Those words of Yeshua, when he was asked, “In which Temple shall we adore God” he answered in this Sacred Dance, “The time will come in which you will love God in Spirit and in Truth” and this is exactly what we are doing today.

Breathe it in, feel it in you and nourish silence and complete stillness and allow your feminine heart to dance with your masculine strength. Let this dance that comes from your heart to guide your thoughts and all your being.

Observe the feminine unique qualities that you want to express and nourish them. It is a real challenge to develop these qualities that come from your heart, that give life and engender more life. And these energies have nothing to do with an absolute truth, with any judgment or destruction.

Do we have the courage to be aware, to be conscious? To observe our own energies and attitudes and in a turbulent moment be able to say, “I choose silence and stillness because this is what I desire with all my might and soul and heart to be free and to allow my soul and my Spirit and my Shekinah to guide me Home, to Ascension here and now.

And this loving creativity is the one that will change your life, it is the one that will change your health. Is the one that will change the unbalanced relationships, is the one that will generate abundance and efficiency.

And this is the reason why Yeshua and other Masters have said, “Love and do want you want” and today in the New Energy we would say, “ Love and you will be able to create whatever you want” because in order to LOVE you have to be FREE my dear friends. And if I am hooked to my unbalances, if there is no silence and stillness I cannot open my heart.

When many humans begin to develop these feminine qualities and the heart becomes the guiding force we shall see an enlightened and changed world and the conflicts will disappear.

And we shall truly be the enlightened conscious of divine human.

Let us breathe it in, feel it and open ourselves to receive all of this that is here for us, this expansion of consciousness.

And now I ask Magdala to continue to talk to us and when she is ready there are two questions that have been asked through the chat room.

MAGDALA: Wonderful Magician and with that Shekinah of all of the magical essence that you carry and that you just shared with all of us I want to say that Love transcends all because it knows that behind the circumstance, beneath all light and darkness, noise, and mental noisiness, the only thing that lays peacefully waiting are the open arms of unconditional love. And it is here where the true Divine Alchemy is possible. The chemistry of the mind that it does not serve the past, which is no longer confined to the small box, that does not nee to repeat patterns or follow old leaderships.

The Alchemy, the New Chemistry of that divine Alchemy is possible when the mind is at the service of the heart. And I tell you that once you become sensitive to the world that surrounds you, you can choose to direct this sensitivity within, towards you inner self, towards your Sacred Chalice, towards your creativity womb, towards your true Holy Dwelling.

The New Chemistry, of which the Magician was talking to us, is that you now are carrying within you this sensibility that you are going to taste, smell, and touch yourself with and love yourself with.

Beloved Family, spiritual leaders of this New Era, use each experience as a learning of sensitivity. Always remember that each day you can become more sensitive; everything will be absolutely perfect. Don’t fall asleep, don’t get lethargic, allow all of your senses to become heightened in a vivid tone, alive, filled with energy and do not be afraid of life. If you are afraid of life you will become insensible so no one can hurt you. Wounds are opportunities to grow and evolve. Bless all those who have caused a wound in you; this is the moment and the time to do it, to go beyond the indignation and guilt. Bless everything that makes you afraid in order to be more aware and conscious, more sensitive, more alive and more happy.

And know something beloved Family, beloved Masters. Isis has already been healed. You can feel it. Can you allow yourself this profound healing in you? Isis has already been healed. Remember it, allow it in you now, allow it in your DNA, and allow it in your body and in your heart. Isis flies as a true Phoenix and she enters into your Mastership. Allow it, just allow it and do it in this now moment.

Breathe deeply.

And with this Magician I do not know if you have any questions. The Unicorns are coming in, they are coming forward.

Magician: Magdala, Tibaire, a friend is asking something. Can you talk to us about romantic love? And also about the essence of love between two people?

MAGDALA: The true romantic love is related more with the true Sacred Union. In your reality, romanticism is submerged in a series of illusions, mirages and uncertainties that lead you to excessively focus in the exterior, expecting always to receive from the out side a gift and a treasure that is within you.

In the extend in which you increase your sensitivity, that sensitivity will allow you to observe yourself more and to observe more the other people. You will observe experiences, masculine and feminine experiences that dance in a melody where there is no more romanticism or domination and where the True Sacred Union really begins.

Yeshua loved my grandness. More tan the romanticism I invite you to feel a true Sacred Union from you to you and from you to your partner. Yeshua was so feminine as I was masculine and he was so masculine as I was feminine and together we were able to acknowledge each other through our Sacred Union. We had achieved within what we enjoyed together as a couple. Beyond what you today would call romanticism. There is no judgment; there is no positive or negative observation.

A union really challenges you to look at your own demons, at your own light and your own darkness, to look at what you do not allow yourself to observe and feel. In most of the cases there is nothing romantic about these experiences, because romanticism is full of expectations. It is a mixture of romanticism and mysticism which can lead to a false illusion of true love. And this is why, the relationship between a couple is a great opportunity to sharpen your sensitivity towards your own inner issues and towards all of those that are looking for your support, your words, your radiant and authentic experience… of your own wisdom.

Sacred Union with a couple is something that I will share with all of you in the next Alchemy and Healing Schools. The experience of being One to become Two and of how the Two opens the door for very hidden aspects… this is something I want to share with all of you. Relationships between couples in the New Energy are changing very much, are changing rapidly. And you are feeling all of these structures falling down and that the past does not serve you as a platform and you ask yourselves, “How can I live this relationship? Is there any romanticism or not? And if there is no romanticism I feel uncomfortable, I feel unhappy. Is romanticism love?

You have realized that the spaces of the new relationships cannot be created with old paradigms and you are daring to go beyond, you are allowing your mind to be at the service of your heart, you are becoming the pioneers of the New TWO.

We are experiencing the Golden Wonderful times where sensitivity and Sacred Union honor the feminine and masculine, this is the Mastership of the Soul.

Thank you for the question because it has helped you and it has helped many others, has helped all of those that are listening in these moments.

MAGICIAN: Magdala there is another question, “which is our purpose, path or mission here in this Planet Earth”? This question is being asked by Fernando.

MAGDALA: Magician I give you the space to answer that question.

MAGICIAN: Dear Fernando we did not come here to accomplish any purpose, we came to enjoy life, to choose experiences, to enjoy. It is difficult to change the old paradigm because we have been inculcated so much and we have been so motivated to have a purpose, to have a mission. But really we are here to enjoy life, enjoying it, to simply experience life.

MAGDALA: Master I invite you to open all that sensitivity within you. Breathe it in and allow all this feminine in you. We are not talking here about genders. We are talking about energies and qualities, allow them in you. And I want to share that in the New Energy now, in this New Golden Age there are no, there are no purposes as such, there are no life missions if you so choose it. Do not believe my words; believe in the wisdom and in the truth that lies within your heart.

Breathe and feel and make an authentic and genuine contact with your heart. And I ask you Master, “What is your passion? What is it that you enjoy here? Go for it… and go for it and multiply it exponentially in your life. There is no determined path to follow; there are no more gurus or teachers, not even me that you have to follow. Truth is free, and truth is yours and you will obtain it when you dive within, within your own vessel, within your heart. If you allow yourself to look and allow yourself to observe, to see and integrate. Your passion Master, your passion is to feel where you are walking to.

MAGADALA: I do not want to miss a question that one of you asked Rayna before the channeling and the answer is “Yes” and the question for all of you to know is, “all these changes that we are experimenting in our body”.

She was talking about certain dryness in her skin, eye problems, dizziness that come and go. And she asked if all these changes are related with this evolution, this ascension, this expansion of consciousness. Mi answer is Yes, Master.

The dryness in your eyes and skin, the changes in your spinal cord are parts of the body that are related with your senses. And those senses are profoundly expanding due to this path of ascension. I remind you Master that you choose to ascend in this life time, you know this, and your heart knows it. And these conscious choices allows a great flow of light towards your inner self and remember that ascension is not about dismissing the physical body but to take it with you one step above.

Here we have been talking about feeling, about changes and to be conscious of it to support yourself. Be conscious of these changes that your body is experiencing. In the extend in which you can feel them with a greater observation, without judgment, without panic, without anxiety, without old belief systems, then you will be supporting that process of integration and healing.

So this is a beautiful question that you have made in the name of many. We need to increase our sensitivity and to listen to our bodies, have a dialogue with your organs, with the parts of your body in complete acceptance, allowing yourself to feel. There is a marvelous wisdom gained in the supposed illness. It becomes necessary in these Golden times of Ascension to become very sensible of your body, it is your friend, it supports you, it is one more aspect to integrate. The changes are very profound yet they do not have to be painful.

I advice you to quiet down, take spaces of two or three minutes at intervals during the day and go within your heart. Breathe and feel all of your body. Breathe and just allow the integration. It cannot be canceled, it can not be ignored. Just allow it and accept and be conscious of what your body is saying to you. And love yourself sovereignly and in freedom.

MAGICIAN: We are about to finish. So we ask everyone to breathe deeply. In future channelings Magdala will answer other questions.
Let’s breathe, let’s allow all this teaching, all this consciousness and energy to go deeply into our being, into all of our body. Breathe deeply for you. Allow it. Keep breathing this Sacred Dance of the feminine and masculine that reunite and collaborate and form the totality of our being.

MAGDALA: And with this dear Family welcome be all once more to the sensitive space. Welcome be all… and now the Unicorns are welcoming me with their force, their enthusiasm and their joy and wisdom, with the magic of the Unicorns and of Merlin I say good bye to all of you.

And so it is… always…

Golden Circle of Alchimists, a Rose in Action.

Raiza Preziuso and Malu Gaxiola,

New Energy Teachers

Raiza https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219228627 raizapreciosa@gmail.com

Malú https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741413301 gaxiolamalu@yahoo.com

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