02 diciembre 2014


Golden Circle of Alchemists

Mary Magdalene and the Christ Consciousness in the New Consciousness
Channeled by Raiza Preziuso and Malú Gaxiola.

October 30th- 2014


I invite everyone to quiet down, and to take a deep conscious breath... remember that each conscious deep breath with the intention of opening up to the feminine and wonderful energy of Magdala, the Lady of the Heart, the lady who comes to help us to open the heart energy in these important times of our divine human evolution. Let us breathe together connecting with each other and connecting with the energy of Magdala, feeling and loving her with our love, with our consciousness. She comes surrounded by her Unicorns to share life with us, life, the most important thing of all. Let us breathe and open ourselves, we take a very conscious breath... Yes I open myself, I open myself to Magdala, I open myself to share, I open myself to receive, I open myself to you and to all this energy that you want to share with us.

Thank you Magician
Welcome everyone, welcome Beloved Family of Magdala and the Holy Myriam that is beginning to emerge, which is beginning to open herself through each and every one of you. You all are welcome to my Heart. You are welcome to these spaces of Divine Alchemy, of transmutation, of embodied enlightenment. What wonderful times in which you are living. And what so wonderful times we are also living on this side so very close to you in every breath you take, in every heartbeat of your heart, in every light which you embody in this temple, this Holy Grail which is your body. Welcome to all who are listening to us right now and we also welcome all who will listen to us later. Everyone is participating with their presence, which at this moment is transcending time and space.

I am extremely happy to be really connecting heart to heart with all of you. Here around me, there are so many energies serving me, serving Magdala in pure joy. My Unicorns are here, Beings of Light and Beauty bearing many of the crystalline energies which are today present on the planet. Breathe and open yourself to a new feeling. The Grand Heart King, a majestic lion who walks at my side… and who sometimes flies... and boy that he does. There are the cherry trees in blossom, reminding you in every instant the magnificence and the transmuting power offered by nature to us… nature is the best of medicines... the most transmuting space that you can have today in this wonderful planet called Earth and of course. there is the Golden Circle Council which I represent, accompanying you in your path of enlightenment. And today, particularly in this welcome we have a very special guest... one that was able to bear the sword as anyone else... a great Master... so I welcome in to this space Joan of Arc. The sword of Joan of Arc represents the courage to face the most difficult obstacles and also the courage to know how to be in stillness, listening to the voices of your own divinity. Welcome in Jeanne de Arc.

Beloved Masters and Teachers, such as me, Magdala, the Holy Myriam, I make use of all the energies that are around me, in my own Golden Circle... in that same manner I invite you to allow all the energies that are around you to serve you, it doesn’t matter how they manifest themselves. I have always been very clear to invite you, because I can only make an invitation. This embodied enlightenment is not a matter of an obligation, is not a New Age matter, where we are conditioned to new parameters. I invite you to see everything through the eyes of spirit, of your spirit, through the eyes of your soul... to be able to really navigate through the different dimensions that a particular situation or experience has...
Take a deep breath.

Yes, Masters, the experiences in your path of enlightenment ARE NOT LINEAR, they, as all of your Being, these carry inter-dimensionality. The experience carries inter-dimensionality in its expression and the inter-dimensional has no duality. When you are inter-dimensional you transcend duality. Because you are not only concentrating on one part of the experience but you are allowing to see a much broader perspective without the need of any processing, without needing to analyze, for you are also honoring all the facets of an experience. You feel limited when you only concentrate on one part of the experience and there you judge, you criticize, you condemn and you feel trapped. The experiences in your path of enlightenment also have that inter-dimensionality and when they are inter-dimensional they lack duality.

Breathe and allow this new inter-dimensionality, these multiple dimensions in your being, in your body, in your mind, in every manifestation, in every creation, in every experience which you are experiencing right now. You are not trapped in your experiences. You as a teacher who is embodying more light, more wisdom, more knowledge, you also allow yourself to go beyond. Breathe deeply. And open up to a fully permissive heart.

You are living a very important transition in these times; you yourselves are creating them with your consciousness and with the passion of your soul. This transition, beloved Family, goes from the old Earth to the New Earth, from the Old limited, disempowered and unconscious human, to the New Awakened Divine-Human. So this transition from the Old Earth to the New Earth is taking place right now while we are here in this presence, while you are breathing and are listening to me. And the New Earth is developing itself in a very fast, very fast way and you are feeling it, you are feeling this speed, you are feeling that time flies, that the spaces each time are broader and expansive, and that the CHANGES are in all the areas of life and creation. Nothing is a coincidence, beloved family. When a great friend speaks of "the Perfect Divine Order" everything is beautifully placed by you, by your spirit, by your soul, to fit within the embodying of more light into your life, and it is in this space where you are experiencing the birth of a new you, a new I AM... and here through me, very present too, the Christ consciousness of Yeshua, the Master Teacher, the first one who taught the "I AM THAT I AM"... the Teacher of St .Germain, yes.

That New Golden Earth is being born through you, through your breath, through your longings, your passion, your steps and your feelings... and there is nothing, absolutely nothing in this New Earth that is not at your service. Feel the beauty in this moment, beloved family, feel the beauty of your life, of all the experiences which you are having and know that everything is there to serve you. That is my strength, dear Family; the one I share with you, that loving Alchemical strength that allows everything. So I invite you through this space, through my words, and not only through my words, but through all of the frequencies, the harmonics and essences that are coming in through them, I invite you to be very alert, so you can feel and profit to the outmost making the most of everything in your life. Make use of all the dimensions of the BIG CHANGE that you are experiencing.

And I want to warn you of something dear Master, these changes will become faster, more profound, very challenging for the mind which loves the analysis, loves processing and likes the safe and known. So these changes will be very, very, very challenging but at the same time these changes are there as a great opportunity to bring more light to your Vessel of consciousness, to bring more light into your body, your mind. You are not living these times of change and transformation here, now on Earth by chance, you chose to be here and you know it and you have chosen it in a beautiful, perfect way to participate as a creator, as a God and as a conscious Goddess. You have chosen to participate in the gestation and the creation of the New Earth and you know it.

There is a voice, an essence, there is something within you that sometimes we cannot even put words on it, and there is something there, something in which you absolutely, that tells you why you are here, why you are doing exactly what you are doing.

We invite you to breathe, Magdala wants us to go deeply within, to get off the mind with a very conscious breath and to choose to let go of the mind and simply go to your heart to be able to feel deeply into this message of Magdala, to be able to penetrate into this consciousness, the new energy of the here and now.

Thank you Magician, you are fabulous, at the right moment, at the perfect time. You are fabulous!
And yes, there is an impressive movement, as you have never before experience it and your physical body, your biology is feeling it... we have already shared it quite often with you about these symptoms and discomforts... which you may be feeling in your physical body: severe headaches , feeling pressure in the third eye, pain in your joints and your hips, pain in your spine... strange rashes on your skin, which come exactly at an impropriate moment… acceleration of your heart rate... strong flus which can last a lot... None of this is against you beloved Family.

Understand that your biology is changing... you biology is changing. All the old traumas, the old wounds from past lives and from this life are coming out at this time. It is as when you fully remodel your home or apartment; you are not only making room for the new furniture or for a new decoration... YOU ARE CLEANING AND LIBERATING YOURSELF from everything that is old, which already served your purposes, but it must be moved, that wants to be moved... the old of you fervently wants you to bring it into the light through your consciousness...

The old stuff of you... all your past also wants from your light... because through your New Consciousness, through the light that you are allowing yourself to have, the past changes, the old departs and gives way to the new, your experiences cease to be painful or traumatic... and become only experiences...

Beloved Family, beloved Masters, beloved hearts, you are living an amazing time... without any limits, an opportunity  as never before, the New Golden Earth being is being born through you... and I ask you… What are you doing about it?

During 2015 the accelerated changes, will accelerate still more, challenging you and challenging you to release the past, to stop being A DESTINY, to allow all of your DNA to be remodeled, illuminated, to allow each cell of your body to be filled with new light... and you… What are you going do about it?

Breathe deeply, feeling. This is the space of Magdala, the Christ Consciousness; this is the space of feeling, of New Mind, not the one of processing, of analysis, so allow yourself this New feeling. I know beloved family, that you are now experiencing a really internal revolution. But even in this commotion, even in chaos, even in depression... THERE IS A UNIQUE BEAUTY which only a Master, only hom or her that knows itself as a Master, who knows itself walking his Enlightenment can feel, can see and can allow to be served by it.


Let us take a deep breath to simply allow this consciousness to permeate in each of our cells.
I breathe and I open myself to understand with my new mind, with my divine mind, that I can walk in this moment in a different way, leaving behind the known patterns of rules, theories, schemes, creating new routes and ways to walk, to resolve, to heal.

Thank you Magician, the fabulous Magician who can do it all, who transcends it all, who integrates it all. The fabulous Magician who has chosen so consciously to be here to awaken consciousness, to quench the thirsty, and to be a physical manifestation of the Christ consciousness.

Magician... (Laughing) ay! Magdala how many compliments, whou... (You hear Magdala and the Magician laughing) I am burning...
Magdala: That's my warmth dear Magician ... (You can hear them both laughing)
Magician: I love it Magdala, I feel like this and I accept it with all my heart.

Beloved Masters, Remodeling your home as I spoke earlier, or even to move to a new place, to a new place of your I AM, should not be a cause of sadness, or fear or frustration... quite the contrary... CELEBRATE THE CHANGES and by the way, in this moment, beloved Master, are you drinking a good glass of wine?

Magician: I am
Magdala: Excellent!

I invite you dear hearts, that if you are not doing it, take a good glass of wine or sparkling white wine or whatever you like!

CELEBRATE THE CHANGES, no matter how they are manifested or how you can experience them at first. The human is very used to resist change because one way or another, CHANGE implies that you have to let go of the known, one has to let go of the spaces where you have lived comfortably, one needs to pack and travel to new horizons. But I tell you Master, that when you allow them and you celebrate them a DIVINE ALCHEMY takes place... yes... CELEBRATION is the dimension of ALCHEMY ITSELF. Celebration changes the quantum atom of consciousness. Celebration expands the spirit and frees the soul so you can be the courageous and brave Joan of Arc and the one who liberates… Be your own liberator, so that nothing and no one will abuse you.

Celebration makes you TRAVEL beyond the Mind, yes, to travel beyond the mind. One of the major challenges which you have now on Earth, beloved family, is to go beyond the mind, ahhhhhh, how hard it is because you love the known, you love to process, analyze and above all to control. Allowing this New Mind you allow something new, the enlightened Mind, the Divine Intelligence, the Mind that is totally at the service of the Master... and not otherwise.

To celebrate is to allow the dance, the music, the new harmonics, the art of life in all its expressions, beloved family, when you celebrate you are more God, you are more life, and you are more light. So I invite you to celebrate this quantum, wonderful opportunity to make a real leap in your consciousness. And now, one of the greatest opportunities you have is to free the drama, pain and suffering ... yes, what are you doing about it, Master? What are you doing about it? Do you still need a little more drama, pain, suffering, no master, no, if you so choose, you bear the great ability of being able to choose, to go beyond, you are the creator, you are not governed by a destiny, you are not ruled by a genetic load, if you so choose, you are not your genetics, you are here on this planet earth. You came here, in this time to transcend genetics; this is why you chose the parents that you chose, the mother that you chose, and the brothers… to transcend your genetics.

Master, Celebrate, celebrate this opportunity to free yourself from pain, drama, of moving to another neighborhood... of going beyond everything you know... and delve with all the passion of the soul, the true engine of your life, with that passion look into that dimension, this new dimension of joy, the dimension of the feast, the true inner feast that nobody can spoil, which nobody, absolutely nobody, and nothing can close and that, beloved family, the dimension of joy, the dimension of the feast is the dimension of alchemy. And already everything, all of you is this... if you allow it... a constant flame of transmutation and alchemy... Do you know what would be hard and difficult right now, beloved family? Not to be that, not to be it. When there is not this celebration, life becomes heavy; life is hard, life costs.

The difficult path would be not to live in joy. That is painful for all of your being, it is painful to do and work on what you do not love. It is unbearable for your soul, the constant processing of the mind. That is the real difficult path... the struggle to keep the old, the struggle to be who you are not.

Breathe. Let us breathe deeply giving ourselves this space. Breathe and open yourself, let us open ourselves to this new consciousness to be able to create a new energy. The energy is here to serve us. Open yourself, we open ourselves and we consciously choose to take that step into the new.

I open myself and I give a complete yes to not control, to fully love myself, to celebrate no matter what and how things will present themselves, as Magdala said, I breathe it in. What if you get bad news, celebrate it and at that moment, instead of going into the old consciousness as Magdala tells us, go to a new consciousness, into a new consciousness to resolve it. You resolve it. And how do you resolve it? Making a different choice which until this moment, you have never thought of before, this is to get out of the mind. Go to your heart, how do I solve this situation of apparent pain? Getting out of mass consciousness, of the pre-established by the control of the known, of the medical opinions who tell us how to do things and asking my soul for help, I ask all of my being for inspiration, I ask my spirit, I connect deeply, I breathe and say, I choose a path of grace, a graceful way to manifest this healing, to manifest a healing in a new way, I leave behind everything that is pre-established and I choose to solve it in a different way and you let it go, and you will see that by synchronicity -people, circumstances, events, recommendations will come, something completely different, a book, an advertisement, a newspaper that you will open at random, a friend who comes to your house and gives you a new recommendation. Be open to the new things, to handle life in a completely new way.

To live my life consciously is to go beyond the limitations laid by the mass consciousness. We have been there all these lives, but at this time we have the choice get out of the pre-established, of the scientific and religious dogmas, of the human control, of the patterns in which we have lived until now, the rules, the laws, trust, trust, trust in each present moment in the natural flow of energy and grace and choose every time.

I choose to live in the natural flow of grace, of knowing and of trusting that all energy is at my service. And then although apparently the mass consciousness tells you that this is a catastrophe, you connected with yourself, and from your heart seek that light, this new way of resolving these circumstances. Then your creative skills will be developed at that moment, not before, in this moment in which you are living or a disease, or a disaster or bad news or something of the mass consciousness, and the general consciousness that we are living where apparently there is a strong duality but you are living in a very creative way and your new skills are awakening. Trust yourself, go deep within you, breathe... and choose: I choose to resolve this in a new way, in the new energy, the universe supports me and I hold a high frequency of joy and celebration.

You see, Magdala just told us to celebrate in every moment of our life, ok I see an ad on TV, bad news, go within you, to your heart, celebrate being alive, celebrates life, do not connect with the news you just received, you are a sovereign being and that means that you, in the moment to not allow yourself to be driven by the mass consciousness, or by those world events that are happening, you are creating an energy bubble that comes from a new consciousness, who lives in grace, and this energy bubble expands because everything is interconnected. The important thing is that you keep that connection with your soul and from your heart you keep resolving in each moment.

Living connected and aware means you plunge within you, you increase the love for yourself. When you love yourself without measure, when you really love yourself it is when more light, when you have more creativity and the more you are connected with your own divinity the more the flow is open to channel new ideas, new perspectives, new creations, you are not stopped by the external and this is the great challenge at this time because the external is very strong and a very hot topic. Mass consciousness, everywhere, is very revolted, but you get out of duality. And be aware and observe not only a detail or part of the situation that is taking place that is like an eruption, everything that is rotten is coming out to be healed, because energy always seeks resolution, then do not dwell in that which is bad, do not dwell in how bad is the world and what horrible things are happening… that has been going on forever...

Magdala: (she laughs) and says, so it is, Magician, so it is, I remember in my time, I remember in my time Yeshua could not speak his truth, in my time there was dictatorship, there was democracy, we had socialism, we had everything, it is not new, it is not new.

Magician: And people could not express themselves, because if they did they were killed for it.

Magdala: So it is.

So at this moment the important thing is that you keep that inner dive, your sovereignty of consciousness and energy, this means that you disconnect from the so strong duality, and yet, you in the midst of this duality are viewing the totality of the circumstance and then you can see that it is coming out to be healed and you, not only see the bad, but you see the good that comes after all this, you are seeing the totality in everything, and so you come out of the duality and in every event, in every circumstance you observe and see the totality that everything has, and so you do not stop and you do not absorb the energy of the circumstances or persons or events, you expand your own radiant self. It is easy to say it, but to do it, dear friends... we all are on this… and this is the magic, this is the alchemy... this is the transfiguration that can alchemize within you everything that is going on, you disconnect from mass consciousness and you maintain yourself in a state of joy and grace and celebration making a conscious choice at all times.

Magdala: This is very important Magician and for all those who are listening to us the conscious breathing is the best way to do it, for some have asked me how to do this? Keeping yourself in this multidimensionality and at the same time living your present, and this is why we speak about the Conscious Presence, you are this conscious Presence. When you breathe, when you talk, when you think, when you feel, when you create, when you move yourself to the new you are that Presence and what a nice word: Present Presence, you are the Present Awareness, no longer worried or wanting to change the past or worried about what is to come in the future, you are pure joyful beautiful present.
Magician...(Magdala wants the Magician to continue).

Magician: Well friends nothing else to do and this is what we choose and as Magdala says, "to be out of this consciousness is what is difficult" we no longer want to be in suffering, we want to be Present, Aware, in our Sovereignty, and this means that I am radiating my own light, I do not let myself be absorbed by the energies of circumstances and of other people and I will impact my life with love, with compassion being able to see everything with compassion and without any judgment. Yeshua said to us, "If you do not judge you will be not judged" judged by your own conscience, you see, because judgment creates an energy that is neither good nor bad, it is energy of a very low vibration. When you get out of duality you are in a much higher vibration and it is even something more than a vibration, it is a new energy which is more than a vibration. So we dive inwardly, love ourselves profoundly, impacting all our life with love, allowing all my etheric parts reunite with my physical body.

Magdala: Magician I want you to clarify and expand a little more about love, because love is so misunderstood, misinterpreted, love is sometimes seen as dependency, as a limitation, so I ask all those who are listening to us, I ask you with your beauty, with your consciousness, to share -what love is to an enlightened Master in the New Consciousness.

Magician: Love, is a word that has been so misused. We believe that love is to give kisses, is to tell someone I love you, I love you and then from behind or on the next moment we strongly do something unloving. Love is a frequency, love... when you love you can do whatever you want because it is a high frequency and a high vibration of non-duality, love we could better define it as compassion and if you want,  love… Magdala, I see it in my experience of so many lives and of the teaching of Yeshua and of my sharing with Yeshua because we are part of that Christ consciousness. Love is to transcend duality, to have a grand compassion, is to be able to live in grace, is to be able to live in your own sovereignty, is to be able to... love is a frequency, this is what I can say about love, love is what keeps you connected with your spirit, with your soul, with all the parts of you including your body, with your divinity and love begins with loving oneself. For love is like a flame inside of you. And it belongs to you. It is your inner wealth. And if you do not have this love within you and which is yours, you cannot love others, you cannot have that compassion, have that tenderness with another human, you cannot have a compassionate understanding towards the experience of another human. Because every human being is having their own experience and so often the experience of one collides with the experience of the other and we have some kind of belief that love is to yield with the other one, or compromise, and no, love is to be able to allow the other to play out their experiences and maintaining ourselves without any judgment. Love allows everything, love is all-encompassing, love has no limit and we do not say I love you today and tomorrow I do not love you, and today I love one person more than the other, love is universal, it is cosmic, it is infinite...

Magdala: love is eternal

Magician: LOVE is life itself. Sometimes we put love in a box and lovers believe that being in love is the true love; this is a phase of tenderness and rediscovering each other, of sharing and feeling the other in the moment. Love goes beyond, love is stronger than death, love is Life itself, and love is the total connection with your divinity and the expansion of your own light and the expansion of your life. Love cannot be defined. My feeling… Magdala, if you can define love (Magdala laughs) I will praise you, but my feeling is and within this Christ consciousness and feeling into the Grand Master Teacher, my great friend Yeshua, love no can be defined, love is something within, something that one bears within and that it has nothing to do with other people...

Magdala: and so it is!

Magdala: Love is eternal…

Magician: Love is the force that makes you live with passion, love is the enthusiasm which make you live the changes, which makes you experiment, which makes you not to stay in the finite, love as you say Magdala is infinite, so then, when you enter and navigate on this river of love which we have defined as our heart but I feel it in all of my cells is what makes me transcend all the human limitations, so I say to you, he who loves is God!!!!

Magdala: And God loves life!

Magician: God is pure LIFE and LOVE!

Magdala: and CELEBRATION!

Thank you for sharing Magician, and yes I am fully in line with what you share, it is difficult to define love. However we can share and as Masters, we are allowing ourselves, allowing ourselves... this beautiful word, allowing... feel it, feel this word beloved Family, allowing. Who do you allow to enter into your home? Who do you allow into your circle of friends? Who do you allow into your heart? Who do you allow? What information do you allow to consume from the internet or social networks, television? Beautiful word:  to allow... What am I allowing right now? Love is to allow yourself more your freedom and your sovereignty in your consciousness, and it is unique and beloved family it belongs to you, Love is you, it belongs to you, it is your greatest treasure, it is the Holy Grail which you have been looking for and which is in you and infinite love is not silly, it is not stupid, beloved family, that love is transmutation, is to give freedom and integrate freedom, is to allow sovereignty in the other one, it is to allow the multidimensionality in the other one, and at the same time you are giving it to yourself.

Breathe deeply…

Magdala: And I want to share with all of you that embodying this light implies to get rid of everything that is no longer at your service. Be aware, be alert of everything that is no longer at your service, honor it and release it from your space, from all of your spaces in a loving way, yes, in a loving, compassionate way, honoring it, there is nothing wrong with them, on the contrary, to be aware implies to see beyond of what is apparent, implies being multidimensional, implies that you are no longer a sustainer of old energies, but that you are a new energy portal walking on earth, better said, that you are the portal of change walking on the New Earth.

Master, allow yourself this liberation, with each breath, you do not have to perform ceremonies, you do not have to do great things, with each breath you allow yourself, this is the beauty of allowing. You see, with each breath, in this same instant in which you are listening to me and feeling me, from the other side, I Magdala, within my Golden Circle and I am talking with my whole sovereignty and freedom because I so choose it. Allow yourself in this moment to let go through your breath, to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Let it go with complete compassion and trust that this energy will also transform itself and will serve in the release of another one.

Magdala: And yes, I know, I feel it, I feel it in you, I know that to let go means implies letting go of something that has been valuable to you... ahhhhhh that you have loved and that you have pampered, that you have wanted... but this unique and valuable thing could be intrinsically carrying the capacity for change. Trust, the energies are not static, they are constantly following the consciousness and you are that consciousness, you are this conscious Presence enlightening your own path. Drop everything that needs to be released, beloved family, and trust, this is the true confidence of the Master who knows itself as a Consciousness and who trusts the intrinsic intelligence that energy carries.

Beloved Family, we must let go of the old, let go of what is no longer at your service, where you are a bit stuck in this enlightenment. You ant enlightenment to live a life free from dramas and limitations but at the same time you want to do with the relationship that no longer gives you joy or to the job which you no longer want to go to, or living in a place where you are consuming yourself, or... or, or, I place here some blank spaces so you can fill them out as you please.

However I want with all my celebration, breathing on this side from this dimension of the feast, I want to tell you that you are ready. In the New Earth everything is so much easier, fast and simple, natural and abundant, take off the old mind, bring awareness to those things that you have in your life that no longer give you joy, that no longer reflect you, make a conscious choice... and allow the new to come to you. It's not so difficult Master unless you believe it so. You are sometimes with one foot in the old Earth and a new foot on the New Earth. Become more aware of this and I invite you to become an enlightened Master, an embodied enlightened Master allowing the steps to be more and more on the New Earth. You are the creator, there I no destiny, there is no one else or nothing else controlling your life or moving you like a puppet unless you so choose it.

And at this moment, beloved family, what are you choosing? Are you choosing to be the creator or are choosing to be the puppet? Everything is perfect; everything is perfect beloved family, but you, what are you choosing right now? No more drama beloved Masters, no more drama, choose it in a clearly and steadily way and trust, trust, trust your own inner sword. You have walked so much to get here and you have arrived, you are here, and you are embodying so much light in your life… and you are allowing yourself to be de Master, to be the Light, yes and radiate not from the ego, but from your divinity, from love because in the end, beloved family, you are Life, you are God, you are a Goddess, you are love, you are freedom and you are sovereignty. You are all these new potentials that you yourself brought here to the New Earth. Allow them as when you hold a party at your home and you allow your guest.

I love you, yes beloved family. I love you, I love the wonderful path which you have traveled, great part of this path you walked at my side and many who are listening to me now, know it, feel it in their heart. You were at my side teaching, walking, sometimes hiding too, yes. We had to do it.
But this is no more a time to hide, beloved Family, this is the moment of authentic expression, it is the time for your authentic expression, allow it, speak it, create, be God, be a Goddess, be a manifestation of light, of a new potential for this Earth that needs it so much. Be the love from compassion, from the conscious choice and from here, all the Golden Circle, all the Golden Council of the Golden Circle applauds you because it is amazing the work that you have accomplished and are doing in this moment, and for this I honor you… I applaud you and I bless you.

And so it is.

Magician: Take a deep and conscious breath...We consciously breathe feeling into the energies, and allowing this words and consciousness of Magdala to penetrate into our consciousness.

Golden Circle of Alchemists

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